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Chat between Vance and Saangthip on ICQ

September 23, 1998

ICQ Chat Save file

Started on Wed Sep 23 16:51:18 1998



<pud> hi vance

<pud> my name is Saangthip

<pud> I am your student

<Vance> Hello. Great. Nice to meet you. You are from Thailand?

<pud> Nice to meet you too.

<pud> yes I am from Thailand.

<Vance> Excellent. One of my favorite countries.


<Vance> You are downloading? What are you downloading

<Vance> ?

<pud> Program is active worlds.

<Vance> The Palace? Active Worlds. That's a nice program.

<Vance> I'm having trouble using it here. It needs a lot of graphics capability.

<Vance> Other than that it is easy to run. But I can't run it from work and my alternative is a laptop (at work). It doesn't work on my laptop.

<Vance> But I can use it at home.

<Vance> We can meet there. It's an interesting program.

<pud> ok

<Vance> Have you been able to download the Palace?

<pud> no I just downloaded I don't install it

<Vance> Have you tried? OK. Oh, haven't installed it.

<pud> NO I don't have friend in class but I have list mane in my class

<Vance> There are a LOT of students who responded to my "last call"

<Vance> I sent a lot of messages and got no replies. So I started visiting the Palace and inviting people I met there to join the class.

<Vance> The Palace is a place where many students go.

<Vance> So there will be some students next Tuesday.

<pud> ok Thank you so much and see you later.

<Vance> Are you able to go on line next Tuesday at 11:00 or 12:00 GMT

<pud> yes I want study on next tuesday.

<pud> bye

<Vance> OK Great!

<Vance> OK bye see you Tuesday ..

<Vance> Either on the Palace or ICQ

<Vance> yes?


<pud> Thank you.

<Vance> my pleasure. If you can install the Palace, we can meet there. If not you can find me on ICQ.

<Vance> Have you seen the webheads web page?

<Vance> OK. Let me know if you have any problem

<pud> Today I test the program the placese

<Vance> Palace ... (like a castle)

<pud> I enter in the class but there is no people.


<Vance> OH, ok, Do you want to go there now?

<Vance> Your English is very good, and you type well too.

<pud> First I would like to you I not good english languege

<Vance> (I am not good ...)

<Vance> Don't worry about your English. You can improve it with practice.

<Vance> I can understand you perfectly.

<pud> so good for me.



<Vance> sorry ... it seems that you went to the Palace. Did you go to the schoolhouse?

<Vance> That's where we meet on Tuesday.

<pud> ok I see but I want test the program I prepareing for on next tuesday.

<Vance> If you want to find people there, there is a schedule of classes at

<pud> haha I am stupied

<Vance> ok no way!

<pud> I gone to there.


<Vance> You went there and ?? nobody there?

<pud> yes nobody in class I exit

<Vance> If you go to there is a schedule and you can see when people go there.

<Vance> a green bird?

<Vance> ok, good. Who was it?

<pud> outside the school I can see one people .and then I talking to hime .

<pud> I didn't remember.

<Vance> That's ok. Was it a student or a teacher?

<pud> ok

<Vance> Do you know how to save a log of this chat?


<pud> no I think I will statment on the web agian

<Vance> statment? Do you mean stay?

<Vance> You will read the help file?

<pud> Information on the web.

<Vance> Well I can tell you. Use File / Save Buffer. Then you can save a log of your conversations. You can study them later.


<pud> ok thank you so much for help me.

<Vance> ICQ is a nice program that way. You can also keep a record of your conversations in the Palace.

<pud> ok


<pud> Change the matter.

<pud> Have you gone in Thailand?


<Vance> Yes, I have been to Thailand many times.

<pud> wow

<Vance> I like diving. There is good diving in Thailand.

<pud> I have my homepage.

<Vance> What's your url?


<pud> In my homepage it's have my pic.

<pud> but it isn't finish.

<Vance> OK. I'll put a link to your homepage on the webheads page. Is that ok?

<pud> Ok see you next Tuesday at 11 am .

<pud> no because

<pud> yes

<Vance> it's not finished.


<Vance> ok

<Vance> you want to finish it first.


<pud> what is mean? I don't understand.

<Vance> can I look ?


