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Chat with students Felix from Brazil and Ying-Lan from Taiwan and teachers Vance, Michael C and Maggi

November 28, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

Vance: Hello. Ignore my ICQ message.

MichaelC: I will! Hi vance.

Ying-Lan: Just deleted it.

Vance: Sorry. I was engrossed in a CAD program I just got.

MichaelC: CAD programs are HARD!

Ying-Lan: I like to watch TV... Bad habit!

Vance: I'm designing a resource center. This one is easy.

Ying-Lan: What is CAD?

MichaelC: CAD = copmputer aided design

Vance: Computer assisted design. I've set off dimensions of our room and I'm putting in furniture, shelves, etc. and then I walk around it.

MichaelC: They are used for architecture.

Vance: Yeah, and in my case, interior design.

MichaelC: Can you upload the finished product to the web?

MichaelC: ...might be interesting!

Vance: I don't know. It would be fun. To play with the program my son designed a space that looks just like our home.

Vance: We can walk around our house and you think, wow, you're right there.

MichaelC: I've had a go at using them - yes fun.

Vance: Anyway, it must be fun, because for 15 minutes I forgot I was supposed to be here.

MichaelC: Do you really think watching TV is a bad habit Ying?

Vance: So what have you been talking about?

Ying-Lan: I think it is.

Vance: You learn English from TV, don't you?

Ying-Lan: Sometimes...

MichaelC: So why do you do it?!

Vance: I watch news on tv.

MichaelC: I watch news and sport.

Ying-Lan: But It is hard to learn English by watching TV.. So many words I don't know.

Vance: TV and radio is the hardest part of becoming fluent in a foreign language.

MichaelC: In my opinion too much TV is watched in my house - but not by me!

Vance: Who watches it in your house? Kids?

MichaelC: Yeh - I have 2 kids who are addicts, And my wife is a bit of aTV/video junkie too......

MichaelC: ....but our eldest son has to do ti at the moment....

Vance: My wife watches it with the kids.

MichaelC: ...he works in a video shop and he has to know about new movies to recommend things to customers.

MichaelC: I'd rather be on the Net!

MichaelC: I might just have a look inside this building here.....brb

Vance: Shall we go there YL?

Ying-Lan: o.k.

Vance: I'm not getting graphics again.

MichaelC: Wow! A big hall!

Received file regresa.gif

Received file auditorio.gif

Vance: You'll have to describe it to me. That's a good job for YL.

MichaelC: Well Ying - how would you describe this room?

Ying-Lan: Got it... It is hard.. It is a beautiful hall.

Ying-Lan: You can watch the blue sky through the top window.

Vance: hmm any paintings? ... oh, now I'm getting a download ...

MichaelC: Very wide and high. The top windows are called skylights.

Received file convlobby.gif

Ying-Lan: There are some Bush on the both side.

MichaelC: No paintings.

Ying-Lan: There are two ladder to go up to the upstairs.

Vance: Now I've got it!

MichaelC: Inside they are called stairs Ying.

Vance: And staircases going ... somewhere ???? ...

MichaelC: Shall we go up the stairs?

Vance: Let's see what happens. Following?

Vance: es una officina aqui!

MichaelC: Si.

Vance: But (as usual) I can't see it. I'll have to wait for the download.

Vance: Here it comes.

Ying-Lan: What a beautiful office!

MichaelC: Very cosy! Palace is amazing!

Received file office1.gif

MichaelC: The computer is a gate to another world....

Vance: Ah, nice office

MichaelC: The computer here on the table I mean.

Vance: Shall we see what's there?

MichaelC: Does this look like your office Vance?

Vance: No, not at all. Mine is larger for one thing (three people there)

MichaelC: If you go I'll coming Ying?

Ying-Lan: sure

Vance: ok, into the computer .... aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh (disappears)

MichaelC: Let's go!

MichaelC: Nothing happens!

Vance: It's just launched a browser

MichaelC: We're stuck here!

Ying-Lan: Stuck!


MichaelC: It didn't launch a browser for me.

Ying-Lan: you mean that we can not go to..

Vance: oh, well, nicely done ...

MichaelC: Yes Ying.

MichaelC: So you now see Vance?

Vance: Good for language practice. I can use it. I'll be in Venezuela in a couple of weeks.

MichaelC: What will you do there?

Vance: I'm planning to get robbed. After that, depends on what I've got left.

MichaelC: smiles

Ying-Lan: rob!

