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Felix's Hometown

My hometown is quite calm. We have about 62,000 inhabitants (including the rural area). It doesn't offer much for a tourist, but I can tell you there are some good sites to check like Monte Pascoal National Park (with a hill where you can see the ocean from its top). And there are good beaches near here (about 30 minutes off).

Talking about culture, my hometown has a mixed culture because we have people here from lots of countries, and basically they are Italian, German, African and Portuguese descendents.

If you want to see what our beaches are like just go to my home page at

When we ask Bahia about these beaches at the Palace, he points us to these urls:

Felix has been working on a site with lots of pics of the beaches at Cumuruxatiba and environs: and


Felix has brought his work on his websites together at

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