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Indonesia in Crisis

Today, Jakarta is safe enough but we must be careful if we want to go somewhere because there are so many bad guys on the streets. You know that since Indonesia started having its economic crisis, very many people here have lost their jobs, so maybe they have become frustrated.

In May or July Indonesia will have elections. Many people think that Indonesia will have conflicts in these elections because there are so many political parties (50 parties). I hope not, but sometimes I think politics is so cruel and dirty...yeah, I think so .. I am sure about that. In the upcoming elections I won't choose.

Last week I argued with a teacher in one of my classes. I said that war is never ever holy but he thought that war is holy. He asked me, if my country was at war with another country, would I defend my country? I said I don't want war, I don't want to kill anyone. I would want to escape to another country.

I want to ask you, am I a nationalist?

Have you heard, recently in Indonesia, two buildings were bombed. One of the bombs was at a bank and one was in a Mosque. I hope the Moslem people won't be mad. I know that the people who bombed the bank and Mosque want to provoke conflict.

ok friends

I hope you understand my English. I'm so sorry my English is so bad (but I have done my best to correct it - Vance)

Here is Denilson's reaction:

Deden, you say "I hope you understand my English. I'm so sorry my English is so bad."

But, my friend, with your English I increase my knowledge of your country, and more important, I know how you feel at this moment. If I can understand, more people will get it too. The content is much more important than the way you write.

My English is not as good as I would like it to be, but I know that if I want it to be better I need to start learning with somebody who knows more than I do.

Can you see how poor my grammar is ... ??

So about war, some days ago, I was talking with my girlfriend during my vacation. It was nice and we were watching cable-tv, so we changed the channel lots of times ... discovery, sportv, espn and of course CNN. On CNN there was war, war, war, violence ... So this has happened since the human race was born and still we have learned nothing. We continue to kill...

The only reason for war to exist I think is because of money. If there exists even one war they sell guns, planes, tanks... kill a lot of people, destroy buildings and houses so that civil construction can be sold, the population will decrease and will be poorer, and the same government will continue in power, because like here in Brazil the politicians are always the same.

The only way that war in the world will stop is the day the people are willing to fight to do good for one another, and when they know that war makes the government rich and the people poor.



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