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Chat with students Serge in Montreal, Ying-Lan from Taiwan, Gloria from Paraguay, and Chotima from Thailand;
and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, and Vance

August 29, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Serge: Hi Vance

Vance: Hello everyone.

Maggi: speak of the devil!

Serge: :)

Vance: Tallking about me?

Vance: again?

Maggi: Vance is another teacher.

Maggi: sure..why not LOL

Vance: Hi Serge, are you from Brazil?

Serge: How do you do ?

Serge: no Vance

Maggi: Canada.

Serge: Montreal

Maggi: formly from the Ukraine.

Vance: Ah, someone from Brazil said he would come ... Serge, did we meet you here before?

Serge: Sorry I do not remember you

Vance: We met someone here a week or two ago from ... no, from Quebec, right?

Serge: montreal

Vance: No, I mean the other person was from Quebec.

Maggi: Montreal is in Quebec...:-)

Vance: I'm thinking of another city in Quebec ... why am I so confused?

Serge: may be serge is a popular name here

Maggi: slept too little...

Maggi: ...getting old?

Maggi: :-)

Vance: I'm bringing up a map of Canada. Yes, there is a city Quebec in the province of Quebec.

Serge: it is the capital of Quebec

Vance: Anyway, I've been to Montreal. Nice city! Where are you from in Ukraine. Kiev?

Serge: Oh you know kiev.

Serge: not I am from Donetsk

Maggi: I know the chicken...:-)

Vance: Donetsk. I'll look that up on a map on the internet.

Serge: South -East

Serge: of Ukraine

Maggi: my laptop is too slow...

Vance: I'm getting there (my laptop is slow too, and my office computer just hit a Dr. Watson error, browser crashed)

Maggi: my laptop may be slow but stable.

Vance: What are you doing in Montreal, Serge?

Serge: ahh that old chap watson

Serge: study computers

Ressa: hiyas

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Vance: Hello Ressa. How are you?

Serge: hi ressa

Serge: hi ying Lan

Vance: Hi YL

Maggi: and no doubt slower than yours since you asked what dustbin I dragged it out of...:-)

Maggi: Hi :-)

Ying-Lan: HI

Ying-Lan: It is so nice to meet new friends here.

Ying-Lan: ^Hi, Ressa and Serge.

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi and Vance. how are you?

Maggi: I have question about funerals in Taiwan Yig..

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, Thansk for your script.

Ying-Lan: funerial?

Maggi: soory...Ying

Vance: Fine ... I had a moment at work ...

Ressa: what do u do in this palace???

Vance: We're an English class. English as a foreign language. Are you a student?

Ressa: nope

Maggi: yes...Bettina read in a book that sometimes they will have truck with an organ and young girls will dance in bikinis..

Vance: Welcome. You can talk with the students if you like.

Ying-Lan: ^Oh,,, It is hard to said ...

Vance: Serge, Ressa, Bettina is a student of Maggi's who is traveling to Taiwan where Ying Lan lives.

Maggi: Where do you live Ressa?

Maggi: gone

Ying-Lan: ^We called it is Electrical flower-street-car but it is not a part of Chinese Culture.

Vance: I have been to some interesting funerals in West Africa. Two-day street parties basically.

Maggi: well, this book says sometimes they do a striptease to make the spirits hPPY...

Maggi: happy

Vance: should work

Serge: :)

Maggi: makes more than just the spirits happy I am sure :-)

Ying-Lan: ^For happy...

Ying-Lan: ^To be honest, I have no idea about that ..... for spirit happy.

Maggi: I like how the Irish do it too.

Maggi: they celebrate the person's life with a party.

Serge: I have heard that one great amateur of striptease dead, his sons decide to invite a striptesers on the furnerals

Maggi: in the Ukraine Serge?

Maggi: a male stipteaser?

Serge: to make his spirit happy... because he liked it very much - no in Honkong or taiwan

Vance: I think he means that the amateur was a man who liked striptease.

Maggi: I bet his spirit was happy :-)

Ying-Lan: ^In old culture as yours, the funderal made its way thfough the streets to bury the remain.

Serge: Shure I do not know if it was true story... never was here

Maggi: Hey why not?

Maggi: I don't want people to cry when I die.

Serge: yes vance is right

Vance: Serge, where did you hear about our class?