Vance: Of course that was the plan for South Africa, and it didn't happen.

Ying-Lan: You plan to be robbed by someone?

Vance: Venezuela has a lot of thieves, so I read.

Ying-Lan: Don't think like that...

MichaelC: Maybe you don't look like a victim?

Vance: One scam is done by cab drivers at the airport.

Ying-Lan: Enjoy your Tralve.

Vance: I'm always concerned about it, and maybe being aware helps prevent it.

Vance: Like in South Africa, I didn't go into Johanesburg AT ALL.

Vance: And what I heard on the radio while I was driving made me think that was a good decision.

MichaelC: I was only robbed once when travelling. Someone stole my travellers cheques from my hotel room in Sri Lanka.

Vance: Most other places I feel safe, except in big cities.

MichaelC: I thnk the world is essentially a safe place.

Vance: I was robbed on a beach in Mexico. They threw sand in the tent and got me out of it, then took the tent and everything in it.

MichaelC: Ying - is Taiwan safe for travellers do you think?

Ying-Lan: Did you call police?

Vance: I had to hitchhike from Vera Cruz to Mexico City in my bare feet and shorts.

MichaelC: Glad you had the shorts!

Vance: No point in calling the police. I didn't have any bribe money left.

Ying-Lan: I think it is safe for travelling.

Vance: It was the second time I was robbed in Mexico.

Vance: And I LOVE the country. Great place and great people.

MichaelC: I have always felt very safe in Asia. Safer than most places.

Ying-Lan: But there was a terrible case here several years ago.

MichaelC: What was that?

Ying-Lan: A Japanese gril was murdered by a driver of taxi.

Ying-Lan: It was the worse one I have heard ...

Vance: In America, Europeans were being killed in their rental cars by Americans recently.

Vance: In Miami.

MichaelC: Well it happens everywhere. Similar things have happened here.

Vance: Of course it's worse in schools. You can visit the country, just don't go to school there.

MichaelC: But not often. you mean American schools Vance?

Vance: Yeah, American schools have lots of shooting incidents these days. I'm happy to keep my kids out of them.

MichaelC: That's what I thought you were referring to. The country's gone mad.

Vance: Funny, I never had any problems growing up there. And most places seem quite safe.

Ying-Lan: Some poeple are nuts.

Vance: California was fine as far as I could tell.

Vance: Australia seems like a mellow place to me. I never notice any problem there. Seems safe.

MichaelC: Just tried to tell maggie where we are....

Ying-Lan: You know... it is always an accident! Man was killed by traffic accident

Vance: Should we go back to the portal?

MichaelC: Australia is mellow but we have the isolated incident.

Vance: happens everywhere

Vance: Let's go back out one and find Maggi and go up the other stairs.

Vance: Shall we?

MichaelC: Well I just told her how to get here....

MichaelC: ....let's see if she can find us!

Vance: ok

Vance: MC, while we're waiting, I need your institution affiliation

Vance: It's for a presentation we're doing at the next TESOL Conference, YL.

Vance: MC is going to TRY to come to Vancouver for it.

Charles: Hello, everyone...

Vance: MAD can't come to Vancouver, but she'll try to make the presentation virtually.

Charles: Hello, everyone...

Vance: Hi Charles.

Vance: And bye ...

MichaelC: Hello Charles. Bye Charles.

Vance: There she is. Howdy.

Maggi: It's dark in here!

MichaelC: Vance - my affiliation is (Hi Maggie- you did it!).....

Ying-Lan: Go to Vvancouver! It sounds good idea.

Vance: Right MC, like name of college or some such.

MichaelC: Affiliation: Douglas Mawson Institute of TAFE. TAFE =.....

Maggi: Don't I always...:-)

Vance: ok

MichaelC: Technical and Further Education.

Vance: good enough

Maggi: Whose office is this?

Vance: It's OURS!

MichaelC: We don't know. We gatecrashed!

Maggi: for shame

Ying-Lan: We occupy it.

MichaelC: let's put EFI signs up on the walls!

Vance: And before we leave we're gonna wreck it!

Maggi: nice sofa

MichaelC: LOL

Maggi: Hi mc

Vance: Soft, huh?

MichaelC: Trash the joint! (hi Maggie)


MichaelC: :)

Vance: YL, you can come to the presentation too if you want.

Maggi: not nice to wreck a p4erfectly good office.

Vance: We already have wrecked it. It was much nicer when we got here.

