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Chat with Bubu at the Palace

October 6, 1998

Click here to visit Bubu's web page.

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Vance: ^Hey, where is everybody??

bubu: Hi Vance

Vance: Hello Bubu

Vance: You just woke me up.

bubu: I'll learn english

Vance: (just kidding)

Vance: Great, you came to learn English?

bubu: yes

Vance: Have you been to the Palace before?

bubu: no , i'm first here

Vance: This is your first time here ... welcome.

bubu: thanks

Vance: I'm one of the teachers.

Vance: How did you know about the Palace?

bubu: I have read in an internet newspaper

Vance: That's interesting. What newspaper was that?

bubu: Internet Magazin in Hungary

Vance: That's interesting. Another student reported that there was an article in a magazine in Brazil.

Vance: Are you logging this chat?

bubu: sorry, i dont understand

Vance: ^You can keep a record of our conversation. Do you know how?

bubu: no

Vance: ^Pull down Options / Log Window

Vance: ^When "log window" is checked, you can see our conversation.

bubu: all right

Vance: So you've got the log window?

bubu: yes, i have

Vance: Good. Then you can save it later.

Vance: That's a good way to learn English, because you can go back and read what we said.

bubu: Are there other students here?

Vance: Also, if I correct you, then you can see the correct way to say things

Vance: I'm expecting other students

Vance: I'm supposed to meet a class here now.

Vance: You are welcome to join us.

Vance: Actually, the others are 20 minutes late.

Vance: Did you know about our class?

bubu: no i didnt

Vance: Have you visited our web site?

bubu: yes, i have


Vance: Did you see that one, or did you visit

bubu: I have visited only

Vance: OK. Do you have the url for this class in your log window?

bubu: yes, i do

Vance: If you want to visit our website, you can cut the url from the log window and paste it to your browser.

bubu: i can it

Vance: Do you mean you can do it now?

bubu: How can you correct me?

Vance: For example, you said "I can it". I don't understand. So I can correct that.

Vance: Did you mean: "I can do it." ??

bubu: yes

Vance: Do you mean that you are looking at our website now?

Vance: Or do you mean you can do it later?

bubu: I think, you can write in the log window with red one what is correct

Vance: "with red one what is correct" ...

Vance: I don't understand that. No problem, I'm here to teach English.

Vance: Do you mean the color "red" or do you mean "read"?

bubu: I mean with a red pencil in the window to write

Vance: Sorry, I'm looking for a red pencil. I found a draw tool.

bubu: What can you do with it?

Vance: Oh well. I can't see how I can draw with the pencil. Did you find it?

Vance: I found a pencil under Options / Draw

Vance: Anyway, I think you are from Hungary?

bubu: @64,64 !It's bubu

bubu: i was disconnected

Vance: I saw you just came back. Are you in Hungary now?

bubu: yes

Vance: I've traveled a little in Hungary.

Vance: Are you in Budapest?

bubu: Have you understand the people in Hungary?

Vance: Was I able to understand people in Hungary? Only when they spoke English!

Vance: But I enjoyed my travels there.

Vance: Great wine!

Vance: Nice jazz

bubu: I'm a little town, not in Budapest

Vance: Where are you?

bubu: In Zalaegerszeg

Vance: Is it near Germany?

Vance: Sorry, I meant Austria

bubu: Zalaegerszeg is near Austria

Vance: Near Gyor?

bubu: How long have you time to teach?

Vance: I'm supposed to stay here until 13:00 GMT. That's another hour.

Vance: It's easy to be here with one student. Usually there are 5 or 6.

Vance: More can come at any time.

bubu: Gyor is 100 km to our town

Vance: north? south? east? West?

bubu: south

bubu: Are you from Greece?

Vance: No, I'm an American. I live in Abu Dhabi.

Vance: I'm looking at a map on mapquest on my browser.

Vance: I'm trying to find Zalaegerszeg

bubu: I said a littlle town with 60.000 people

Vance: The map of Hungary on MapQuest is fairly detailed.

Vance: MapQuest is searching now.

Vance: It's found it!

Vance: Near Botfa?

bubu: Botfa is a little village with 800 people

Vance: There's a lake nearby, Fonyod.

Vance: Sorry, Fonjod is a town on the lake.

bubu: The lake is the Balaton

Vance: I think I've visited that Lake.

bubu: In the background i have found your site.

Vance: Good. I was hoping you would.

Vance: Now you can meet the other students.

Vance: We had our first class last week at this time.

bubu: How can speak the other students?

Vance: Do you have ICQ?

bubu: i mean english

Vance: The students are supposed to come here.

bubu: Idon't know what is ICQ

Vance: ICQ is a program that you download for free.

Vance: And you can see when other people who have it are on line.

