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Chat with Maggi, Ying Lan, and Vance

February 21, 1999

Connecting to

*** You are hidden

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Ying-Lan: hi

Maggi: how are you today?

Ying-Lan: Maggi

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Maggi: Hi Vance!

Vance: Whew, I made it

Ying-Lan: I got a flu. I am very weak now.

Ying-Lan: I slept all the day.

Vance: No wonder we haven't heard from you lately

Maggi: Eat garlic Ying.

Ying-Lan: I can not do anthing except stayed at my bed.

Vance: What have you been talking about?

Maggi: Nothing yet...Ying just got here.

Vance: I had to switch off and restart my computer.

Ying-Lan: ^You mean you will leave?

Ying-Lan: ^And come back soon.

Vance: No, I had to do that before I got here.

Vance: It took me 15 min. to log on.

Ying-Lan: ^Is it ok of your computer now?

Vance: Yes, it's ok now.

Maggi: I had no problem for a change...:-)

Ying-Lan: I just arrived here

Ying-Lan: ^What do you mean? maggi, it is a joke?

Vance: I'm excited about something

Ying-Lan: Excited what?

Maggi: ? Give...

Vance: I've been looking at maps of mountain ski areas in Tyrol

Ying-Lan: Where?

Vance: It's in Austria 120 km south of Munich

Ying-Lan: Why did you look for the map of sky?

Maggi: There are quite a few in the St.Johann area.

Vance: Ski

Vance: Skiing

Vance: Since I live in a desert country, I get excited about going skiing.

Ying-Lan: ^You will go there to take your vacation.

Vance: I'm going to a conference in New York on March 4

Ying-Lan: What kind of conference?

Vance: It's a conference about language teaching. I will present a demonstration about the webheads.

Ying-Lan: ^That's great!

Vance: I'm checking the time. It would be even greater if you could be at the Palace at the time. One minute ...

Ying-Lan: what?

Vance: Internet Fair in the Electronic Village from 4:00-5:45 pm

Vance: That's 16:00 New York time ... ?? (scratch, scratch)

Ying-Lan: Could you tell me what time is it in Taiwan?

Vance: On Wed March 1

Maggi: 6 hrs. later here...

Vance: Sorry, March 10

Maggi: address?

Vance: I'll try to just go on the Palace as I'm doing now.

Maggi: ...ok

Vance: Michael C has said he'd be there

Vance: What time is that for you, YL?

Ying-Lan: I have no idea about the time.

Maggi: No problem for me...

Ying-Lan: I think 12 hour late here.

Vance: Taipei is GMT plus 8

Ying-Lan: It is might to early for me.

Maggi: EEeee...middle of the night then!

Ying-Lan: ^Tell me what time is it in Taiwan?

Vance: New York is GMT - 4, so that's 4 in the morning in Taipei.

Vance: Is that a good time for you? (ha ha!)

Vance: I wouldn't get up for it if I were you.

Ying-Lan: I probably in my dream at the time.

Ying-Lan: ^It is very hard for me to wake up so early.

Vance: I couldn't do that. Better to sleep.

Ying-Lan: How to meet you at that time?

Maggi: I wouldn't get up...I'd just stay up!

Ying-Lan: Is ti the same to stay here?

Ying-Lan: Is it the same way to stay here?

Vance: If you were there, you would just go online the same way.

Vance: But you never know, maybe there could be a connection problem ...

Vance: I might not be there. It's not worth it to inconvenience yourself.

Vance: Another thing I'm excited about ...

Ying-Lan: what?

Vance: I might meet Maggi in Frankfurt !!!??

Ying-Lan: ^What are you excited?

Ying-Lan: Really?

Vance: I've been checking the train schedules on German Railroad.

Ying-Lan: ^You will go to europe after vising New York?

Maggi: it won't be THAT exciting! :-)

Vance: No, on the way ...

Ying-Lan: ^You plan to go to across the land of Euope by train instead of take a plane.

Vance: I have to fly through Frankfurt, so I'll travel by train to Austria, a 7 hour trip.

Vance: I have some friends in Nurnberg. I might drop in on them.

Ying-Lan: ^You will be in New York after skiing.

Vance: Right, after skiing.

Ying-Lan: ^How long have you been on your vacation?

Vance: How long do I have for vacation?

Ying-Lan: yes

Maggi: Will you be because he hasn't gone yet...

Ying-Lan: I used the wrong grammar.

