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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Felix from Brazil, and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, Brian, and Vance

June 6, 1999


Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Vance: Hi all

bolo-bolo: hallo vance

Maggi: That is Deden Vance

Maggi: I got him here

Vance: Deden, glad you could make it.

bolo-bolo: ended i could go there

Maggi: good for him right!

Vance: You mean Maggi explained how you could come here?

bolo-bolo: thank you for maggi

bolo-bolo: yes vance

Maggi: just glad I had you on icq

bolo-bolo: She is MRS Nice Lady

Maggi: ah...:-)

Maggi: thank I can blush...

Vance: I have explained to students on ICQ how to reach us at the Palace.

Maggi: it does help

Maggi: you have a big nose today Vance

Vance: So how are things in Indonesia? Elections coming up ...

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Maggi: Hi Ying

Ying-Lan: hi

Maggi: Deden is here too

Ying-Lan: ^How long have you been here?

Maggi: she likes to dance on the roof

Maggi: not long

Ying-Lan: That's right! I am dancing on the roof..

Maggi: I saw Roy earlier.

bolo-bolo: Vance, tommorow, the elections will come

Vance: Have you been here a long time, Maggi?

Maggi: Maybe he will come back

bolo-bolo: How are you Ying-lan

Vance: Oh, Ying Lan, this is Deden ...

Maggi: I always check at 12.30 my time

Ying-Lan: Fine, Thanks.

Vance: What time is it now your time?

bolo-bolo: vance i think you have up to date you webpage

Ying-Lan: Bolo--- where are you from? Indonesia or South Africa?

Maggi: 13.30

bolo-bolo: I live in Indonesia Ying-lan

Vance: I do date my web pages. How do you mean?

Ying-Lan: ARe you only 18?

bolo-bolo: if dont mistaken, Ying Lan do you come from taiwan

Maggi: update maybe

bolo-bolo: yes i'am 18 years old

Vance: Pretty updated too, I think ...

Ying-Lan: I am from Taiwan.

bolo-bolo: vance, i mean about palace infomation

Maggi: wouldn't you like to be 18 again Vance?

bolo-bolo: i think you wrong wrote in homepage

Maggi: :-)

Vance: Oh, ok, did you find wrong information?

bolo-bolo: yes

* Vance * no way!

Ying-Lan: Something wrong with the Vance's page?

bolo-bolo: like this

bolo-bolo: you wrote efi.scholar......

* Maggi * Oh weren't active yet were you? LOL

Ying-Lan: I like to dance by it

Maggi: forgot the virtual?

Vance: OK, I can change it now.

bolo-bolo: vance, you can look it out

Maggi: sharp eyes Deden

bolo-bolo: but if you right, i'am sory

bolo-bolo: he.he.he

Maggi: maybe that's why you had a problem getting here

bolo-bolo: yes

bolo-bolo: it ture

bolo-bolo: it true

bolo-bolo: do you like see movies

Maggi: look it up is better Deden

Maggi: I am going to see the Mummy with my son

Maggi: I watched Alien 4 again with him

bolo-bolo: wow

bolo-bolo: maggi, i want to go out

Maggi: not so nice how the Alien baby gets sucked out the window.

Maggi: go out where?

bolo-bolo: i will come to here ,

bolo-bolo: soon

Maggi: ok

Ying-Lan: I imagine I smell ,,,,

Maggi: smell sweet

Ying-Lan: smell sweet....

Maggi: yes you do...and you have a lovely voice too Ying

Ying-Lan: Maggi,,,,

Ying-Lan: Thanks a lot ...

Ying-Lan: I don

Vance: Yeah, YL, you sound very nice on Pure Voice.

Maggi: for the pure voice maybe too soft for some people

Ying-Lan: ^I don't know how to express myself in English.

Ying-Lan: soft?

Maggi: yes soft...

Ying-Lan: How about you?

Vance: The sound of your PV file was low, but I just turned the volume up on my computer ...

Maggi: use more air from the bottom of your lungs.

Ying-Lan: We are looking forward your voice mail

Maggi: Something is wrong...I have to try it with another mike because it is too low even when on the highest volume.

Maggi: new version too.

Maggi: was the last one Michael and Vance sent too fast for you.

Maggi: mine was really fast and they sounded like chipmunks.

Ying-Lan: ^You need to update your pure voice program, right?

