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Chat between Vance in Abu Dhabi and Jose in Argentina on ICQ

October 14, 1998

ICQ Chat Save file

Started on Wed Oct 14 23:19:58 1998



<Vance> Hello there. We finally connected.

<Vance> Yes, did you come to the Palace on Tuesday? I had a network problem./



<notary> I Vance.At last we met here.


<notary> I have all kind of problems with the palace.Its esasier for me trying on ICQ until IŽll understans how to use The Palace.

<Vance> Ok.

<Vance> You can improve that if you like.

<notary> Yesterday I tried and I had the chance to have a look on my page that you made for me, but that was all

<Vance> What is the problem with the Palace exactly?

<notary> Please be so kind to teach me.

<Vance> If you click on Start / Programs, do you find The Palace under "t"?

<notary> I downloaded the program, and did installed so, but each time that I go to the icon appears the installation program that is allready done and I cannot go further

<Vance> Can you look now/

<notary> May be the way to do it. I went to the icon

<Vance> ?

<Vance> You don't have to leave ICQ. You should be able to check it while we are in ICQ.

<notary> Let me try and be back}

<Vance> ok

<Vance> OK. Now, Are you in the palace?

<Vance> Let me get there ...

<Vance> one moment ..

<Vance> OK, do you see "Enter a palace space" ??

<Vance> Or do you have a File menu at the top of the Palace window?

<Vance> If you have a file option, you can pull down File/ Connect to a palace

<notary> Vance.I did it. That was the right way.Now iŽm on the portal.What do I do?

<Vance> file at the top??

<Vance> OK, should be File at the top of the screen ... above the icons ...

<notary> IŽm at the portal with a portrait of The Palace and options like "First time visitor"?

<Vance> OK, pull down File / Connect to a Palace and you'll get a dialog box

<Vance> In my box I have a space for Name and ...

<notary> yes What I do then?

<Vance> a place for Palace Server Address. Do you have that?


<Vance> Ok, in name, you put Jose, or any name you want to be in the Palace

<Vance> The address is ...

<Vance> and the port is 9997 - you can cut the address from the ICQ window and paste it in the Palace one.

<Vance> there yet?

<notary> Yes what is the address?

<Vance> The port (in the box to the right of the server address) must be 9997

<notary> Yes They say there is no way to find that address.Wait IŽll try again

<Vance> did you write the address exactly, no spaces, only palace.vir etc

<Vance> awaiting ...

<Vance> I'm waiting for you in the palace ...

<Vance> and on ICQ ... both places at the same time

<notary> That what i wrote but still They cannot connect.IŽll try again.Wait me please

<Vance> how did it go?

<Vance> You're not in the Palace ...

<Vance> <<<

<notary> I tried and put palace.virtualscholar but maybe the problem is that i didnŽt put hhtp://www.Is that so?

<Vance> no, no need for http etc. but it's did you use .com ??

<notary> Ok IŽLL TRY

<Vance> ok

<notary> Vance it tells me: There is no server or The server is down

<Vance> hmmm ... so you're putting exactly, no spaces - no space between virtualscholar

<Vance> Try copying the text from 3 lines up and pasting it there. And you're sure the port is 9997 ?

<notary> Yes i tiped .com

<notary> I tiped

<Vance> that should be it

<notary> yes but the answer is the same,and I tiped 9997 also

<Vance> This is strange This is copied from my palace window:

<Vance> Try the copy , paste method. It could be your keyboard, esp. if it's set to Spanish characters

<Vance> Highlight the text 3 lines up, press ctrl-C to copy, put the cursor in the palace server address window and press ctrl-P to paste. If there's anything in the server address window before you do that, you highlight it and then paste (so it gets over-written).

<notary> IŽll make another time.please wait me

<notary> Vance there was a third line on the window "Palace Server Address" that says:Your internet connections are limited to those inside your company.Can you access other sites with your web browser?

