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A Day in the Life of Nadir

I get up a little late, around 8:30-9:00 am, because I work in our family business and the office is in the same building where I live, so I don't need to spend time traveling to work. I spend my day at my office and sometimes I go quickly to my apartment to eat a snack. I often go downtown to banks to make some payments for our company.

Besides that, sometimes I go to our farm and stay there for a couple of days. We grow mainly soy there. My daddy built a comfortable house there and I like it, but unhappily we don't have a phone connection there, so I can't use the Internet there. At least we have a cell phone there to make calls.

During the night when I am at my own home I like to surf the net and study my English skills. When I am at the farm I spend my night shift studying English as well.

Best Regards to all!!

Nadir Tomasini Junior


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Last updated: June 28, 1999