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Deden's Hometown

Things to See

If someone had a few days in my hometown (Jakarta) I would say that visitors must go to:

1) The Monas.

Monas is Monumen Nasional, or in English: national monument.

This building very high. You take an elevator if you want to go to the top. I have been there twice. But it was when I was 7 and 13 years old. In Monas you can see the story of Indonesia, and other things. Although I am Indonesian, I don't know exactly what is there because I have forgotten. I haven't been there for a long time.

2.) Ancol

Ancol is like Disneyland. Disneyland is better than Ancol, but Ancol is a beautiful place. There is a beach, a roller coaster, a swimming pool and many other things. I like fishing there at a place called Bagan. So if you want to go fishing, go to Bagan (still in the Ancol). But it is hard to catch big fish at Bagan. At the beach I have thrown a message in a bottle, like in the movies sometimes. I thought maybe I can get a beautiful woman that way. :)

3.) Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. (Mini Garden Beautiful Indonesia)

I don't know how to translate that into English. I hope you understand. In these gardens you can see miniatures of art and culture from Indonesia - like houses, churches (influenced by Dutch architecture) and many other things. The price for admission is not very expensive. Oh .. you can also see a movie there. The price is about Rp 10.000,00 (1 dollar or less). The place is very large, and there are many museums there.

4. Taman Safari.

This isn't in Jakarta, but in Puncak. It is in the mountains. Puncak means 'top'. Here you can see animals like tigers, and bears. You have to go by car and when you see these animals, please don't get out. I heard that someone died, eaten by a tiger, because that person got out of her car. What a pity.


Culture of the People

I think Indonesians are good people. They open up to outsiders. Sometimes people here want to speak to strangers but they are shy and scared that they might speak incorrectly (just like me). So give a greeting when you see someone. I think they will greet you back.

In Indonesia, and I think in Asia generally, calling people called by their first name is very rude, unless you are the same age. A man is called 'Pak' followed by his name (for example: Pak Vance) and a woman is called 'Ibu' (Ibu Chotima, for example). Sometimes men are called 'om' and women are called 'tante'.

Deden Sulaiman

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