Maggi: Vance has the best chair...

Ying-Lan: You mean to to Vancouver to join the presentation.

MichaelC: Funny about that!

Vance: Join me if you like

Maggi: I was quicker than your invite...

Vance: Yes, YL. If you can't come in person, you can join us online

Maggi: hi...

MichaelC: Now if I had a lying down avatar...

Ying-Lan: When! Next April?

Ying-Lan: When?

Maggi: I have one on the other computer

Vance: It's in April I think, and it's on a Friday, at this time plus 12 hours. Can you manage that?

Maggi: female though

Maggi: April is good for me

Vance: I've just discovered that when I talk, I can obliterate Maggi. Watch!

MichaelC: LOL

Vance: Kewl, huh!

Maggi: but she comes back again

Ying-Lan: I think I will be on line with you.

Maggi: let me obliterate you then

MichaelC: And can she obliterate you?

Ying-Lan: Twelve hours.

Vance: I'm not obliterated I don't think ...

Vance: hey!

Vance: Behave yourself!

Vance: Look, I can throw my voice.

Vance: I can make my voice sound just like Maggi's. Listen ...

Maggi: Cn't quite cover you

Vance: cool, huh?

MichaelC: My speakers are on....

Maggi: always wanted a deeper voice

Vance: My name is Maggi and I'm nuts!

MichaelC: LOL

Maggi: we know that already

Vance: I'm as crazy as they come.

Maggi: tell us something new

Maggi: if the shoe fits wear it

Vance: Something tells me this is not going to look right in the log.

MichaelC: LOL

Maggi: no visuals

Vance: It's a case of "you had to be there"

Maggi: who left the beer?

MichaelC: You might have to add some stage directions!

MichaelC: The beer's mine.

Maggi: cheers then

MichaelC: hick

MichaelC: hick

Maggi: one too many?

MichaelC: burp

Maggi: mind your manners...there are women present

MichaelC: ah...that's better. Excuse me.

Maggi: thanks for the chair Vance

Maggi: did I get too heavy?

Vance: Now, YL, yes, the presentation is on a Friday 3:30 Vancouver time, which is 11:30 Saturday night gmt (I'think)

Maggi: well we have time to sort that out...

Maggi: ....hopefully all our computers will work.

Ying-Lan: Is it only on Saturday?

Ying-Lan: How long will you be there?

Ying-Lan: How long will you have been there?

MichaelC: It seems I'm always the one who has to go...I need to plan my woeking week before I go to bed........

Vance: Taipei will be 7:30 in the morning? (is it 8:30 p.m there now, YL)?

MichaelC: (sorry for covering you YL!)

Maggi: I do my best work then

Ying-Lan: It is close

Vance: VERY good correction, YL! I will have been there for almost a week by then.

Ying-Lan: It is 8:24 p.m.

Maggi: and under the last minute...

MichaelC: Take care all - have fun wrecking the office.

Maggi: enjoy mc

Maggi: I'll finish your beer

Vance: Hey, how did Maggi get the good chair? Leaving, MC?

MichaelC: By the way maggie - you can have my beer.

Ying-Lan: Do you plan to go to travel or only for the presenation.

Maggi: you left the3 chair Vance

Vance: I'm going mainly for the conference but I also hope to go skiing in the area.

MichaelC: Yeh - I have to get to bed early. And still have some things to do.

Maggi: Slaap lekker!

MichaelC: So, bye!!!!!!!!!

Maggi: bye

Vance: OK, MC. Thanks for covering for us first 15 min of class.

Vance: So, moved in yet, HEY, He's back !

MichaelC: This is the other office!

Maggi: parting is such sweet sorrow

MichaelC: Up the other stairs!

Vance: Oh, tried the other stairs.

Vance: Now we know.

Maggi: poof...

Ying-Lan: He's gone.

Maggi: beer's gone too!

Vance: how's the moving going?

Maggi: it isn't going as planned

Maggi: I've got to shake some people here

Vance: What do you mean?

Maggi: The stove is not connected because the cable was too short but the guy never came back.

Ying-Lan: Shake some people?

Maggi: Yesterday I flooded my bathroom downstairs from the washer...

Vance: She means she has to grab them by the shoulders and shake them into action.

Vance: (in a manner of speaking)

Vance: That's one way to clean it, Maggi.

Maggi: have to find someone who can put a hole in stainless steel to hook up the faucet for the sink and dishwasher..