Serge: sorry my english is not perfect

Serge: WWW

Maggi: jeez...change the subject Vance...:-)

Vance: Sorry, Maggi, it's just that we started talking about MALE stripteasers ...

Maggi: nt really...we were talking about funerals.

Vance: oops

Serge: yes

Vance: Well, I'm curious how people like Serge happen by. So where did you go on the www?

Serge: in any case I prefer to put something on

Maggi: when you go to a funerl Serg?

Maggi: funeral..

Serge: sorry I do not remember where I found yous palace

Serge: NOW Maggi

Maggi: Bettina is leaving on Wednesday Yinglan for Taiwan....

Maggi: oh...getting cold in Canada Serge?

Maggi: Who cares Vance...he found us...:-)

Serge: When you would like to see stiptease just tell me

Ying-Lan: ^The rich family will make the funeral grogerouly.

Vance: Are you studying about computers at McGill or at Concordia (guessing ...) ???

Serge: McGill

Maggi: he studies computer programming...

Vance: Good guess. I think Maggi would LOVE to see your striptease, Serge.

Serge: OK

Serge: I DID IT !!!

Vance: Hide your eyes, YL

Maggi: that sounds interesting Serge...only you are pretty far away...:-)

Vance: Very good, Serge. That was great.

Maggi: it again!

Vance: Maggi is so easily pleased!

Serge: :)

Vance: YL, what do you mean "grogerouly"

Maggi: my age you take your thrills where you can get them...:-)

Serge: sorry I do not understand

Maggi: Thanks Serge...:-)

Ying-Lan: I don't know... how to say.. I just am checking my dictionary , ... not find the property word to describe it.

Maggi: oooohhh...

Maggi: proper word

Maggi: property is something you own..

Ying-Lan: Thanks..

Ying-Lan: ^I am very old not to need to hide my eyes.

Maggi: you are welcome Ying...:-)

Vance: Serge, have you been to the Webheads website?

Maggi: I haven't much to wear here...

Serge: hm I am not shure

Ying-Lan: ^BTW, there are very mosquito here in Summer night.

Vance: One way to get there is

Maggi: yes...Bettina knows that.

Serge: Not I was not

Serge: Thnk You

Ying-Lan: ^Bettina,, reads a lot of book to know about Taiwan... doesn't she?


Ying-Lan: spray?

Maggi: yes...we found lots on the net and I have some books too.

Ying-Lan: ^Maybe she is more understand Taiwan than me.

Serge: :)

Maggi: he means to kill the larvre...

Ying-Lan: ^Maybe she is more understanding Taiwan than me.

Maggi: she is trying...

Vance: Maybe she understands Taiwan better than you do.

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Vance: (you're welcome)

Ying-Lan: ^Maybe she understood Taiwn better than me.

Vance: Do you know any other websites like I was impressed with the Flash movies, but not especially with their content. -

Maggi: Maybe she understands Taiwan better than me.

Ying-Lan: ^Until now, I only visited it.

Maggi: I love Garfield Serge...can I have that avatr?

Ying-Lan: ^But you may try the

Ying-Lan: It is famous web site...

Maggi: I like that one too!

Ying-Lan: ^ -

Serge: sorry Who is Garfield? He is from cartoon?

Maggi: I have the wron suitcase here...

Maggi: the cat in the sofa chair

Ying-Lan: ^I linked from

Serge: :)

Maggi: yes...that cat is Garfield.

Serge: :)

Vance: It's impressive what you can do with small files over the internet.

Maggi: you have to move the parts off you so I can take them.

Ying-Lan: ^Garfield is a famous comic character.

Ying-Lan: ^You may find Garfield's web site by yahoo's search engine.

Vance: Yes, there are some interesting links from hotwired.

Serge: thanks

Serge: I just like this av an picked it up

Ying-Lan: ^Serge, Do you live in Russia?

Maggi: is that your real head...

Serge: No in Canada

Serge: not

Maggi: no, he lives in Canada now.

Serge: just looks like

Ying-Lan: That's great

Maggi: hmmm

Serge: I think

Maggi: Vance is quiet...

Serge: May be he explores the net

Ying-Lan: ^he must visit these web sites now.

Maggi: maybe

Vance: I'm taking a virtual tour of ZKM museum in Karlsruhr

Vance: ruhe

Maggi: von mir aus geh doch..

