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Deden's Message in a Bottle

When you are by yourself, you might write a message and put it in a bottle and cast it into the ocean or cyberspace. This is such a message.

First I want to introduce myself. My name is Deden Sulaiman. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Now I am 18 years old and I will be 19 in December, 1999. I have one brother (16 years old) and one sister (14 years old) and I'm the oldest.

Sometimes I want to be a child again because they don't have to think like adults. They only think about eating, playing, and having fun. But I have to accept the reality of my life.

In May or June, I don't know exactly, I will follow the elections in Indonesia.

I think English isn't hard to learn. Sometimes other people can make English seem so complicated, but my problem is that I am just too lazy to learn English.

In Indonesia, I think there are very many English courses. My school has English lessons but, almost no students there can speak English very well and I think their grammar is very bad, like mine. I don't like grammar but I have to learn about it. I very much like speaking with people in English but I prefer to speak with foreign people, not people from the same country as me.

I am just praying to God that He can give me one miracle, that I can speak English well, just English, he...he..he.. only my dream...

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