Maggi: ,,,this before I put the old ones out Wed and can't cook.

Ying-Lan: Are you trouble with you new house?

Vance: moving is a pain

Maggi: this is a major pain but I am trying to keep cool...

Vance: (just grabbed the log, I think ...)

Maggi: at least you didn't grab anything else :-)

Vance: Ah, got it. Now I can relax again.

Maggi: are things in Taiwan Ying...?

Ying-Lan: What do you want to know?

Maggi: how you are...

Ying-Lan: They are busy with President Candidature next year.

Vance: Are you interested in the politics of your country, YL?

Ying-Lan: I am fine... I found an excellent doctor.

Maggi: who is they?

Ying-Lan: I fell much better.

Vance: that's good ... liver problem, right?

Maggi: what was wrong Ying?

Ying-Lan: Everyone... we read those message in newsapaper everyday.

Ying-Lan: I got some problem with my liver.

Maggi: Mine is probasbly shot too...

Maggi: what did they do for you?

Ying-Lan: Actually, another doctor just told me my WBC and RBC is below the normal.

Vance: anemic ... (Felix on his way)

Ying-Lan: Actually, The excellent doctor is 80 years old.

Ying-Lan: He is an Chinese herb Doctor.

Maggi: what is WBC and RBC?

Ying-Lan: Do you know platelet?

Maggi: yes

Vance: Hi Felix .. white and red blood count ...

Maggi: k

Ying-Lan: There are thee actor in blood.

Ying-Lan: actors

Maggi: on a stage? LOL

Maggi: Hi Felix!

Ying-Lan: I got the blood test before I found the old doctor.

Felix: Hi there

Maggi: Come sit next to me...the chair is very comfortable...:-)

Felix: What are you talking about?

Maggi: blood

Vance: Sorry, I thought the phone was ringing.

Maggi: wrong number

Felix: Blood???

Felix: vampires????

Maggi: white and red blood cells

Felix: awwwwww

Ying-Lan: hi. Felix...

Felix: It's been a long time I don't make any tests

Ying-Lan: What's kind of test you take?

Felix: me ying/

Maggi: I had one last year just to check that the chlamydia didn't come back.

Ying-Lan: Felix , we were talkinn about sick.

Maggi: being sick

Ying-Lan: being sick.

Ying-Lan: I got blood test in Hosptial.

Felix: Being sick is a hassle. Nowadays they (the scientists) change a lot what is good or not for health.. One day this is good, the next isn't

Ying-Lan: But the old doctor found my disease before I got the result of the blood test.

Felix: And what is your disease ying?

Ying-Lan: Just like hepatitis!

Ying-Lan: and anemia

Felix: Beets are good for anemia

Vance: So the treatment seems to be working?

Felix: You have to each sweets to combat the hepatitis

Felix: to eayt

Felix: to eat

Ying-Lan: Treatment?

Felix: beets or radishes... not sure... (Which one can you produce sugar from?????)

Vance: Didn't the dotors prescribe a treatment for your disease?

Maggi: treatment is what they do to cure you.

Ying-Lan: Oh... the treatment works.

Felix: Hey... Is this a Brazilian community??

Maggi: I think so Felix

Ying-Lan: I felt better after I took the Chinese herb medicine.

Felix: At least the words are in portuguese (atrás=back)

Ying-Lan: Actually, I have been taking his treatment for over 3 weeks...

Ying-Lan: I feel better than before.

Felix: Maggi, by the way, do you still get English-to-go lessons? I have all of them.. Every week I copy the new one.

Vance: I wish they had good herbal doctors here, though they do have Chinese clinics here, a couple of them in Abu Dhabi.

Felix: We have good "homeopatas" here in Brazil

Ying-Lan: Do you notice... the old doctore is 80 years old.

Ying-Lan: I can not believe that when I saw him.

Maggi: Yes Felix I do...

Ying-Lan: He is health.

Maggi: heathy

Felix: heathy or healthy?? what is the correct spelling?

Vance: heal -- health --- healthy

Maggi: oops...healthy

Ying-Lan: What is the English-to-go lessions?

Ying-Lan: are

Felix: go to they have lessons to be printed for a class English

Maggi: I use them sometimes

Ying-Lan: Oh....

Ying-Lan: ARe they good?

Maggi: very

Ying-Lan: Very good?

Felix: Yes, they are Ying

Felix: The newest one is about X-mas

Ying-Lan: Vance, I am thinking about Talking to you on line.