Ying-Lan: ^Russia?

Maggi: no...that is German.

Ying-Lan: oh

Maggi: ruhe means peace or silence...

Vance: Well, I do many things while I'm in this class. I'm also tying up loose ends at work. I like distractions (all the time)

Maggi: othr words calm don.

Maggi: oops...calm down

Maggi: Vance is a multitalented man...a rare breed...:-)

Maggi: could you move that avatar a little higher Serge...?

Vance: I'm very curious about many things. Like a cat.

Ying-Lan: ^"At a loose end"=having nothing to do

Maggi: me too...hmmmm..Serge the best part was left out...:-)

Serge: :)

Maggi: good thing I have an imagination...LOL

Serge: Put you imagination on, ladies!

Maggi: mine has been on for awhile...:-)

Serge: ah you already use it

Maggi: and night...:-)

Maggi: ROTFL

Serge: now you have all the nessesary parts

Ying-Lan: Rotful?

Serge: sorry what is ROTFL?


Maggi: floor

Ying-Lan: Maggi, Serge probably don't know that you want to grab his icon.

Maggi: it was funny...I love to laugh...:-)

Maggi: No, I don't think he knows how to do it...

Serge: it is not my icon

Ying-Lan: me. too

Maggi: maybe not...but you can still give it to me...:-)

Vance: Explain it to him YL (YL taught me how to share icons)

Serge: sorry do not understand

Maggi: the cat I mean...

Ying-Lan: I forgot it...

Maggi: tell him YL

Serge: ahhh the cat

Ying-Lan: ^O.K. I try..

Maggi: oh dear

Maggi: do try

Ying-Lan: ^Serge, Can you move the can by your mouse? You can see a hand on screen when you move your mouse.

Ying-Lan: ^Serge, Can you move the cat and soft by your mouse? You can see a hand on screen when you move your mouse.

Ying-Lan: ^not like that..

Ying-Lan: ^Seprate it piece by piece and put them around ..

Serge: so

Ying-Lan: ^Just piece by piece .. Yes, that't right.

MichaelC: @64,64 !It's MichaelC

MichaelC: Hello everyone.

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, she can grab them into her suitcase.

Serge: hi

Vance: Hey MC. You missed the striptease.

Ying-Lan: HI, Michael C

Ying-Lan: Maggi, here you are.

MichaelC: Pity. Who stripped?

Vance: you have to guess

MichaelC: Serge i suppose.

Serge: ahh we enjoed a little show... to happy ours spirips

Vance: How did you guess so fast?

Serge: spirits

MichaelC: Is Serge a male stripper?

Vance: to lift our spirits ...

Serge: spirits

Vance: He is now.

MichaelC: !!

Serge: no

Serge: it is just hobby

Ying-Lan: ^We were talking about the funeral and the striptease.

MichaelC: Funerals and striptease are connected???

Vance: Of course he was egged on by you-know-who ...

Ying-Lan: For spirit happy.

MichaelC: Egged on by...let me guess.....not YL.....

Vance: .. to make the spirits happy ...

Vance: noooo

Vance: but close ...

MichaelC: ...not you Vance.....that leaves Maggi!

Vance: Uh, oh, the dragon is making threatening movements ...

Serge: egged on... I did not know that I was eggged

Maggi: I can't get that last npiece..

MichaelC: Encouraged.

Vance: Why do we say "egged on" to mean encouraged?

MichaelC: I don't know!

Vance: She's getting it!

MichaelC: I can try and look it up.

Ying-Lan: ^NO. that's me

Ying-Lan: ^I was moving it.

Vance: Watch the doors Serge. They can suck you inside.

Maggi: hey why am I always the one who eggs people on :-)

Serge: Oh it is the real danger

Vance: If you get swept inside, use Options / Back to get back outside.

Maggi: Serge that means to prompt you to do something...

Serge: thanks

MichaelC: Because Maggie you're an egger onner!

Maggi: Serge stripped because he wanted to...:-)

Ying-Lan: .

Vance: Michael knows the importance of having an eager audience

Serge: Thanks I get it.

Ying-Lan: hi, Chotima.

Vance: Hi Kay, nice to see you!

Maggi: ok...I got it! Hi Chotima!