Maggi: it was really funny...:-)

Maggi: I did update it,.

Ying-Lan: It is funny to funny voice from Vance and michaelc...

Ying-Lan: listen

Maggi: yes...they are funny guys:-)

Ying-Lan: Mine is wounderful to listen their vocie.

Vance: whatdoyoumeanwesoundedlikechipmunks?

Maggi: then something is wrong with my version

Maggi: you was a riot!

Vance: What version of PV do you have?

Maggi: the one you told me to download

Ying-Lan: I could not use the realplayer producer G2, even thought Delnison end Elienn told me how to use it...

Vance: What about the one I sent you last week?

Maggi: shame Ying

Maggi: that is the one

Ying-Lan: ^What's a shame on me!

Maggi: I installed it kVance

Vance: Did you try to download it again YL? Mine works.

Maggi: no, I mean that it is a shame that it doesn't work Ying.

Ying-Lan: NO... it will take a lot of time to download it.

Vance: Maggi, you installed the PV that I sent you? (Where did Deden go?)

Ying-Lan: ^I worked this weekend...

Maggi: Yes I did (he had to go out and will be back he said.)

Ying-Lan: ^I only like to download program on Internet on Saturday or Sunday morning... it will be fast and quickly

Vance: Where did you and Deden find wrong info on my website. It

Maggi: it goes is fast and quick

*** Invalid server command

Ying-Lan: ^I downloaded the globalenglish this morning, which has been told me.

Vance: it is ok on my copy of the file

Maggi: I didn't find it..he did...or maybe he misread it.

Ying-Lan: NO, Vance,, I did not read your introduce about the palace.

Vance: Deden had trouble with my directions. Maybe it's somewhere else.

Ying-Lan: you know the bolo is a young child...

Maggi: at 18 is is no longer a child.

Maggi: he is...

Maggi: bolo means friend in Indonesian.

Ying-Lan: he is only 18... I am 36... I am old than he.. 18 X 3= 36

Vance: Times 2. Times 3 is my age and Maggi's.

Maggi: when you were 18 did you like it if someone said you were a young child?

Vance: It's a matter of perspective.

Ying-Lan: I forgot it... but I probably do not say he is a child when I talk to him.

Maggi: each age is wonderful.

Vance: If you are twice that age, then 18 is young.

Maggi: young yes, but not a child.

Maggi: Maybe I still think too young...

Ying-Lan: I read your email , maggii. I agree your idea about the kosov...

Vance: I think others in the class are that age.

Ying-Lan: I don't know how to argue thie problem with Moral.

Maggi: Thank you Ying...we all hope now in Europe that it will be over soon.

Maggi: for both sides...

Ying-Lan: He is Chinese, me too. but we grown up at different area and diffent social system.

Maggi: It is not easy to argue with someone who is only presented half the story.

Maggi: Remember that he is behind a firewall for a reason.

Ying-Lan: Sometimes, it is getting hard to communicate with some problme.

Maggi: We maybe need to be careful that he doesn't get cut off.

Vance: Moral is trying to expand his horizons. He's circumventing the firewall.

Maggi: people need to be able to talk to each other.

Maggi: and I hope he can continue to do that....

Maggi: ...he is then a window into China.

Ying-Lan: I just want to tell him to not to think depend on those materidal given by his goverment.

Vance: He is a traveler who is outside the mental borders of his peers.

Maggi: imagine though if that is all you get is very hard to know who is right.

Maggi: It is amazing on the net the silly things people believe and forward too.

Vance: Really

Vance: I can't find where the information about getting onto the Palace is incorrect.

Maggi: I think the webhead list is very interesting just for that reason.

Ying-Lan: conscious of one's national identity.

Maggi: Moral was right though about the apology from the Americans.

Maggi: learning other is very important.

Maggi: not just the language but how people think and feel...their traditional beliefs.

Ying-Lan: I see... I hope everyboy will benefit from the e-group.

Maggi: To learn to respect the different beliefs and live together in peace beside them.

Vance: Respect is the key word.

Vance: You can disagree and discuss, but you must respect. Netiquette!

Maggi: respect yes...for each other

Ying-Lan: I was angry at someone who decided to start the war.

Ying-Lan: respect...

Ying-Lan: Respect is a good attitude to listen those different opinions...

Maggi: I don't think that was a decision made by one person.

Ying-Lan: I knew it...

