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Gosia's Crazy about Mountains

Spiglas - This was taken on Spiglas Pass. The pass is under the peak of Szpiglasowy Wierch (2172 m.n.p.m.) There are wonderful views on high mountains. From here you can see Mt. Rysy (Ryski) as well. In the background you can see one of the famous five polish lakes - I think it is the biggest one ( here you can see only a part of it).

Wodo - This is the biggest Polish waterfall, which is called Siklawa. It is on the way to the valley of five Polish lakes.


Chata - This is the highest hut in Tatras, Chata Teryho, 2015m.n.p.m. It is on the Slovakia side. We went to Slovakia because the Polish mountains have been becoming very popular and that is why they are often crowded. Sometimes you have to stay in a queue. We went to the Slovakia side because there are fewer people there walking in the mountains.

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