Serge: Hi

Chotima: hi ka

Vance: Serge, you can see pictures of all the people here at ...

MichaelC: Hi Chotima.


Chotima: vow ,,, === nice to see everyone :)

Serge: thanks I was on

Serge: and have seen you

Vance: is the university. We are the webheads class.

Serge: thank I`ll try it

Chotima: so serge where are you from :)?

Vance: Yeah, you can see some nice pics of Chotima, and read Ying Lan's travel stories,

Vance: And hear Michael play guitar ...

Chotima: vow can I request the song ?

Ying-Lan: Chotima, did you go the to listen the fatman?

Ying-Lan: Chotima, did you go the to listen to the fatman?

Chotima: I wanna go but I just known now.

MichaelC: You can hear songs on my site Chotima.

Chotima: okiduki... I will go to visit your weg and listen...

Maggi: MC can really sing...

Chotima: vance do you know what is okiduki mean?

Serge: sorry chotima I enjoy now your s pictures

Maggi: okey dokey

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, I read an article today... It is right.. In Taiwan, people like to say some words to please guests.

Serge: I am in Canada

Chotima: ka

Vance: okidokay = ok

Chotima: icic

Maggi: and she knows about the number 4 Ying...

Chotima: nice country ka.

Serge: so I am only student with five teacers?

Chotima: and what is the word to please other in Taiwan ka?

Ying-Lan: ^Like.. In your house, I don't like your food but when you ask me about the food. I will say "It is good."

Maggi: wish Serge...:-)

Chotima: oh.. I am student ka serge...

Ying-Lan: ^For example.. only.

Maggi: Yes...that is why I asked Ying how she will know a yes is really a yes.

Chotima: how ?

Maggi: we do the same Ying...

Chotima: I think it's feeling..

Ying-Lan: ^I don't say Yes,,, but another words replace "yes".

Ying-Lan: ^Serge, I am a student here, too.

Maggi: a hard thing for Westerners to pick up on Kay.

Chotima: why?

Maggi: such as Ying?

Chotima: what do you mean Maggi?

Ying-Lan: ^In Chinese culture, we don't deny people directly.

Maggi: because Westerners anre low context and Asians high context...

Chotima: yes,,, it is..

Maggi: have to grow up learning this.

Ying-Lan: ^Especially for someone whom we don't know each other so much.

Maggi: even Westerners have their problems with each other.

Chotima: Can I come into your conversation maggi ?

Maggi: sure Kay..

Maggi: :-)

Chotima: okey.. :) just feel like you have some argument :)

Ying-Lan: ^Kay, say.

Ying-Lan: Please, tell maggi..

Chotima: okidukay...

Maggi: notice how all the men got quiet...;-)

Ying-Lan: Michaelc probably play his guiter... and Vance is surfing on internet.

Vance: I'm the strong, silent type

Maggi: :-)

Chotima: okay ... you are strong young man vance...

MichaelC: We're just letting you talk.

Maggi: just know when to get in the back seat...:-)

Chotima: what song do you like to play for your guitar ka michael :)?

MichaelC: Precisely.

MichaelC: This is always a hard question Chotima because there are so nay answers!

MichaelC: So many answers!

Chotima: okey it might mean that you like many song..

MichaelC: Anything with a melody.

Maggi: I like Kay...

Ying-Lan: ^He is a musicain/

MichaelC: Folk, country, pop, my songs....

Serge: it is great

MichaelC: Also rock songs. Lot of different styles.

Chotima: oh .. your song...vow vow

Chotima: what is the name ?

Maggi: Serge?...still there or did you fall asleep?

Chotima: hi serge...

Serge: hi

Maggi: :-)

Chotima: :)

Serge: actually I am falling asleep

MichaelC: The name? What do you mean?

Chotima: how can you pick this nice picture behalf of you ?

Maggi: a little early isn't it Serge.../

Chotima: What's time in your country serge?

Serge: 9 a m

Maggi: or were you up all night?

Ying-Lan: Is it sunday morning?

Serge: yes

Maggi: ah...that explains it...

gloria: @64,64 !It's gloria

Chotima: ... vow so yesterday you might got a chance to go and hang out with your friend :)

Serge: hi gloria

MichaelC: Hello Gloria.

Maggi: ...too many strptease shws...LOL

Chotima: hi gloria :)

Maggi: Hi Gloria!

gloria: Hello!