Vance: I was angry this morning. There was a group of Albanians who got across the border after pretty severe beatings.

Maggi: And it wasn't an easy one to make I am sure.

Maggi: I wish it would stop

Ying-Lan: The problem of the world is getting to be complicated.

Maggi: The Serbs are retreating in anger...

Ying-Lan: What's happened?

Ying-Lan: Vance...

Vance: yes

Maggi: It is getting very complicated Ying...

Ying-Lan: Like this war... How to stop it!

Maggi: Kevin is going in with the peacekeeping troops

Vance: I don't think the Serbs should be in Kosovo in the first place. They have never lived there, and they obviously don't know how to govern the people who do.

Ying-Lan: I just wonder why?

Maggi: but it goes back to the 13th century...

Maggi: ...they have a hard time letting go.

Vance: They couldn't defend it then.

Ying-Lan: ^When I read such an news in Newspaper, I just think I am so lucky to live in Taiwan...

Maggi: that is why it is a question of pride today.

Ying-Lan: a

Maggi: now that have to leave again.

Vance: Beating up old men and raping women? They must be quite proud of themselves.

Maggi: disgusting yes

brian-r: @64,64 !It's brian-r

Maggi: Hi Äbrian

Maggi: Brian#

Ying-Lan: hi Brain

Vance: Hi Brian.

Maggi: desperate people do desperate things.

brian-r: Hi pussy cat

Maggi: that's Vance!

Vance: Brian, don't talk to Maggi like that.

Ying-Lan: Are you still be a observer?

Maggi: :-)

Vance: :-]

Maggi: Poor guy Vance...

brian-r: I beg your pardon marm

Ying-Lan: ^Brian, Are you still be a observer? Don't want to join us?

Maggi: eee...marm is worse...

Maggi: ...I'd rather be a pussy cat...

brian-r: Sure, but I can't usually stay very long

Ying-Lan: It is okay...

Ying-Lan: never mind.

Maggi: start talking...

Vance: Maggi, ask questions.

Maggi:'re the teacher

Vance: How about, how long have Brian and I known each other?

Ying-Lan: REspect

Maggi: Ok

Vance: Take it, Brian ...

Maggi: so, how long<?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, I suggest you to write a letter talking about "RESPECT" in our e-group.

Vance: YL, I think I did. Didn't you see it?

Maggi: I think the egroup already respects each other.

brian-r: Since before the Iranian rev

Maggi: Were you together then?

Maggi: guys go back to the 70's...

Ying-Lan: ^The first step of Democracy is repect different opinions.

Ying-Lan: I saw it

Vance: I worked in Saudi Arabia from 1976 to 1981. We met in 1976. That was before the Iran Iraq war ...

Maggi: where did you meet...?

Ying-Lan: You mean you and Brian,

Ying-Lan: It is long time ago...

Vance: Yes, BUT, we didn't see each other again for ... how long ... 20 years?

Maggi: I was living in England in '76

brian-r: Seems like yesterday

Vance: Oop, 15 years.

Maggi: Vance is not so good in math...:-)

Maggi: Time is nothing for good friends.

Vance: Let me work it out on my computer here ...

Ying-Lan: ^When did you meet agian?

Vance: Just a couple of weeks ago.

Vance: Watch out, Brian, you'll disappear through that door.

Maggi: Last summer I met some friends I hadn't seen in almost 25...we were all a little older, but nothing had changed.

brian-r: @64,64 !It's brian-r

Ying-Lan: You could know each other by sight?

Maggi: :-) I warned Deden about the doors too.

Vance: He looks pretty much the same. A little older of course, but otherwise the same.

Vance: Me, I look exactly the same.

Maggi: Me too...:-)

Ying-Lan: ^I mean you could know who is who after such a long time...

Maggi: Sure.

Ying-Lan: sure?

brian-r: How do students like being taught by seniorish citizens?

Maggi: Although I was a little shocked at an old HS friend...time hadn't been as kind to her...

Vance: Life had left its sad scar ...

Maggi: great compliment...:-) They love it!!!!!

Maggi: No, she was totally grey...

Ying-Lan: ^I don't undersant "seniorish citizens"?

Vance: I don't think age makes all that much difference. I've had students who were older than I was.

Maggi: he is being polite, but saying Vance and I are a couple of old farts.

Vance: A senior citizen is a polite way to say an old person.

