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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Felix from Brazil, plus guests Danny and Fabricio, and teachers Maggi and Vance

October 31, 1999


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Started on Sun Oct 31 17:05:02 1999



<Mad> Hi...:-)

<Mad> ok

<Vance> Hi. I've just invited YL

<ying> Hi. Vance

<Vance> Hi there. Is this ok?

<ying> Mad. are you here? Send me your authorization, please.

<Vance> Can you 'see' mad?

<Mad> Hi Ying...yes...this is ok.

<ying> Yes, I see that she enters the chat

<Vance> but you can't see what she's writing?

<Vance> joke

<Vance> YL, resend your authorization request to MAD

<Mad> don't see one waiting for me from you Ying...

<Vance> Which joke?

<Vance> oops



<Vance> saw what?? I don't see anything ...

<ying> By the way, I don't understand the joke which send by Felix.

<Mad> what I write is not always worth reading...:-)saw thaqt Vance...tsk tsk...

<Vance> which joke, YL?

<Mad> I don't wither...:-) either ROTFL

<ying> How to send the authorization?

<Vance> He sends so many jokes. You could say, I don't understand one of the jokes that he sent

<ying> This one Clinton and Lewinsky.

<Vance> If you look way down at the end of your list, is Maggi listed as awaiting authorization?

<Mad> e probably doesn't always understand them either!



<Vance> Clinton & Lewinsky ... what was the punch line?

<Vance> Now Maggi, this is a legitimate question posed by one of our most serious students ...

<ying> "I told you to lick my erection,... not wreck my election!

<Mad> Forget it yING...TOO HARD TO EXPLAIN... unless Vance wants to try...:-)

<Vance> lol Ok, Maggi, explain the word erection. It means to build. In this case it's something that gets bigger and bigger.

<Mad> play on words that sound alike Ying.

<Mad> like a part of the male body...

<Vance> They're just transposing (exchanging) r for l, as if Monica misunderstood.

<Vance> Personally, I think the two of them are woefully misunderstood.

<Vance> I mean, finally, a NORMAL president. What's wrong with that?

<Mad> sure are...the press had a media frenzy with that.

<Vance> I'd vote for Clinton any day.

<Mad> the Europeans were really too...

<ying> Vance, you said you'd vote for Clinton any day, so you won't vote hime ]

<ying> him.

<ying> Or you want to vote for him again.

<Mad> Clinton cannot be eloected again.

<Mad> elected

<Vance> I would like to vote for him again. Unfortunately he can't run again.

<Vance> He can only run for president of the USA two times and he's done that.

<ying> Why, he is a good President ?

<Vance> I think he's an excellent president.

<Mad> Clinton cares about people.

<ying> Is it not a moral problem..

<Vance> A moral problem? I don't think so. He seems pretty normal to me. Nixon had a moral problem.

<ying> Do you like Nixon?

<Mad> He tried to get health care for was based on the German system.\



<ying> Clinton just like to be with pretty grils, that's not a kind of moral problem.

<Vance> No, I couldn't stand Nixon. He was sneaky and dishonest.

<Mad> But Congress didn't pass it.

<Mad> Clinton is a normal man.

<Mad> Nixon was sneaky and Reagon was a dope.

<Mad> Kennedy?

<ying> Have you heard someone to compare "Clinton" and "Kennedy"?

<Vance> I don't think so (I mean I agree)

<Vance> Kennedy also liked girls (not really a girl "problem" - NOT getting girls is a girl problem).

<Mad> yes...and no one got down on Kennedy for his affairs.

<Vance> Of course they were more successfully covered up while he was alive, and who can bash a dead president?

<Mad> Huh? Explain what you mean Vance...and these are women not girls.

<Mad> Not getting girls is a girl problem?

<ying> You know that I need to check my dictionary so hard today.

<Vance> Explain which part? Ok, I meant women.

<Mad> no,,,I AM NOT a girl.


<ying> Not getting grils is a girl problem... you said me?

<Mad> no Ying...Vance.

<ying> I do not understand what the point is ..

<Mad> and tht is the girl's problem?

<Mad> I don't either Ying.

<Mad> :-)

<Vance> I said that because YL said that CLinton liked to be with pretty girls. So I just used the same term. But Maggi, you must now explain your reaction to being compared to a girl. In one way it could be flattering.

<Mad> At my age it is no longer flattering.

<Vance> Yes, YL, I thought that if a man can't get girls, or women as the case may be, then he has a girl or woman problem. And I suppose the only real man problem is ... (your guess)

<Mad> why is that our problem then?

<Vance> I'm actually playing with the language I think. If someone told me they had a man problem, I would think they had two men and this was creating a problem.