Ying-Lan: hi. glorai

Vance: Hi G

gloria: How are you today?

Serge: now it became too many :(

Chotima: who do you ask?

Vance: How are things in Paraguay?

gloria: good

Chotima: you don't like to many people :(?

Maggi: shame Serge...with so many women here!

Chotima: yes,,, four beautiful women here :)

Maggi: :-) Thanks Kay!

Chotima: sure... :)

gloria: Serge are you a new member in the list?

Maggi: the men are quiet again...:-)

MichaelC: Zzzzzzzzz

Chotima: what is your web site serge ?

Maggi: let me slap mc around a little..:-)

Serge: no just guest

Chotima: welcome :)

gloria: where are you from? France?

Maggi: gently of course...

Ying-Lan: ^I have to go ... I have been working on my project this weekend..

Serge: canada

Chotima: vow.. have a nice work piece ka...

Maggi: which project Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^It is not finished... so I have to work now.

MichaelC: Did you slap me maggie?

Ying-Lan: ^Loan project of my customer.

gloria: French canadian?

Serge: ahh me too

Serge: not ukrainian

Maggi: not yet...just gave you a butterfly kiss on your cheek mc...

Vance: I was getting the logs .. sorry you have to go YL

Serge: Thank you all

Maggi: ...maybe you thought it was a spider :-)

gloria: Bye, bye. Have a nice week

Chotima: what do you mean vance you got a lock.. so what time we have to leave ?

MichaelC: brb...

Chotima: bye YL

Vance: OK Serge, see you again. Send email to to join the class.

Ying-Lan: ^BTW, I am at the there are so many shows.

Serge: bye thank you

Maggi: bye guys..

Vance: Kay, I mean I'm getting the logs. The chat logs.

Chotima: icic ka :)

Maggi: nice to meet you Serge...

Chotima: Nice too.

Ying-Lan: O.k. see you next week. bye.

Maggi: ...thanks for the stroptease...made my day.

Maggi: strip

Serge: any time

Chotima: you are so frightening to day mag //

Serge: (not literally)

Serge: bye

Maggi: will do it again!?!

Chotima: serge bye..

Vance: Whatever makes here happy ...

Serge: may be next time

Vance: her happy ...

Maggi: ok...

Serge: have to go

Maggi: bye

Vance: That was a lot of people.

Chotima: yes yes,,

Maggi: I am easy to please...

Vance: Nice to have lots of people in the class.

MichaelC: It is isn't it.

Chotima: :)

Chotima: ^**^

Maggi: good one Kay..

Maggi: ^oo^

Chotima: next week I will update my webpage.. I think it will finish on next sunday .. if you guy have time please visit sometimes :)

Chotima: :O

MichaelC: I need to check - Chotima and Kat are the same person right?

gloria: today Im late again. I think I missed a good conversation

Chotima: Chotima and kay yes.. My nick name is kay..

Maggi: We can still have a good conversation with you...:-)

Chotima: I don't think gloria miss so much

MichaelC: So I should call you Kay here?

Vance: You can always read what you missed, Gloria. Shall we go look at your page now, Kay?

gloria: thanks Mad

Chotima: yes,,, please... :)

Vance: Kay is easier to write than Chotima.

Maggi: how did your week go Gloria...?

Chotima: please not now.. ka.. coz I 'm updating now .. not finish yet.ka

Chotima: yes, I think..

gloria: pretty good..a little busy

Maggi: ka is a way of talking to someone politely Kay?

Chotima: yes,, how do you know >?

Maggi: I had a lousy week because of the fullmoon...but now it is ok.

Maggi: Intuition Kay...

gloria: lousy?

Chotima: yes...

Chotima: what is lousy mean?

MichaelC: The moon's still fairly full tonight.

Maggi: well...could have been better...

Maggi: the worst of the stinky fish is over mc..

MichaelC: Stinky fish?

Chotima: ew..

Maggi: lousey is not good...

Vance: Maggi has been running afoul of the German bureaucracy.

Chotima: oh full moon night....

Maggi: among othr things...but I have regained my balance.

Vance: What is a good week for you, Gloria?

Chotima: so gloria, what time is your country now?

gloria: stay calm, relaxed doing my work and at home with my family

gloria: 9:00 am

Chotima: wow same as me...

gloria: really?