Ying-Lan: ^I am old, too.

Vance: And "old fart" is an impolite way (leave it to Maggi).

Maggi: how else will they learn this stuff :-)

Maggi: 36 is not old Ying...80 is

Vance: YL, among us 4, you are the youngest.

Ying-Lan: The young generation may be don't like to listent our experences about the life.

Maggi: Well Brian must be about the same age...teach too Brian?

Ying-Lan: The young generation may be don't like to listen to our experences about the life.

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Felix: Bon Jour

Maggi: most of them do Ying...

Maggi: Hi Felix

Ying-Lan: ^But they like to talk about the fresh thing...

Vance: hey felix!

Maggi: our resident male macho...:-)

Maggi: One of the sweetest ones though...

Felix: heheheheheh

Ying-Lan: ^We should be calm down to pretend we don't surprise their thought... Just need more" Respect"

Vance: Felix is up EARLY this morning. Sunday morning in Brazil.

Maggi: fresh thing Ying?

Ying-Lan: Fresh thing... we don't know that before...

Ying-Lan: Hi, Felix.

Felix: Watch out Vance... Today you will have thunder and lightning

Felix: Hi ying

Maggi: We had that yesterday

Ying-Lan: Flelix... you have read the report of weather.

Vance: I find that I make friends with a lot of young people who respect my experiences.

Ying-Lan: me too. I am a young friend...

Felix: no Ying.

Vance: Thunder and lightning in the UAE? Today? I don't THINK so ..

Felix: It's because I am here early... I MIRACLE.

Felix: A MIRACLE.. heheh

Maggi: Miracles happen every day...

Ying-Lan: ^Don't you feel the young generation with the fresh thought that you don't understand?

Maggi: Brazilian humor...humour for Brian.

Vance: I have two sons who keep my thoughts fresh.

Felix: Yesterday the truck of my company turned over (is that correct?)

Maggi: I had fresh thoughts too...they keep us young.

Vance: A truck (one of many) ...

Ying-Lan: That's great! There is no Generation gap in your family.

Maggi: yes Felix...were you in it?

Vance: A truck belonging to my company ...

Felix: now.. The truck.. (we only have one)

Felix: nononono

Vance: Ah, ok

Felix: I don't go into it..

Vance: The company truck ...

Maggi: I have students from 16 up...the oldest was 82.

Felix: But anyway.. a 14 year old boy died

Maggi: I never had a problem Ying.

Vance: Felix, was it someone you know?

Ying-Lan: ^In Taiwan, most of the young generation think their parents don't understand them.

Felix: no.. He was the son of an employee who works on one of the farms of my company

Maggi: Oh those poor people

Ying-Lan: Really, It is very sad to hear such a news.

Felix: Yes, Maggi

Felix: I was at the hospital until late last night.

Felix: I see if the others needed help.

Ying-Lan: ^ Felix...I am sorry to hear it.

Felix: to see

Felix: Thanks Ying.

Vance: This has been a terrible year for you, Felix.

Felix: Yes, Vance.

Ying-Lan: ^It is an accident, isn

Ying-Lan: ^It is an accident, isn't it?

Felix: right Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^Is it covered by Insurance company?

Felix: The truck was transporting cocoa from a far to another. So, it was over a wodden bridge that didnt support the weight and fall down.

Maggi: no insurance could ever pay for the loss of a child.


Ying-Lan: That's too bad, maggi./

Felix: EXACTLy

Felix: there were 6 boys on the truck..... only one was buried with the sacs of cocoa in the river... And he drowned.. Very sad

Ying-Lan: ^I knew the cancer insurance covered by the whole family,, if you chose that.

Felix: Sorry for being impolite... Hi Brian.

Vance: This part of Brazil seems to be a dangerous place. Depressing at times. A lot of wild stuff happens there.

Ying-Lan: what are you goint to do?

Ying-Lan: ^Back to the hospital?

Felix: No Vance.. It's very calm.... I really dont know what these things are happening.. Maybe it's the apocalipse

Felix: I didnt follow you Ying.

Maggi: insurance is a question of beating the odds...

Ying-Lan: But Felix,,, how many people ?

Maggi: they won't insure anything unless the odds are on their side and they will make money.

Felix: there were 9 in total... Only 1 died..... The others are ok.. Just a few scratches.