<Vance> ahhhh You're behind a firewall. That's it. I can't do this from my company either. I have to be on a direct connection.

<notary> That was writen as a possibility for not finding the address.

<Vance> Yes, that's the problem.

<notary> This is not the problem because I find other sites without problems

<Vance> They're probably allowed. In other words, your network administrator knows about ICQ and possibly allows it. But he doesn't know about the Palace.


<notary> I asked them and they told me that they didnŽt know The Palace.But the program is here, and I installed it with no problems, as I installed ICQ

<Vance> Yes, I can do this at my company too, but no connection. The same problem would happen with ICQ UNLESS your network administrator has allowed it.

<Vance> Solution .. can you tell them about the Palace, that you need it to learn English?

<Vance> Another solution ... can you get to a computer that's not at your company?

<notary> So What will be the solution?

<Vance> Is this your work time? 11:00 a.m . Tue is 8:00 a.m. in Argentina?

<Vance> Oh, then what does the third line mean? Is there any kind of proxy configuration on your browser? Or do you connect to the Internet directly (not through a proxy)

<notary> IŽm at my own computer.This is my proffesional studio and I work everyday with it. This is not a company that I work with because I work on my own

<Vance> For example, in the UAE, the whole country has to go through a proxy server ..

<notary> First.In Argentina the time now is 4.14p.m. I work from mondays to fridays form 12.00p.m. to 6.00p.m.

<Vance> technicians ... cool netscape? That's how we all learn. Solving problems.

<notary> Second.I bought this computer as a PC.The tecnics sold me this PC as Pentium 233 and I have 2 Internet programs installed with 2 differents browsers:Ingesis and Impsat.That all I know.And each time I have a problem I call Them to learn about this

<Vance> My question - since you have no trouble with most of the programs you use - but you get a message that suggests that there is a proxy server in Argentina, or that the Palace software THINKS there is a proxy - a firewall, in other words. -- so my question is, when you use netscape or internet explorer, do you have to configure for a proxy server in any way, or do you use direct connect to the internet ... first, what browser do you use?

<notary> I use direct connection allready installed and click on the one I want

<Vance> ok what browser is it? hmmm I don't know these browsers.

<notary> Impsat or Ingesis

<notary> That those I have

<Vance> Well, as far as the class is concerned, it is possible to get the class into ICQ chat. But students are always dropping by the Palace. We need to fix that problem.

<Vance> There was a student with us the other day from Poland who couldn't connect right away but she cut the server address from ICQ chat and pasted it to the server address window in the Palace and got in.

<Vance> Maybe I can contact the Palace people about it also. Maybe they can suggest something.

<notary> OK IŽll try to talk mith the browser to find out if they can give me the way to solve this problem, and as soon as possible IŽll wil tel you if I had sucsess.

<Vance> Yeah, I can ask there and also to other people at EFI and see if anyone else has had this problem.

<Vance> It sounds like you are doing it correctly.

<notary> If you are so kind to do it for me IŽll will thank you for that.For example I went to Athens I I have another page for me that is Athens/Styx2713.They accepted me and gave me the wellcome

<Vance> Athens/Styx/2713 << ?? OK, I'll have a look (looking ...)

<Vance> Interesting, a Klingon Game ... shall I link to it from your web page at webheads?


<Vance> I found it at .. In the class I am teaching, I want to help my students develop web pages by correcting the English, and each student can communicate in English (or any language, but I'm an English teacher) and express him or herself, and I can help you and the others to do that. That's the goal of my class.

<notary> So tahts me



<Vance> "I'm very interested in contacts and exchange of experiences and to improve my English."

<Vance> (copied from your web page)

<Vance> Your web page (on webheads) has had 5 hits already

<Vance> still there? or connection problem ??

<Vance> It looks like maybe you are experiencing network problems??

<Vance> And it is getting late for me ...


<Vance> I'm going to have to leave. I hope we can solve the Palace problem.

<Vance> All the best,

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