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Chat with Brazil, Michael C, and Vance at the Palace

October 4, 1998

*** Welcome to The Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Brazil: hi vance

Michael C: Yeh - I have 3 kids. - Hello Vance!

Vance: Nice one Felix (avatar)

Brazil: thanks Vance

Vance: High Michael. I think we've met here before.

Michael C: Yes we met here before Vance.

Vance: Are you a teacher here Michael?

Vance: I was just chatting with Felix on ICQ and he invited me over.

Michael C: Yes. I actually cancelled today's class because no one came but then Brazil/Bahia/Felix turned up.

Vance: Cool

Brazil: LOl@Michael

Michael C: You're very welcome Vance.

Michael C: But I guess there won't be any lesson. Just chat.

Brazil: Did you all received an E-mail from The Palace about a bug in the program ??

Vance: Yeah, I did.

Vance: So we have to download the new version

Michael C: I have to go in about 15 I didn't receive such an email.

Brazil: YEsterday I downloaded the update file and when I tried to install it froze my computer

Vance: There's a hole in security in the old version

Brazil: I received it this week michael

Michael C: ^Could someone send me this message? To

Michael C: What does a hole in security mean Vance?

Vance: I just queued a message for you, Michael.

Michael C: Thanks Vance.

Brazil: I sent it just now Michael

Michael C: So I get it twice!

Vance: You beat me

Vance: No, I haven't sent mine yet

Vance: I'll unqueue it

Michael C: OK...

Brazil: what is queued ??

Vance: A queue is a line, like for a bus

Brazil: ???

Vance: So my messages are in a queue and then they get sent

Brazil: oh ok

Michael C: Is that the real you?

Brazil: nope

Vance: By hole in security, I mean it is possible for someone to get data on or off your machine through the hole

Brazil: I am

Michael C: ah - I remember!

Brazil: It's me

Vance: That's you?

Michael C: That's sounds reasonably serious.

Vance: Nice. You can see my pic on my web page

Brazil: i am laughing

Brazil: I will vance

Brazil: I am smiling in the pic..

Vance: They said that no one had actually exploited the hole, only that they discovered it is possible

Michael C: Are you taking an EFI class this time round Vance?

Brazil: Vance and Michael, could you send me your pics ?

Vance: Yeah, I'm teaching on Tuesday

Vance: Brazil, you can download my pic from the web page at ...

Brazil: oh ok


Michael C: What time? (I guess I could check the schedule...)

Brazil: Michael ?

Vance: I teach at 11 gmt on Tuesday (to 1300)

Vance: And I need to ask you if you teach at that time on Sunday

Michael C: Same thing -

Vance: because Felix has just asked for a class at that time

Vance: Actually, it's good to teach back to back, more convenient for the students

Brazil: I wanted to meet more students but the schedule is a big problem

Michael C: My class time is 11.00 pm locally so that's about 3 or 4 pm GMT.

Brazil: what do you mean Vance ?

Vance: I mean, if a student comes to my class at noon GMT

Brazil: I am completely lost at GMT

Vance: Oh, it's 14:30 gmt right now

Brazil: So GMT is 3 hours ahead of me

Vance: Double click on the clock at the lower left of your MS Window

Michael C: So that means I start this class at 13.30 GMT.

Vance: and select "time zone"

Brazil: oh ok

Vance: And you will see what time it is where you are in relation to GMT

Vance: One trick: London is GMT plus 1

Brazil: oh ok thanks

Michael C: I gotta go guys....I'm working on some muisc listening exercises for EFI students.

Vance: I've got to run. My wife is expecting me to pick her up from shpping

Vance: music listening ... cool

Michael C: So we both gotta run!

Brazil: oh Vance....

Vance: yo

Michael C: See you both.

Brazil: Good Micheal

Vance: bye michael

Michael C: Bye!

Brazil: Bye Vance

Brazil: Bye Micahel

Vance: did you want to say something else?

Michael C: See ya Felix.

Vance: you said "oh Vance ...

Brazil: nevermind

Vance: ok. I'll see you in email and set up a class for Sunday. Bye

Brazil: bye

Brazil: oh

Brazil: ok

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