Ying-Lan: I agree... sometimes, I think the social insurance it right.. sometimes, it takes a lot of money and social insurance makes our goverment poor.

Maggi: social security is something differehnt

Felix: Later I go to the hospital again to check if Jose needs something.

Ying-Lan: ^So. Felix, you could not calim it from the Insurance Comapny.

Felix: I dont think so Ying.... The car insurance can cover the expenses I think

Ying-Lan: That is a good news only.

Felix: yeah

Vance: The only good news

Ying-Lan: The only good news.

Felix: I don't care... The company is rich....

Ying-Lan: Felix, your company is rich...

Felix: A truck won't take then to bankrupcty

Felix: them

Ying-Lan: But the child was dead...

Vance: Will they compensate the family?

Ying-Lan: ^You can not count the value of the life... a child's life.

Felix: you are deadly right Ying

Ying-Lan: The family lost a child whom they love.

Felix: I am sure they will Vance. But you know big companies... Generally people need to sue them to get the money.. I dont think it will be different in this case.. Mainly because the people involved are

Ying-Lan: It is very sad.. you can not recover it from those money.

Felix: very poor and dont have much info

Vance: Well, if a company is sending workers over unsafe bridges and making a lot of money on their risk then the company should take more responsibility ...

Felix: only God can over the loss

Ying-Lan: ^An accident? Do you think it could be prevent from some safe pre-investigae?

Maggi: I guess Deden and Roy are not coming back.

Felix: nonono

Vance: guess not

Felix: BTW, who is Brian?

Ying-Lan: guess not?

Vance: brian?

Felix: yep

Ying-Lan: ^Like the carsh of the airplane?

Ying-Lan: ^Brian, Are you here?

Vance: Brian is another teacher with the EFI.

Maggi: who rang the bell?

Felix: no.. It was a bridge, constructed generally in not good conditions...

Vance: He has hundreds of students.

Felix: by the owner of the farm, not the government.

Ying-Lan: ^Brian, Vane's friend. and He is a teach at EFI.

Felix: So they don't need to investigate anything

Maggi: You mean you went for Dave's plan Brian?

Felix: Really? So Brian is a teacher too.. Cool..

Felix: Brian. Can I take your classes too ???

Ying-Lan: He is a Englishman and lives in UAE.

Vance: Only he sleeps during classes (I guess ... Brian??)

Maggi: You drive enough teachers crazy Felix!

Felix: ??

Vance: Maybe Felix put him to sleep. He was ok when it was just the 3 of us.

Felix: sobbing

Maggi: I'm just joking Felix.

Ying-Lan: ^Felix,,, I mean they don't check their truck before they drove.

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Felix: The problem was the BRIDGE Ying.

Ying-Lan: hi, Michaelc.

Maggi: Hi Michael.

Vance: ow! You stepped on my paw!

Michael C: Hi all.

Maggi: watch the pussy cat Michael

Felix: Hi Michael.

Michael C: There's 2 cats...

Maggi: 10% of 500 is a pile

Michael C: ...and lots of teachers!

Ying-Lan: ^The bridge broke up?

Maggi: Yeh...

Felix: The real Felix now

Maggi: Felix the cat...ok...time to switch to Garfield.

Felix: in Brazil if you call someone a "cat" you mean the person is gorgeous, good-looking

Ying-Lan: Felix, you are a cat, too.

Ying-Lan: ^Like being a cat?

Michael C: In English it often means someone is groovy or cool!

Felix: groovy?

Maggi: so we are all a bunch of gorgeous cool cats!

Michael C: Hip? With it!

Maggi: remember the Turtles song?

Michael C: Up with the latest fashion, ideas, music, etc .

Ying-Lan: ^In Taiwan.. sometimes, we describe the "street-salker" as "the puppy cat".

Vance: Anyone like game viewing? There are babboons at Sabi Cam,

Ying-Lan: game

Felix: I am curious... Brian is so quiet.

Felix: ????????????????

Ying-Lan: ^He is always be quiet.

Michael C: I'll try the African site....

Vance: I think Brian thought we wouldn't notice. Actually it's a zebra at Sabi cam. Go to Africam and see.

Maggi: did anyone else hear the door bell ring.

Felix: Ying and Maggi.. you haven`t signed my guest book...

Ying-Lan: what

Ying-Lan: Sorry

Vance: There's a family of zebras at Sabi cam. Pretty cool.

