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Chat with MAD Maggi, Bahia, Michael C, and Vance

February 7, 1999

Maggi and Vance have been in the chat for half an hour already, just, well, chatting ...

Maggi: Hi Felix!

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Vance: There's one now.

Maggi: Hi Michael...

Michael C: Hi folks.

Vance: Another one

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Felix: Good morning/evening/afternoon

Vance: Hi. Finally a party.

Maggi: Oh boy...

Felix: the wine is mine..

Michael C: I look quite boring next to you people!

Maggi: Not sure it is wine...

Vance: Do you mean, the wine is on you?

Maggi: well, put something on then Micahel

Felix: nope. I mean the glass of wine is mine Vance

Michael C: Like pyjamas?

Maggi: Or is it too hot?

Felix: oh michael is naked... Where's the wizard to get rid of

Vance: "on you" is a joke. It means you're buying.

Maggi: Say, do you have any in your wardrobe...?

Felix: oh ok . vance

Michael C: Weather report: only 20 delicious degrees today. It;s fantastic.

Vance: Here, put this on

Felix: Are you going to each a babylook vance ??

Vance: A babylook?

Maggi: What is the pig doing...

Felix: Mad is acting very strange lately... Maybe she needs some days off..

Maggi: I can't grab the sunglasses...

Felix: A babylook is a kind of t-shirt Vance

Maggi: now you have the glasses on the back of your head...

Vance: oh. I learned a new word today.

Felix: Lucas is crying now.. He has the flu... I had to wake up early today to go to my friend's house and get my breath machine I had lent to her.

Maggi: So did I pandial...

Maggi: is is oik?

Maggi: ok

Felix: It's a fad in Brazil now Vance.. It's so stick.

Maggi: shick...

Maggi: a stick is a piece of wood...

Vance: Which one is Lucas? What are your kids' names & ages?

Maggi: Lucas is the new baby.

Maggi: His daughter is two

Felix: Luan - 6 Hanna -2 Lucas - a month

Vance: Oh, Lucas is the little one. That's serious.

Felix: sorry Vance... It's so sticky.

Maggi: Why can't I put the sunglasses on you?

Maggi: sickly...

Maggi: sticky ikky...

Felix: Only mauricinhos wear a babylook...

Maggi: Michael you are too uiet

Maggi: quiet

Vance: Michael, what are you doing that kept you so busy?

Felix: MAuricinho = brazilian slang for men who dress like a doll... Everything in its proper place... Excessively dressed..

Michael C: I'm actually looking at some materials for tomorrow's lesson, and doing that application for a trip to the US.

Felix: Vance. Did you take a look on my home page?? ( Is this sentence correct ?)

Maggi: When are or will you be going then?

Felix: Hey all, I am taking a speaking course with Begum.. It's very good.

Maggi: you look AT something Felix...

Felix: thanks Maggi

Michael C: If I go it will be April, and if....I would go to Arizona, CA, and Hawaii.

Maggi: ask her to help you with would then...

Felix: Why don't you choose Brazil Michael.. hehe

Vance: Sorry, I had to get the phone ... just back

Felix: would is close to wood right MAggi ?

Maggi: Well, at least it won't be boiling hot in will like Arizona...

Michael C: Cos this trip is limnited to North America Felix.

Maggi: sounds the same Felix.

Vance: I have connections in Hawaii and CA

Vance: F, I'll look at your home page now.

Felix: Are you good at connections Vance ?? LOL

Maggi: I know people in Arizona

Michael C: Are they involved in distance ed Maggi?

Felix: what is distance ed Michael ?

Vance: I used to live in both places.

Maggi: No, personal friends, but I have contacts in education that could give me a line on people there is you want.

Michael C: Delivering educational programs via the net, or video conferencing, etc

Maggi: I'll check

Michael C: The trouble is I have very little time. I need to have the application in on Friday.

Felix: So the right abbreviation would be DE not ED right ? DE - Delivering education...

Maggi: You lived in Ariz. Vance, or do you mean just Ha and Ca...?