<Vance> When you said that Clinton liked to be with pretty girls, some would say he has a girl (sorry, woman) problem.

<Mad> are authorized Ying.

<Vance> But I was (jokingly) saying that the only true girl / woman problem is if you don't have one at all (a man that is).

<ying> Thanks , mad.

<Vance> I guess you're right.

<Mad> You are just thinking different Vance and confusing Ying.

<ying> I need to spend more time to study English, then I will understand Vance's theory.

<Vance> But, it is a confusion that we can help her to resolve. And you can read the logs later.

<Mad> That had nothing to do with English, but how different people understand things.

<ying> A little confusion...

<Vance> I think that a key element (a main component) in humor is taking advantage of different ways of interpreting things.

<Mad> I still don't get why that is the girl's problem....? :-)

<Vance> Not a girl's problem. A girl-problem.

<ying> You said the only true girl problem is if you don't have one at all.

<Mad> hat is no theory Ying...only Vance's opinion.

<Vance> People complain about Clinton because he had an affair with his intern. So they say that he has a problem with girls, or a girl problem.

<Mad> I get forgot the all-important dash!

<Vance> But I said that he would only have such a problem if he was unable to attract his intern.

<Vance> hmmm interesting. OK.

<Mad> You wrote it so that it sounded like it was the girl's problem...that is what we didn't get.

<Mad> Get Michael here


<Vance> Boy, communications between people who speak English are difficult, so YL, you shouldn't worry if you don't understand everything.

<Vance> k

<ying> What is "intern"?

<Vance> An intern is someone who is studying to learn a profession, and working in that profession for a low pay to learn more about it.

<Mad> That is right qYing...that is why we should strive for an International English to avoid miscommunication.

<Mad> practical trainee...


<Vance> Monica L was an intern, which means she was working at a job where she gained a lot of knowledge but little money.

<Mad> Michael left.

<Vance> Yeah, I tried to drag him in the chat but I guess he'd gone offline.

<Mad> smart man

<Vance> Probably saw it was two against one




<ying> Vance, I have the same idea with you... If Clinton is a good Presidendt

<Mad> he would have made it two against two...but I guess you horses have something against dragons...:-)

<Mad> I love to horse around....LOL

<Vance> The same idea as me ...

<ying> as

<Mad> hmmm...he took those words back...

<Mad> horsing around...\

<Mad> :-)

<Vance> so do i


<ying> I forget to say "Happy Halloween"

<Vance> That's right. I was hoping we'd have the palace back so we could all dress up in our avatars

<ying> It is still out of order!

<Mad> Actually as President he should have leaned to control his biology better.

<ying> Nothing is perfect in the world.

<Mad> And I got some nifty avatars just for the occasion.

<ying> No one is A Saint.

<Vance> Maggi, we can't throw stones (we all live in glass houses)

<ying> Glass house?

<Vance> Do you understand that Ying? People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" (at other people).

<ying> NO...

<ying> Is it slang?

<ying> Idom?

<Vance> It's a saying. We don't actually live in glass houses, but if you did live in one you wouldn't want to throw stones around in it.

<Mad> Chinese saying Ying.

<ying> Which one?

<Vance> So if someone says that someone else should behave a certain way but that person might behave a similar way then that person is in the "glass house"

<Vance> Is this confusing?

<Mad> Man who lives in glass house should not throw stones.

<Vance> It's just an expression, or a proverb.


<ying> I am thinking.

<Vance> This is why I feel that Clinton is just normal. I'm not joking. I think that people should not be condemned for behaving normally.

<Mad> Clinton doesn't throw stones (usually) but they got his house.

<Vance> I think if he wife were mad at him it should be for screwing up politically.

<Mad> Now Hillary will have to work to pay off the bills.

<Vance> But she's probably in a better position now for her senate race for having handled the situation so well.

<Mad> I admire her more than anyone. She stuck by him...she forgave him.

<Mad> She did the right thing and he knows it.


<Vance> It's a classic question: if you, or I, discovered a spouse to be unfaithful, what do you do? Over-react? Try to understand? Forgive? Leave?

<Mad> Better I think they really tried to give their daughter a normal childhood...I met them all in a dream and I had a lovely conversation with Hillary.

<ying> Can you ask icq no. 52884776 to join us?

<Vance> who is that?

<ying> There is one who contact my by icq random choice, his/her icq no. is 52884776

<Vance> How do I do that?

<ying> He wants to talk to us.

<Mad> Understand first...if you need to forgive. Never leave if the relationship means something to you.

<ying> I can not drag him into our chat room.



<ying> Danny is coming.

<ying> Hi Danny.