Ying-Lan: I will be there.

Felix: sabi cam?//???

Ying-Lan: Really,.I am at now.

Ying-Lan: What's up?

Felix: i am there too

Vance: OK, YL, click on Sabi cam at the left

Maggi: Brian has been in whisper mode...that's why no one can hear him.

Vance: The little baby zebra just went down on his knees, playfully.

Ying-Lan: Really? how do you know? maggi.

Vance: Brian, right click and get out of whisper mode!

Felix: the baby zebra has gone

Maggi: I told him that...I keep getting the door bell and I realized it was Brian and no one else was seeing his message but me.

Vance: Try the mobile cam (Sabi Sabi) - a bunch of baboons around a waterhole.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, where is the gamr what you said?

Michael C: So what was Brian saying?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, where is the game what you said?

Vance: The game? I'm at a game park ...

Maggi: not a lot actually...

Michael C: That's good to know Maggi!

Maggi: you click on the avatar Brian

Maggi: when you see a hand on me, not

Ying-Lan: ^There is no game park, noly "national park".

Vance: The game park is at Then you select a camera.

Maggi: Can anyone see that Brian wrote something?

Ying-Lan: no

Michael C: Ying - game in this context = wild animals

Vance: A wildabeaste at Gowrie Cam

Felix: no I dont see any words from Brian

Vance: I've got friends on ICQ who are helping me with sightings.

Maggi: in whisper mode everyone is a funny green color except the person you are whispering to Brian.

Maggi: move your mouse to the one who isn't green, which is me...then click

Michael C: These cams are cool.

Felix: Yes they are..

Vance: Aren't they. Gowrie is really good right now. Lots of animals around.

brian-r: Am I back?

Michael C: Yes Brian you're back.

Vance: You're back (clap clap clap)

Felix: My kids are here now.. They are fired up by the animals.

Felix: Good Brian

Michael C: )APPLAUSE

Michael C: )APPLAUSE

Ying-Lan: what's

Vance: I've seen Africam before, but never this lively.

Michael C: That's for Brian!

Maggi: finally...people were beginning to wonder here Brian.

Ying-Lan: ^It is raining outside now.

Michael C: I think several of us in Africa.

Vance: But you've been listening, right brian?

Vance: The Gowrie Cam is swarming with wildebeeste. Closeups.

Michael C: We had rain here today here too.

Felix: Brian,, Can I take your classes too ??

Vance: How many students have you got now, Brian?

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Maggi: We had a great storm the other day with thunder and lightening!

brian-r: Right, I was saying that animal names used for people have different connotations in different languages. Yes Felix, you can. send me an email

Felix: what is your e-mail Brian?

Felix: a snake in my language is someone pervert, not trusty.


Michael C: Same in English.

Ying-Lan: ^There was a typhoon today in Taiwan.

Michael C: What about a tiger?

Ying-Lan: tiger, what?

brian-r: And now by thunder I resign! Bye everybody

Vance: Ah, thunder DID happen in the UAE. You were right, Felix.

Felix: Bye Brian (I just sent you the e-mail)

Felix: what is Typhoon??

Maggi: Bye Brian

Michael C: See you later Brian.

Vance: bye brian

Ying-Lan: Bye brain

Felix: ....

Maggi: sheesh...3pm already...I have to get something done today...

Ying-Lan: ^Typhoon is a very violent tropical storm in the western Pacific.

Michael C: This is getting something done isn't it?!

Felix: never heard of it

Vance: Yeah, I've got to be going too. The usual, on the balcony.

Felix: what are you going to drink today Vance?

Michael C: Looking at the sunset vance?

Maggi: true...but I've been here awhile

Ying-Lan: ^It is nice to talking to you this nigh.

Felix: Do you think you get cachaca by mail Vance?

Ying-Lan: ^It is nice to talking to you this night.

Vance: Might as well. My family will soon leave for the summer, so I want to enjoy my time with the. Cachaca would be perfect!

Michael C: What is cachaca?

Maggi: And you have to work Vance?

Felix: I will check if I can send a bottle by mail.... If it's permitted I will.

Ying-Lan: ^You wll be alone in Summer/ right?

Felix: Vance alone??? A danger of the society.. heheheh

Michael C: Cachaca is alcohol?

Vance: Yes, nice seeing how things are in other parts of the world. Storms in Germany, Taiwan. Getting cold in Oz. ...