Michael C: DE = distance education

Felix: oh ok got it now

Vance: I lived in HI and CA.

Maggi: Where in Calif?

Felix: Michael I know you are busy but when you have time give me more listening exercises.

Michael C: There's an online conference from Honolulu CC in April. Coordinator: Doug Madden.

Maggi: I go every year...

Maggi: virtually that is...

Felix: Do you have to pay for it Maggi ?

Vance: We were just talking abot that. I have a presentation accepted on this class. It's $25 I think

Maggi: Starting last year they charge a small fee.

Michael C: OK Felix. I haven't forgotten.

Maggi: Then they didn't raise the price.

Felix: Can I go there too ?

Michael C: Well I've offered my services in helping run the thing (if I get there)

Maggi: sure...all participants in education are welcome...can you MOO?

Felix: Moo ????

Maggi: schMOOze

Michael C: Just can't figure out how to present it as beneficial to my institution.......

Felix: what is schmooze ??

Maggi: You mean your physical presence Michael?

Maggi: schmooze in German is to English to chat.

Michael C: Yeh - I'd like to be on the inside of one of these online conferences. See what's it actually like to be where it's based.

Felix: what is the www ??

Maggi: That would be really interesting...maybe your institution would be inclined to do the same to help increase the rolls...?

Michael C: They need people to manage chat rooms, registration, etc

Maggi: www is the world wide web Felix

Michael C: You meas increase the number of students? How ould an online conference achieve that?

Maggi: Spread interest in just what being online and learning are doing...

Felix: no Maggi, I meant what the www address for the conference is

Maggi: oh...

Maggi: distance ed is more advanced in Oz because of the distances

Michael C: Yes, but I think it has to be more about benefits for staff. The conference is actually about Prof Dev and that's more my interest at the moment.

Felix: where is Oz ?

Maggi: Oz is Australia

Maggi: I see...

Felix: Where can I apply for the conference ?

Michael C: Professional Development is the hook I'm using to justify this trip.

Maggi: Well, it would be, wouldn't it?

Michael C: PD of teachers that is. And if have this wonderful trip I'll be far more able to train people won't !?

Felix: Am I alone ?

Maggi: Yes, and that would save them money in the long run...

Michael C: I'll find the URL Felix....

Felix: ok michael

Vance: Felix, I've been looking at your homepage. Is there anywhere in particular I should look for misspellings?

Felix: Here at the Palace I feel like being an experiment.. I am enjoying it a lot..

Felix: Everywhere Vance...

Michael C: URL for conference =

Maggi: You don't ask for much do you...even as an experiment Felix?!!

Felix: what do you mean Maggi ? I didnt understand.

Maggi: I was teasing you Felix...

Michael C: So are you going to write a paper for the conference on the Palace Vance?

Felix: ok but what does it mean ?

Maggi: you want Vance to check everything...

Felix: hhahah Maggi.. I got it..

Maggi: He is doing a presentation Michael...

Felix: Hey, He gave the assignment. So, he has to correct it.. ROFLMAO

Maggi: Do your students do that to you?

Michael C: Print? Multimedia? Chat?

Felix: ask a lot ?/ Yes, sometimes I am get crazy because I have to search a lot to find the answers.. But I love chalenges.

Vance: I'm looking around. I don't see anything misspelled.

Felix: There's not much written there right Vance ?

Felix: err.. sometimes I get crazy

Maggi: The webheads

Vance: That's true. You could see the beach WHERE I like to spend time, but that's about it.

Vance: Hey Maggi, wanna join our efiwebheads list? MC and Felix are on it.

Maggi: challenge Felix...

Vance: The three people who have written to the list are here now.

Maggi: I believe you have me on your list, but I don't think I got around yet to joining...I will though...

Michael C: I'm going to leave you all. Hope you don't mind. I'm glad I came.

Felix: Vance I have a book on curiosities.. I am thinking of written a new topic every week on my home page. What do you think ?

Maggi: Those two weeks of block and intensive have set me back some.

Michael C: Have a good week everyone.

Vance: OK Michael, nice you could make it. GREAT idea Felix!!