Vance: So right now I can see that none of my students are online.

bubu: Can i download from your site?

Vance: No, but you can download it in the background.

Vance: The url is

Vance: It's a great program. You can send messages and chat.

Vance: A lot of the students have been in touch since last week.

Vance: They've emailed me, and left messages on ICQ.

Vance: I'm surprised that no one is here, especially as there were so many last week.

bubu: Is it a IRC program?

Vance: I don't use IRC, but I think it might be like that. Does IRC tell you when your "buddies" are online?

bubu: What means buddies?

Vance: Buddies are good friends.

bubu: no

Vance: In cyberspace, a buddie is someone you chat with.

Vance: what do you mean by "no" ??

bubu: IRC dont tell me the buddies

Vance: ICQ tells you when others are online and running ICQ. A lot of my students have it.

Vance: Are you interested in joining the class?

bubu: yes, i'm

Vance: Yes, I am. (we never contract I + am)

Vance: Sorry, I was lapsing into teacher mode.

bubu: thanks

Vance: If you want, I can list you as one of the students.

Vance: You'll notice that each student in the list has a web page.

Vance: I started the web page from what the student has told me about him or herself.

Vance: But I hope that students will develop their web pages.

Vance: EITHER: They can send me writings and pictures and I can correct them and put them on the web page

Vance: OR they can start their own web page somewhere else and I can link to it.

Vance: Are you interested in doing something like that?

bubu: yes, i am.

Vance: Great. Right now, one of the students has her own web page, but she doesn't want me to link to it yet.

Vance: She wants me to correct the English first.

Vance: I ask each student to start by sending me an introduction (about yourself)

bubu: The ICQ downloading is very slowly.

Vance: If you click on the students names you can see that some have just a sentence, and others have a paragraph or two.

Vance: That's great, you're downloading ICQ.

Vance: Do you still have my web page up? I think you can leave the ICQ page while the program is downloading.

Vance: Gosia wrote a nice introduction, but I don't know if she has ICQ or the Palace. She's from Poland.

Vance: Ying-Lan sent some interesting pictures. You might want to have a look at her web page.

Vance: Ying-Lan is taking an oil painting class on Tuesdays, so she can't meet us here today.

Vance: I've asked each student to send a picture, but so far I think I have only Ying-Lan's picture.

Vance: Bahia has a picture that he uses as an avatar when he comes to the Palace.

Vance: Am I writing too much English for you?

bubu: no problem, but i have searched Gosia in the background.

Vance: It looks like an interesting class. If you want to join you can leave us an email number and I'll add you to the list.

Vance: It looks like you'll have an ICQ number in a few minutes.

bubu: my email:

Vance: Great. It's in my chat log. I'll add it to the class list now.

bubu: nice.

Vance: Is there anything else you'd like me to put on your web page? I can do all that in the background too.

Vance: If you want to tell me about yourself, I'll just cut the text from the chat log and paste it to the web page.

Vance: By that, I mean any kind of introduction.

bubu: i havent a web page.

Vance: Well, I'm going to make one linked to your name on webheads, like Gosia's.

Vance: Only you don't have to write as much as Gosia.

bubu: How can i make a web page for me?

Vance: Bahia has a nice model introduction - one sentence.

Vance: For each student, I just open a web page.

Vance: Then if you send me more information, anything you want to write, I can put it on the web page.

Vance: I'd like to have students read each other's pages and talk about them at the Palace.

Vance: Do you think that's a good way to learn English?

bubu: So can a student write and understand, but not speaking

Vance: Speaking is possible with something like PowWow,

bubu: What is it?

Vance: PowWow is another chat program that lets you speak and it sends sound synchronously over the internet, so you can converse.

Vance: I guess there's net2phone also. I haven't tried that one. Have you?

bubu: I haven't.

Vance: Well, these are ways you can use the Internet to speak.

bubu: I'll try it.

Vance: But I have a problem with these programs which I hope I can solve.

Vance: I'm at work right now. I work with computers in education.

Vance: At work, I'm behind a firewall which won't let me run chat programs.

Vance: I'm chatting with you on my laptop but it doesn't have a sound card.

Vance: There's another computer in the office that I can use however. I just thought of that one.

Vance: It has a dialup modem AND a sound card.

bubu: Do you need a microphone, too?

Vance: Yes. You speak into a microphone and the sound comes out the other end through the sound card.

bubu: all right.

bubu: I must go, thanks for the teaching.

Vance: OK, I'm just about to send up your web page. You can look for it linked to the webheads page.

Vance: It just says that we had a nice chat, and that you're from Zalaegerszeg .

Vance: You can send an introduction by email if you like.

bubu: See you again.

Vance: ok, I'll be here Sunday and next Tuesday.

Vance: same time

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