Felix: of the

Felix: for the

Ying-Lan: Complicated world.

Vance: Sometimes can be interesting.

Felix: Yes, Michael.. It's alchool

Maggi: today it is just cloudy and windy.

Ying-Lan: ^And hot.

Michael C: Brazilian alcohol I guess?

Felix: Today is sunny but cool..

Felix: Yes... Wanna some too Michael?

Michael C: Yep - send it over!

Felix: Do you can get alchool by mail in UAE Vance?

Maggi: I can get it here Felix.

Ying-Lan: ^That's why I have to say thank you to someone who invented the internet.

Felix: ok ok

Felix: I will check with the post office...

Felix: sending bottles of cachaca all over the world

Michael C: Maybe a new business?

Felix: Ying, you are not into alchool, are you?

Maggi: start an exporting business

Felix: Who knows?

Ying-Lan: ^What is the chcachaca ?

Felix: cachaça is destilated alchool... Very strong.... Stronger than tequila.

Vance: Never tried. It would probably be difficult to get alcohol mailed to the UAE. YOu can buy it here easily.

Michael C: Distilled alcohol.

Maggi: I'd visit you for that view off the balcony but it hot down there Vance!

Ying-Lan: Say bye to you...

Ying-Lan: see you next week.

Michael C: Bye Ying.

Felix: Bye Ying

Vance: OK, bye YL

Maggi: Bye Ying

Vance: Nice to see you again.

Felix: So are you going to start a hanger party?? LOL

Ying-Lan: Wait, Vance have you already tranfer "open up" to mp3?

Maggi: a hanger party Felix?

Felix: yes Maggi.. a hanger party.. do you know what does it mean?

Maggi: no, that's why I asked...:-)

Michael C: I don't know what a hanger party is either...

Felix: do you know what it means?

Felix: ohhhhhhhh

Vance: No. No time. One project too many. Two, including getting Felix's video on a web page.

Felix: I will explain

Maggi: waiting Feliy..

Vance: You have a party in an aircraft hanger?

Felix: nooooooooooooooo

Vance: You all dangle upside down?

Maggi: that would be too easy Vance

Felix: you know what a hanger is right?

Maggi: something to hang closthes on

Vance: A place to hang a coat?

Michael C: wear a coat hanger to a party?

Michael C: Snap!!

Maggi: clothes

Felix: so in a hanger party, there's a hanger in the entrance of the place to hang up ALL your clothes......

Maggi: that is a different idea

Michael C: I see...a Brazilian thing?

Felix: yes, Michael.... heheheh

Felix: Havent you ever heard of it?

Maggi: All year round or only certain times of the year...?

Michael C: Such enterprising people the Brazilians!

Vance: Ahhhh

Vance: excellent. I like this idea

Maggi: me too

Felix: Like the idea Maggi??

Vance: We can do it now!

Michael C: I'm not so sure....

Maggi: party pooper Michael

Vance: OK, taking off my shoes ...

Michael C: I don't know if i want to be naked with you guys!

Maggi: even with me?

Vance: We won't look

Felix: yes Maggi,,, PARTY POOPER Michael.

Michael C: I'm a nice boy!

Felix: LOL

Vance: now the socks ...

Maggi: what has that to do with it...?

Michael C: What - the socks!

Maggi: I have a thirt on anyway

Michael C: Or being a nice boy?

Felix: Finally I will be able to show my AVATARS.. ROFLMAO

Maggi: only a tshirt meant to write.

Maggi: not here Felix

Michael C: No Felix. Don't do it. Women present.

Felix: it's a hanger party, isn't it??? ROFLMAO

Maggi: I've seen them already

Felix: well, I think you would be more shocked than Maggi, Michael

Michael C: Why is that?

Felix: nevermind

Maggi: cause maybe you are shy Michael

Michael C: Are you gonna post this log this Vance?


Maggi: He will edit it.

Vance: No editing when students are present.

Felix: oh my!!!!!!

Felix: But now I am the TEACHER Felix...

Maggi: see what you started Felix!?! :-)

Michael C: Everyone will be asking Felkix for his avatars!

Vance: Naw, it's fun.

Felix: lol

Michael C: And reporting him to Dave W!

Maggi: Not me

Felix: I really dont care about him...

Maggi: the avatars are nice

Vance: He doesn't mind.