Maggi: you think of writing...think of takes an -ing after it - Gerund

Felix: Have a great week Michael.

Maggi: Sleep well Michael...

Felix: right... After prepositions the verb comes in ING...

Vance: Generally true

Felix: I am fond OF studyING with you all..

Vance: I think he's got it!

Felix: Do vance are the pics what you wanted ?

Maggi: there are about 16 common phrases used this way...

Felix: so vance.,, not do vance

Maggi: but NOT all that end with a preposition.

Vance: The pics of the beach near your house you mean?

Felix: no,, the pics of my house.

Vance: Felix. I didn't see pics of your house. Are they linked to the rooms?

Vance: Oh, bottom of page. I'm looking now !!! (missed it before)

Felix: There's a link right after my house's plant // (is that correct ?)

Vance: Long load in ...

Vance: house's plan

Felix: ok

Maggi: your house has a plant?

Felix: no,, I misspelled the word Mad

Maggi: just kidding...

Vance: I missed that one

Vance: Here come the pics

Felix: I have a mango tree and a coconut tree in my yard

Maggi: mmm

Vance: still loading ...

Maggi: I'm getting hungry...:-)

Felix: i plan to plant a guava tree. I love guavas

Maggi: How big is your yard...?

Vance: I used to eat guavas off trees in Hawaii, naturally

Felix: i can say that it occupies the same area as my built house.

Maggi: You didn't tell me yet Vance where you lived in Calif.

Felix: I love to climb on guava trees and eat them

Vance: I'm still loading pics ... I used to live in San Jose

Maggi: Which is how much Felix?

Felix: uh Maggi ?

Maggi: Hey, so did I!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggi: How big is your house then Felix>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>?

Felix: to tell you the truth I dont know how my house measures.. WHAT a shame!!!

Maggi: You don't know how big your house is...can't you guess?

Maggi: Give me a rough estimate?

Felix: in meters ?

Vance: I've got the pics. Nice to see where you live. You can almost tour my house from my web site pics

Maggi: Yes, in meters

Vance: Felix is the first students to do the project I thought I'd assign all the students, do a web page pic essay of your house, neighborhood ...

Maggi: Now I guess I have to do the same then...:-)

Vance: Yeah, me too. It would be neat if others joined in the project.

Felix: guessing

Felix: 20 x 15 meters

Felix: ..

Felix: Is there more things you want me to do in my home page Vance ?

Felix: Are there..

Maggi: 300 squa

Maggi: square meters is big...#

Vance: Well, you've done so well, better than anyone else. Maybe you can help Maggi with her homepage.

Felix: oh course I can...

Maggi: I think my island sank

Felix: I am helping an ICQ friend to make a home page too...

Felix: what does it mean Maggi ?

Vance: Great. There was another student who contacted webheads from Brazil ...

Felix: Great Vance.

Maggi: I had a deadline to build...I may have missed it and sunk the island in the tropics.

Felix: hahaha Maggi

Vance: You can always start a new island

Felix: About the beach I use to go to.. I am creating a different home page dedicated to it.

Maggi: Well, it isn't every day you sink an island...:-)

Felix: I will host it in the tropics too

Vance: You're doing what I would do. Once you're hooked, you can't stop doing this stuff.

Maggi: That's what I am afraid of...

Felix: Right Vance.. But I want to learn java stuff...

Maggi: this appeals to my creativity...

Maggi: I bought a program last summer for Java

Vance: Mine too. It just doesn't fit my time frame.

Maggi: Well....time is the other problem.

Felix: yes,, Time is a problem.. I am taking a Corel course in March..

Vance: I've got to go guys.

Maggi: I don't take those courses...I just learn by doing...

Maggi: Me too...

Felix: ok Vance.. But corel is so hard to learn by itself.. It has hundred of tools..

Vance: Keep up the good work on your homepage Felix.

Maggi: Catch you later Felix!

Felix: ok Maggi..

Felix: Hey..

Felix: Just a sec

Maggi: Hey what?

Felix: Next sunday I will not be here..

Felix: because of Carnival

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