Chotima: it's the same as Canada time..

gloria: part of Canada

Chotima: yes, I just have dinner with my family coz now is 8.00 my country :)

Chotima: okidukay.

gloria: well 9:00 am here..

Chotima: it's sunday so you will have a really relax day :)

Vance: What are you going to do today Gloria? This Sunday?

Maggi: 3pm here

Chotima: okey... it's near time to have a nice tea .. magggi (wanna drink with you)

Maggi: fish because the moon was in Pices MC...

MichaelC: I thought it have something to do with astrology...

Maggi: sure Kay...I love tea...

Chotima: I am good at making cookie ...

gloria: stay with the family the go to the church..then watch TV..pretty calm

Maggi: son too!

Chotima: if you drink tea with my cookie you will have relax day , maggi.

Maggi: mmm...that sounds good Kay...ka

Chotima: okidukay ka..:)

Maggi: :-) LOL

Chotima: what is LOL stand for ?

Maggi: ^xx^

gloria: how old are you Kay?

Chotima: *^ ^*

Maggi: laughing out loud

Chotima: 21

Chotima: and you?

gloria: 30

MichaelC: Sounds like a very laid back day Gloria.

Maggi: -^**^-

Chotima: okey my dear sis.

gloria: sure..

Vance: Do you ever get out to the mountains, Gloria?

Chotima: now I 'm writing about my country .. i will send to the group mail.

Chotima: mountain mountain ....

Vance: Chotima, are you in Bangkok?

Maggi: I'm the ol lady here...:-)

Chotima: wanna go.. hikeseeking...

gloria: we dont have any mountains around here Vance

MichaelC: My day, as usual when I'm here, is nearly over. (That's good Kay.)

Maggi: slaap lekker MC...:-)

gloria: I was at the Rocky Mountains once

Chotima: really.. over what ka?

MichaelC: I will Maggie but not just yet.

Maggi: hiking Glria...

Vance: So you've been to the states?

Maggi: oh...what else are yu up too then MC...:-)

gloria: Yes..The mountains are beautiful

MichaelC: MKy day is nearly over. It's nearly 11.00 pm here.

Chotima: yes, I stay in BKK

MichaelC: Just work stuff Maggi. But not net stuff.

Maggi: a little early for beddie bye...LOL

Chotima: so are you sleepy ?

Chotima: Mag.. is the young blood girl, isn't she?

MichaelC: Not I'm not sleepy. I rarely go to bed before 12.

Chotima: what is LOL mean?

Maggi: I have a pile of work to do today...the cleaning will have to wait..

Maggi: ...don't like cleaning anyway...

Vance: See you MC. Thanks for the corrections.

gloria: have you mountains in the UAE?

Maggi: LOL is laughing out loud Kay...

Chotima: okey.. now I got to go to help my mother gather something for bringing to her work tomorrow...

Chotima: so I got to go ka.... see you .. again ...

Vance: In the east of the country, we have mountains to 1800 meters.

Maggi: so you did them MC...?

MichaelC: OK Vance. I'll send more when they come.

Chotima: LOL maggin.

Vance: OK, Kay, nice to see you again.

Chotima: nice nice to meet you guys ka... :)

gloria: Bye Kay

Chotima: bye for now...

Maggi: ok...guys let me know when I can be of service.

MichaelC: And you. Come back next week!

Maggi: bye Kay

Vance: Thanks Maggi. Gloria, we're talking about correcting compositions.

gloria: I see

MichaelC: And I'm looking for a good topic for this week's writing. Any ideas?

Vance: I thought Paraguay was more mountainous since it borders Bolivia.

Maggi: I get he hard cases...:-)

Maggi: Ask the students...

gloria: you mean "The Andes" ?

Maggi: I have mine do a type of journl MC...each starts a topic in a small notebook...

gloria: no we dont have any

MichaelC: Actually i think I've just thought of a good one.......

Maggi: ...passes it on to the next to read and write something.

Vance: So there are no mountains in the north of your country?

gloria: no

Maggi: which is mc?

gloria: I flew over the Andes when I went to Chile

gloria: scaring

MichaelC: How and when you mey your partner (or current girl/boy friend)

Maggi: that must be a lot like flying over the alps here Gloria...

MichaelC: Met your partner.