Michael C: We could pretend that Felix has one of those avatars now.....

Maggi: we could

Vance: Did I miss the avatars?

Felix: ??????????

Michael C: ...and say things like..." Felix - that's shocking.!"

Maggi: You saw only the beginning of one at the conference in NYC

Felix: That's was a terrible mistake... I am very sorry for that...

Maggi: his daughter hit the key

Michael C: That would be a good place to show them!

Vance: Ah, those. They're not of my, shall we say, persuasion

Maggi: not really..._Felix felt very bad about that.

Michael C: I must have missed them!

Vance: NO problem. No harm done. It was funny. People at that conference are ok.

Maggi: being female I guess I can appreciate them more

Felix: I didnt do it on purpose Michael... My liitle daughter hit the button here

Michael C: I thnk that's a sexist remark!

Maggi: He reacted fast though

Maggi: you mean me..?

Michael C: Maggie's I mean...

Vance: The lady I was showing the program to at the time reacted fast too.

Michael C: LOL.

Maggi: I resemble that remark

Felix: What did she say Vance?

Michael C: Or do?

Vance: She became suddenly quite interested in this kind of teaching.


Michael C: LOL again.

Michael C: Maybe we shoukld advertise it. Nude classes or such like!

Felix: business and pleasure.. I got it.

Maggi: see

Maggi: Why not...people go to nude beaches

Vance: That's a good idea. It would attract students and teachers, the right sort

Michael C: Is there a nude Palace?

Maggi: Playboy

Michael C: EFIN = EFI nude.

Felix: yes there is Michael.. LOTS OF

Michael C: or NEFI!

Maggi: Dave would like the idea

Felix: Dave would have a heart attack

Michael C: LOL

Vance: I've got to go. Hate to leave at such a great point in the conversation. Dave's from california, shouldn't be too shocked.

Michael C: ROFL..

Felix: ROFL

Maggi: Dave goes to nude beaches so I can't see him objecting

Felix: ok ok

Vance: There you are!

Vance: Lots of em in California. I used to take my kids.

Felix: Maggi.. she knows everything

Michael C: maybe we could add drugs to the equation!


Maggi: no drugs

Michael C: Just kidding...

Felix: only alchool is allowed

Vance: ffftttt (cough cough) ...

Michael C: LOLOL

Maggi: I go here to nude beaches...hey the sauna is nude too.

Maggi: sure...we need beer

Maggi: or wine...or champagne

Felix: Maggi, do you know what a woman has between the breast after her 40's ??

Michael C: Stop bogarting Vance!

Maggi: ROTFL:::no Felix what?

Felix: the belly buttom.. ROFL

Felix: what is bogarting ??

Maggi: ROTFL...mine aren't big enough to sag that low...:-)

Michael C: When someomne won't pass the joint.

Michael C: OK - have some cat! [Michael produces a cigarette shaped avatar]

Vance: Yeah, so you have to go grab it.

Felix: I still dont understand Michael.

Vance: cough cough

Michael C: Joint = marijuana cigarette.

Felix: Why are you coughing Vance?


Michael C: )APPLAUSE

Vance: I'm going back to my youth. We used to do a lot of that in the 60's.

Maggi: ding...the light went off in his head...

Vance: and 70's

Felix: I tried marijuana once... Didnt like it..

Vance: ... and into the 80's ...

Michael C: The 70's for me. What fun it was.

Maggi: and the 90's?

Vance: Don't foget the 90's

Maggi: started in the 60's...

Michael C: I'm coughing at the thought...

Maggi: Vance is just a tad older that's why

Felix: I see

Vance: OK, MC, pass that joint.

Felix: Nowadays teens are into heavy drugs.. that's a pity!!!!

Vance: NO (heavy) DRUGS

Maggi: this is not heavy stuff...

Michael C: I've had enough.

Michael C: Scaredy cat!

Vance: Thanks

Felix: I know.. but LSD, cocaine, crack... they are very heavy

Maggi: yes...

Michael C: Very becoming Vance! [Vance has taken to rolled cigarette graphic and placed it near Maggi's avatar]

Michael C: LOL

Maggi: smoke it out my belly button

Vance: Guys, leave em laughing, my grandpappy used to say.

Vance: I gotta run.

Vance: See you around ...

Michael C: See ya Vance.

Maggi: me too

Felix: see ya Vance

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