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A Day in the Life of Vance

I have to be at work at 7 in the morning. That's too early. Sometimes Felix is there to say hello (up late in Brazil).

I manage computers used by English teachers, so all day long people are coming by my office and asking me to come fix this or that. Sometimes I give seminars or arrange them. Sometimes I have to think of how to improve our set-up so I have to make lists of more equipment and software to buy.

At 2, classes end and most people go home, but I usually stay at work till 5 or 6. I stay so late because I like my work. From 2 to 5 is when I get to play with the computers. For example, on Sundays I play at the Palace, but on other days, I do other things that help people use computers to teach and learn languages.

At 5 or 6, I either go home and have a beer on my balcony, or I go for a run, or lately I've been teaching diving classes in the evenings.

Eventually, I get home where my son Dusty will be watching tv or playing on the computer or doing his homework. I would help him with his homework, but he seems to be doing fine without my help. He makes straight A's usually, and I almost never help him with his homework.

Bobbi, my wife, might be with Dusty, or we might go visiting somewhere, or to a club of other expatriates where we are members, or we'll just have dinner and wrap up our work. Bobbi teaches playschool so she often has preparation in the evenings, and I answer a lot of email and work on my web pages.

Usually we get to bed around 11 and Bobbi and I always read for around an hour. We turn the lights out at midnight at the earliest and we don't get enough sleep. Another funny thing about Dusty is he's usually up until at least 11, so he doesn't get enough sleep either, but he still makes straight A's. How does he do it?

My other son, Glenn, is going to college in California. He'll be visiting us in Abu Dhabi in July and August.

That's the weekday. If anyone else writes about their day I might tell you about a typical weekend.


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Last updated: June 26, 1999