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Gosia's Summer 1999

I have had holiday for week and now I am enjoying my freedom. I hope I enjoy it for 3 months till October

It depends on my last result from the exam in microeconomics but I won't know it until August.

My plans for holiday - so now I only know that on wednesday I am flying to Ireland for two weeks. It is a kind of the exchange. There will be students from different countries and we will be traveling through Ireland and living in hostels.Last year they were in Poland but I didn't take part in it.

For the rest of my holidays I have no plans. I want to find some work for one months but it is difficult to find because they employ only permanently or want some experiences and if there is some job for students there is so many willing to work that I shouldn't dream even of it.So ...

I know that I won't go anywhere with my family and I regret much because we always went on the seaside somewhere I was diving with my father ( of course not like you with special equipment )

we won't go in mountains as well : (((((((((( But I hope we spend a good time in Torun because we

can only do it.

I will try to be on Sunday

Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Last updated: July 20, 1999