Maggi: and for those who don't have one?

MichaelC: They have to imagine where and when they woould like it to happen.

gloria: I think so, you know Aconcagua is over 7000 meters high

Vance: How about, how you got rid of your partner?

Maggi: yeah right...

MichaelC: Well you can do that one Vance.

Vance: Where is aconcagua exactly?

Maggi: he still has mean the others MC...

gloria: good questions :)

Maggi: his partner I meant

MichaelC: Not sure what I mean.

gloria: I think it is between Argentina and Chile

Maggi: well...if you don't guess we can't...:-)

Vance: I was in Chile a few years back. Nice mountains there.

MichaelC: It is an interesting idea though. How would you get rid of your partner!

gloria: You think it could be possible falling in love with someone you met in internet?

Maggi: 50 wys to leave your lover...

Maggi: sure is Gloria...

MichaelC: Good idea Gloria. Or you could pretend to have an affair.

Maggi: ...happensall the time.

gloria: I met someone on the net..

MichaelC: And then of course there's poison.

Maggi: I've met a lot of them...and what happened Gloria...

MichaelC: What do you mean 'met someone' Gloria?

Maggi: ...did you meet him?

Maggi: she met someone MC

gloria: A boy from Brazil living in France. We often write each other

Maggi: like we met first online before the real thing...:-)

Maggi: Kewl...

MichaelC: Yeah but there's met and met!

Maggi: Will he return to Brzil?

gloria: sure MC

MichaelC: Is it/was it romantic Gloria? (Sorry if this question is too personal.)

Maggi: what kind of met do you mean then MC?

gloria: He is especial..He thinks Im especial too :)

Maggi: oh...that kind...

Maggi: special

gloria: special

Vance: That's great Gloria.

Maggi: I thinking meeting first virtully is better.

MichaelC: Why?

gloria: I dont know.. Im not sure..

Maggi: prejudices about appearance don't aplly

Maggi: apply

Maggi: you get to know who a person really is first...afterwrds appearance matters very little.

Maggi: and when you meet it can b rel magic...

gloria: what if he is not telling the truth

MichaelC: That's interesting Maggie. I'm still thinking about it.

Maggi: real magic

gloria: youll never know

Vance: What do you know about him Gloria, just what he writes?

Maggi: well...that is a will know if he doesn't want to met you

MichaelC: Yes Gloria but I feel like I know Vance well but I haven't met him.

gloria: yes..and Ive got some pictures from him

gloria: also true MC

Vance: But we both have professional presences on the web

MichaelC: Amazing isn't it!

gloria: amazing

MichaelC: So i guess the web presence lends trust....

Maggi: and when you do you feel like good friends without having to go through the rigamarole...

Maggi: hey..

Maggi: I may have hung here...

Vance: I think it does in professional circumstances. For example, it's hard to fake your music. You must do it.

MichaelC: But I know other people without websites who I also feel I know.

gloria: I think of you as my friends

MichaelC: Thanks Gloria.

Vance: I think there are certain groups of people, runners for example, whom you can trust.

Vance: In webheads, people are clearly here for unselfish reasons.

Maggi: I think most people are honest...

Maggi: fact they relax and are really themselves.

MichaelC: Why runners?

gloria: Maybe we can feel when the people are honest..

Maggi: yeah...why runners...

Maggi: sure we can Gloria...

MichaelC: I think you're right Gloria. You can 'feel' honesty over the Net.

Vance: Runners? I hang out with runners almost everywhere I go. They're people who discipline themselves toward higher goals, who have ideals ...

MichaelC: All runners are good gys?

Maggi: and the rest of us don't?

MichaelC: Good guys?

Vance: Hard to say, but they're pretty much all nice people, the ones I meet anyway.

MichaelC: I'll have to believe Vance. I have no running friends!

Maggi: do you run MC?

Vance: It's just been my experience.

MichaelC: Not any more maggi. used to lazy.

Maggi: I think these kind of people exist other than just as runners...:-)

gloria: Ok guys I really enjoyed our conversation. Ill keep in touch

Vance: We do too, Gloria. That's why we're here week after week.

Maggi: please do Gloria...

MichaelC: Fine Gloria. Seen you next week. i should go too....

gloria: Thanks..Im leaving..Bye bye

Maggi: off to nevernverland...

Vance: bye for now.

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