Vance: My weekend is Thu/Fri, Sat/Sun weekend in Europe, and Mon/Tue travel days before the conference, so I have 6 days.

Ying-Lan: How long will you take your vacation?

Ying-Lan: Sounds nice.

Vance: I will take 6 days for my vacation.

Vance: But it's not a vacation, really.

Ying-Lan: You will go alone?

Vance: I will be in Europe alone but my son will fly to New York and camp out in my hotel room.

Ying-Lan: You son who lives in California?

Vance: Yes, he's never been to New York City before.

Maggi: Be sure the mini bar is stocked with snacks...

Vance: No way, I'll stock up at the deli.

Vance: He's been trained to stay out of mini bars in upscale hotels.

Maggi: That's a good place to start...

Vance: The mini bar?

Maggi: no...the deli's

Ying-Lan: ^New York is a big city ... why do you call her as "Big Apple"?

Maggi: in the world

Vance: Good question!

Maggi: Has to do with jazz Ying...

Maggi: or at least one story does...

Vance: Does it?

Ying-Lan: Has to do with Jazz?

Ying-Lan: one story?

Maggi: Yes...remember I was born in New York...

Ying-Lan: Really?

Maggi: yes, there are a couple, but Jazz in the 20's is the most favored...

Vance: I'm searching "big apple etymology" on

Ying-Lan: ^But I can not find any relationship between Jazz and big apple?

Maggi: The Jazz players refered to a job in NYC as the big Apple...more money...

Vance: One site says New York was the big apple for jazz player, and other towns were "little apples"

Vance: I'm doing an altavista search on +"big apple" +etymology

Ying-Lan: ^Big apple is mean to make a lot of fortune?

Maggi: the bigger the better I guess...

Ying-Lan: ^Big apple means to make a lot of fortune.


Ying-Lan: ^There are full of hope and happyness for American. Right?

Maggi: You mean the American Dream Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^No, I just though why you called New York city as big apple... Do you think that Big apple is full of hope and happyness for American?

Vance: Not if you've ever been to New York ...

Ying-Lan: I have never been New York city.

Maggi: It does have its good side too:-)

Vance: Next year the conference is in Vancouver!

Vance: Do you know New York well Maggi?

Maggi: Vancouver is beautiful, but just as expensive, if not more than N

Maggi: NYC...yes, I do

Vance: Have you lived there or just visited?

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, are you proud of to be a citizen of New York?

Maggi: both

Maggi: I am not of citizen

Ying-Lan: citizen

Ying-Lan: ^But you borned and lived in New York before.

Vance: Are you a citizen of Germany?

Ying-Lan: Do you like New York city?

Maggi: No, not unless I give up being American...can't do that.

Maggi: Now the Kurds have pretty much destroyed the dual citizenship

Maggi: I love New York uncle still lives there...

Vance: I'm going to slip away. I've agreed to go play squash.

Ying-Lan: Is it time to leave?

Vance: Not really, but someone invited me for a game.

Maggi: ok...think Michael is coming...?

Vance: Would you mind if I accepted?

Ying-Lan: It is o.k.

Maggi: good for your health:-)

Ying-Lan: Btw. my homestay grandmother was passed away.

Vance: It was nice to see you again after so many weeks .. oh, sorry to hear that.

Vance: We got your email.

Ying-Lan: I am sorry for the bad news.

Ying-Lan: but death is a part of our life

Maggi: I have to write an intro...sorry Ying to hear about the death.

Ying-Lan: It is ok

Maggi: A new beginning perhaps...

Vance: If you write the family in Vancouver, just write from your heart.

Ying-Lan: I could do it.

Ying-Lan: It is very hard fo me to write these words in English.

Maggi: You are doing just fine!

Ying-Lan: Even in Chinese.

Vance: It's hard to write them in English too.

Vance: Just write from the heart.

Ying-Lan: Thanks vance.

Vance: Felix is at Carnival today. He's at the beach and sends his regards.

Vance: He'll be here next Sunday.

Vance: And I've got to run or I'll miss my game.

Vance: Take care of your flu, YL.

Ying-Lan: It will be more moise here :-)

Ying-Lan: I will do.

Vance: I'll email you Maggi regarding your advice. I'm looking over the train schedules.

Maggi: Good luck Vance...:-)

Maggi: ok

Vance: OK. Bye then ...

Maggi: bye

Ying-Lan: Now, is it time to say bye.

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