Ying-Lan: X' mas

Ying-Lan: That would be interesting?

Vance: talking online? Do you mean with Media Ring?

Ying-Lan: Yes...

Felix: no Vance.. only printed lessons.

Ying-Lan: I hope to study with you by Media Ring next year.

Ying-Lan: I want to do it after I pass the test.

Vance: I'd like to try Interspace and Net Meeting as well.

Ying-Lan: Net meeting?

Felix: I use Netmeeting...... But it load your computer a lot.

Felix: I prefer Iphone

Maggi: getting to be a virtual virtuoso eh Vance?

Vance: I wonder if we can use iphone here. Some of these are blocked by our communications monopoly.

Vance: I'll be in the states next month. Maybe we can try some of these.

Felix: of all the programs I had used, Iphone is the best

Vance: Hey, YOU can call ME in the states. You can call anywhere in the states for free.

Felix: How Vance?

Vance: I'm trying to think of the name of the software ... I've got it at home.

Felix: Using Media Ring?

Vance: But it's easy. You just register and then call. We were using it here till Etisalat cut it off.

Vance: Totally free.

Ying-Lan: Free?

Maggi: that's a deal

Vance: Yeah, it was free. Only online time. Just like a phone. You can call PHONES in the states, not just computers.

Felix: As soon as you got the name of it give it to us.

Maggi: I'm hungry...

Felix: Maybe it's applied for Canada too.. I have friends there..

Ying-Lan: maggi, do you buy food?

Felix: So am I Maggi.

Vance: I'm looking it up now.

Maggi: not today Ying...nothing is open on Sunday.

Maggi: But I have food downstairs

Ying-Lan: It is a problem in Europe.

Maggi: you learn to live with it

Vance: Here it is:

Felix: I love the disk-stuff, you can order them and stay confortably at home.... Awsome!

Maggi: They believe here there should be one day for the family.

Felix: And they are right Maggi.. By the way, does anyone here know anything about RPG game?

Ying-Lan: If you have nothing in your fri... where you can find the food?

Maggi: Shopping online is great but here there is data protection and most are not so sure about using a credit card.

Felix: At a friend's house Ying.. :o))))

Maggi: Or a gas station

Maggi: or go to a restaurant

Felix: I didnt meant shopping online.. But ordering it by phone.. When the food arrives you have in cash

Felix: I didnt mean

Felix: you pay in cash...

Ying-Lan: Felix.. that's a good idea to go to friend's house.

Felix: At least you can save on your food..

Maggi: and hope the friend went shopping

Ying-Lan: Actually, I forgot the word... fri.

Ying-Lan: It is a machine to save the food being cold.

Maggi: Hello Vance!

Felix: Fri is short for Friday

Maggi: fridge

Felix: refrigerator.....

Ying-Lan: oh yes.

Maggi: we just say fridge

Maggi: let's put Vance in one...LOL

Felix: much shorter uh?

Maggi: yep

Vance: hey, I heard that

Maggi: you and Vance are not really smiling Felix...

Felix: Maggi, guess what I am thinking about starting a German course next year.. not online... But in the city I'll work in

Maggi: Ask me if you need help..

Ying-Lan: Waaaaa!

Ying-Lan: It is hard!

Felix: Of course I will do it

Maggi: better

Maggi: come on Vance..don't be a sourpuss

Ying-Lan: sourpuss?

Maggi: look at his face

Maggi: looks like he ate a lemon

Maggi: pucker power

Vance: How's that?

Ying-Lan: It is cute.

Maggi: now he lost his teeth

Maggi: whoah

Ying-Lan: I want to go.

Ying-Lan: see you next week.

Felix: see ya Ying

Maggi: Bye Ying!

Ying-Lan: bye-bye.

Felix: Where is Mc??

Felix: correcting.. Where is the busy man?

Maggi: mc hd to get some work done before he we4nt to bed

Felix: knock knock knock

Vance: Bye YL

Felix: anybody home?

Maggi: who is there?

Vance: See you next week. I've got to go too.

Maggi:'s over

Vance: knock knock

Felix: ok.. time for everyone to go.. See ya around

Maggi: boo

Maggi: boo who

Maggi: well you needn't cry about it

Felix: bye all

Vance: boo constrictor grrrrrr (squeeze)

Maggi: bye Felix

Maggi: oooo

Vance: bye everyone

Maggi: I like that

Maggi: bye

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