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Chat between Vance in Abu Dhabi and m'teer at
in which the secret of Dorm Room #2 is divulged (to be used later)

October 20, 1998

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** @250,50 !Hi and welcome to The Campus. Select an online Radio Station below!

*** The wizards have been paged

MTeer: hi

MTeer: whats up?

Vance: Sorry Mteer, we met yesterday

MTeer: we did?

Vance: I'm the English teacher looking for a space

MTeer: ah

Vance: I had a student with me.

Vance: I'm trying to connect with one right now.

MTeer: can you follow me?

~§tevO©®™~: hhmmm...a room kill

Vance: So I'm going to pop over there

MTeer: wait

MTeer: can u follow me?

Vance: where?

MTeer: to another room?

Vance: OK

MTeer: u can access your find user list?

Vance: yes

MTeer: k

MTeer: wait

MTeer: I mean I'll met ya ther

* Vance * OK

MTeer: hey!

Received file chesslck.gif

Received file chessunl.gif

MTeer: anyways I wanted to show this room

MTeer: cause you can lock it

MTeer: see the lock?

Vance: Cool

Vance: Not yet

MTeer: yep nice and private

Vance: Ok, I see it

Received file dorm2.gif

Vance: How do I get here?

MTeer: so you can teach away

Vance: How do I tell my students to come here?

MTeer: okay

MTeer: easy

MTeer: sorta

Vance: shoot

MTeer: as long as they can get to "the Campus"

Vance: ok

Vance: then?

MTeer: then a "control G" will gibe you a room list

Vance: ok

MTeer: give

Vance: right

MTeer: double click on "dorm room 2"

Vance: simple

MTeer: and ur here

MTeer: yep

MTeer: lAst one in locks it

Vance: If I lock the room, if a student is late, can he get in?

MTeer: not really

MTeer: lol

Vance: OK, but I get your point.

Vance: Thanks a lot.

MTeer: but no one else can bug you

Vance: My lost student right now can't get to campus. Why not do you suppose?

MTeer: I had trouble a minute ago as well

MTeer: if he can go to another palace site

MTeer: and then to here

MTeer: sometimes that works

Vance: So go to another and then try to get here.

Vance: OK, we'll try that.

MTeer: yep

MTeer: sometimes that does it

Vance: Thanks. I think he went to anothe site now.

Vance: I'm going to look for him there.

MTeer: k good luck

Vance: Thanks a lot.

MTeer: c yas

Vance: bye

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