<Vance> You did it. Great!

<Mad> go to add users and add then invite...why not Vance.

<ying> Really!


<Mad> Hi Danny...:-)

<Danny> wow so many people here, hehe great:)

<Vance> Sometimes we get more, but this is about normal.

<ying> Vance and Mad are my teacher.

<Mad> where are you from Danny?

<ying> teachers.

<ying> I just met Danny ten miniutes ago.

<Danny> I am Taiwanese Mad

<Mad> that was quick Ying... I see...

<Mad> Are you far from yING THEN?

<Mad> yING THEN?

<ying> I think he might be interested in talking to you in English.

<ying> I do not know where he lives.

<Danny> Vance Mad where are you from?

<Mad> stupid keyboard...arrggghhh....

<ying> Danny, could you mind to changing your colour, yours are same with Vance.

<Vance> is in Abu Dhabi. I'm American too.

<Vance> I have a ffaaaasssstttt keyboard.

<Mad> I am in Grmany Danny, but an American.Vance is in the United Arab Emirates and also American.

<Vance> Never buy a beschert keyboard. They are very slow.

<Mad> I have a beschert one...that means dumb...has a mind of it's own...LOL

<Vance> Maggi, your mind should be able to overWHELM the keyboard!

<Vance> gesundheit

<Mad> besheuert...means crazy.tell that to my fingers

<Mad> did someone sneeze?

<Mad> he has blue and Vance has black on my scree Ying.

<Vance> You said besheurt. I thought you had sneezed.

<Vance> Maggi, you've left Danny speechless.

<Danny> no no, I have some friends message me, never mind it:)

<ying> Actually, I am busy to check dictionay... what is "beschert"/

<Mad> I never leave anyone speechless for long.

<Danny> actually I am quite busy here:)

<Mad> :-)

<Vance> No, you

<Vance> gesundheit

<Mad> bescheuert is German Ying.

<Vance> I thought both of you sneezed. (it might be contageous)

<ying> My God, that's why I do not understand it.

<Mad> I know the feeling Danny...let your fingers dance!!

<Danny> Mad ,yes my fingers are dancing now:)

<Mad> I won't give you anything you wouldn't like Vance..-)

<Mad> Your English is also very good Danny.

<Mad> :-)


<Danny> thanks Mad:)


<Danny> ying , are you also named Maggie?

<ying> Maggie is Mad.

<Mad> Welcome Danny...yes Ying...put the dictionary away and just talk.

<Vance> :-)

<Mad> Yes Danny...I am Maggie.

<ying> But nothing in my mind.


<Vance> take it back;-)

<Mad> I am Mad...beat you to it




<Mad> vance...hahah

<ying> Danny, which city do you live? In Taipei?

<Danny> yes I live in Taipei .

<ying> Student or not?

<Vance> OK, I said Maggi is bescheuert in German (for the record)

<Mad> stop erasing Vance..I know you are just teasing.

<Vance> of course

<ying> What does "bescheuert" mean?

<Danny> no I am at work

<Vance> she said it means "crazy" or MAD

<ying> Got it.

<Mad> how did you manage in the earthquake Danny?

<Mad> on Sunday Danny?

<Vance> What work do you do, danny?

<Danny> I work for stock exchange Vance:)


<Mad> actually it means crazy in a more negative sense of not being in reality...well...I guess that could apply to me occasionally....hehehe

<ying> Stock compay? or jsut Buying and Selling?

<Danny> I don't know there is earthquake on Sunday Mad:)

<Mad> that could be stressful then Danny right now.

<Vance> What did you almost forget, YL?

<Mad> selling stocks during n earthquake might be exciting...

<ying> How to spell Vocabulary...

<ying> Even "joke"...

<Mad> like taking a shower during a hurricane...

<ying> Vance, I am curious how do you know " I almost forgot somthing"..

<Vance> You wrote it and then erased it.

<Mad> I did that once....

<Vance> what version of ICQ are you using?

<Mad> I saw it too Yi8ng.

<ying> You ask me?

<Mad> ing.

<ying> But I can not see yours.

<Vance> You just said you couldn't see it on your scree, I guess when other people write.

<Vance> I'm using version 1.111

<Vance> That's chat module 1.111

<ying> I have no idea about the version of ICQ...

<Vance> Pull down Help and click "about"

<Mad> I am behind the times here.

<Danny> sorry friends , may I leave if you have no other question forme:)

<Mad> sure only come and talk when you want to.

<Vance> Do you know about us, Danny?

<Mad> Don't work hard then!

<ying> Mine is same with Vance.

<Danny> well, bye bye guys:)

<Mad> bye then

<Vance> OK, come again. We meet every Sunday at this time.