<pud> finish it first!

<Vance> Oh, sorry, I asked if I could link to your homepage

<Vance> I think you said no

<Vance> Then you said because ...

<Vance> and then I thought "because you want to finish it first

<Vance> (you said it wasn't finished)

<Vance> It's a nice page. I like the welcome sign. It looks like water.

<pud> ok

<Vance> you've had 195 visitors already

<pud> me too

<pud> haha 195 I enter only.

<Vance> Oh, you put the number in. But it's a nice page.

<pud> no I put the munber.

<Vance> This is really a nice page. It's perfect for the class.

<Vance> I would like to write your url because then other students in the class can know who you are.

<Vance> If you don't want me to I won't


<Vance> You can decide later

<pud> if you think it's good homepage I don't worry about on web.

<Vance> I'm looking at your trip to Tung Tan Ta Wan

<pud> but the language on my home page

<pud> yessssss

<Vance> You mean the language is not correct? I can help you with that.

<pud> thank you

<Vance> I'll tell you what .. I'll help you correct it and then we can tell people about it.

<Vance> So, I think we will meet many interesting people in this class.



<Vance> There's a part that's in Thai

<Vance> I can't read that part.


<Vance> And the link to My Friends doesn't work. It's looking for home5.htm

<pud> for link my friend not finish

<Vance> oh, ok. Well I'll help you with the Tung Tan Ta Wan part

<pud> My diary is Thai language. you can't it. it's about poe.

<Vance> So I can help you with the hello part and the Tung Tan Ta Wan part.

<Vance> a main place? An important place?

<pud> Tung Tan Ta Wan it's mane place in Thailand.


<pud> and you can click next go to Khok -Chang

<pud> Do you go it?

<pud> you can click next on the Tung -tan-ta -wan page.

<pud> Nice place! and good weather.

<Vance> yes I got it, Koh chang

<Vance> Nice pictures


<pud> Have you gone there?


<Vance> No, is it near Koh Tau or Koh Samui, or near Phuket?

<pud> It's interesting place.

<pud> No it over far hahaah

<pud> The Khok-chang in east but Koh Samui in south.

<pud> Are you understand?

<pud> yes

<Vance> Koh Chang is an island? So it's an island north of Koh Samui.

<Vance> I don't know about it. I'll look for it on a map.

<pud> I see

<pud> If we are star in Bangkok the koh-chang in east and koh samui in south.

<Vance> I'm looking for a map of Thailand on MapQuest

<Vance> Your explanation is fine. It's east of Bangkok. The problem is I don't know my geography. I'm looking on a map.

<pud> I don't know explain to you.



<Vance> It must be around ... what's the name ... Pataya?

<pud> Pataya.


<pud> I often go to there on weekend.

<Vance> near Chon Buri?

<pud> yes it's near Chon buri.

<Vance> OK, I'm looking on a map

<Vance> Well, I don't think it's on the mapquest map, but anyway I have an idea where it is


<Vance> Thank you.

<Vance> I'm going to have to go home. I'm at work now.

<Vance> I'll be having the class from work.

<Vance> I work at a language school

<pud> ok

<pud> ok what time do you star work?now

<Vance> I start work at 7 in the morning and I can leave at 3, but I often stay to 5.

<Vance> So I'll have the class from 3 to 5 my time, and that's 11:00 to noon GMT

<Vance> Greenwich Mean Time. Right now it's 13:00 GMT

<Vance> What time is it in Bangkok now?

<pud> GMT is mean Now studing

<pud> 8 pm

<Vance> So the class starts for you at 5 pm. Is that a good time?

<Vance> We'll meet outside the Palace. But I'll be on ICQ as well, so we can meet either place.

<pud> and then at 5 pm. where are you study?

<Vance> By outside, I mean in the school palace.virtualscholar. (I forget) at port 9997.

<pud> I see

<Vance> Ok?

<pud> I have ever seen.

<Vance> You have already seen it. Yes, that's the place

<Vance> OK, so I'll see you there on Tuesday.

<pud> yes

<Vance> OK, bye for now. Any problems/questions email me at

<pud> bye

<Vance> bye


<pud> ok Thank you so much.

<Vance> kapkoon

<Vance> bye

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