<ying> Bye

<Mad> He can find out from Ying Vance.

<Vance> We're Webheads. You can probably do a web search on Webheads and find us.

<Vance> I'm curious what you come up with if you search on Webheads.


<Danny> hehe, leaving see you:)

<Mad> Felix is ther now

<Mad> e now....

<Vance> So I'm trying it out

<Prof> hi there

<Mad> Hi Felix

<ying> Hi Felix.

<ying> Are you at home?


<Prof> yes ying, I am at home...



<Prof> This is my best friend Fabricio...

<Vance> Hi. I'm looking up Webheads in Altavista

<ying> Have you been your new office?

<Vance> Hi Fabricio.

<ying> Can you fine Webheads?

<ying> find

<Prof> only once a week Ying.. I will star working full time in January..


<Mad> Hi Fab! :-)

<ying> Hi, Fabricio...

<F@B> Hi Vance do you remember me????

<Vance> We're no. 16 (second page) on Altavista. Lots of webheads there.

<Vance> Yes f@b, I remember you of course.


<F@B> When are you dropping us by?


<Prof> OMG, I still can't see Maggi's words... snif snif


<ying> Mad's words are blue.

<Vance> I have to decide soon if I'm still coming. I have not been able to get any info on the cheap Brazil tickets. And I have to buy a ticket very soon.

<Prof> Fabricio, try to help me....

<Mad> I think I have Fab on icq too...

<Vance> I'm thinking it might be better to come to Brazil at a time when I can go only to Brazil and not have to get up to Texas by Christmas.


<F@B> Help you?? Felix?

<Mad> I wonder why Selix can never see me...Felix...

<Prof> I am trying to find Travel Agencies in Brazil (on internet) to give Vance the right info he wants.


<F@B> Vance let me give you some website about touring around Brazil

<F@B> Hold on a sec.

<F@B> I'll be back in a minute and send them to you via icq message.

<Mad> Well...Vance you have plenty of will be warm there for a while.



<ying> Maybe Felix's board colour is blue, so he can not see mad's words.

<Prof> The problem is not the color ying.. but her words are slow to come up on my screen..



<Vance> Sorry, got a phone call.

<ying> That's strange.

<Mad> Felix is grey with black letters for me Ying.

<Mad> Coulod just be the connection Yiung.

<Mad> Ying.

<Mad> He is used to it with me Ying.

<Mad> problems with icq Vance...:-)

<Mad> Nothing else.

<ying> Why?

<ying> Ridiculous


<Vance> f@b, best to email me since icq messages are difficult to dig out when I'm not online.

<Prof> Vance, I will give the www's by e-mail ok?? You sent messages to them to see what you can find out..


<Vance> Good point, YL.

<Vance> Everyone, I've got to run. It's a busy week in Abu Dhabi this week.

<Vance> Last night was a Def Leppard concert. GREAT btw. Tonight it's an opera.

<ying> Wa.....


<Vance> And I want to get some running in before I have to go back out.

<Mad> Have fun Vance...

<ying> Good luck.

<ying> Have fun.

<Mad> Sweat baby sweat...:-)

<Vance> Nice to see everyone. I'll see what I can do on the Brazil trip. I'm really thinking to come when I can go just there.

<Prof> Where is MC?? Isnt he coming?

<Vance> He was here earlier.

<Vance> That is, we saw him online, but he disappeared.

<Prof> oh

<Prof> Have a nice week Vance.

<ying> May I say good bye to you?

<Vance> I'll be a couple of minutes closing down programs and turning off machines here at my office.

<Mad> Michael came and went...remember the time difference has changed.

<F@B> Ok Vance I'll e-mail you

<Mad> bye Ying.

<ying> bye, see you next week.

<Vance> Also checking email ...

<Prof> Vance, do you prefer www or e-mail addresses?

<Mad> have a nice Halloween...:-)

<Mad> addresses for what Felixqa?

<Mad> x?

<Vance> Michael says that due to the time change he is going to skip tonight.

<Vance> Both, Felix, thanks.

<Mad> tonight for him..

<Prof> oh ok

<Prof> I am going too... bye all



<Vance> It looks like we lost both brazilians. I'm on my way too. See you guys next week. Wo, there went YL.

<Vance> Maybe it's my connection? ...

<Mad> I stil have Ying...

<Vance> OK, say bye to her for me, since I seem to have lost her.

<Mad> bye then...

<Mad> sshe said bye already

<Vance> Bye ...

<Mad> have fun big guy...:-)

<Vance> u2 big gut! I saw that!

<Vance> freudian ... lol, good one ...

<Vance> I'm just kidding ... have a nice day

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