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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Felix from Brazil, and teachers Michael, Maggi and Vance

October 24, 1999

I managed to lose the first part of the chat when my browser re-sized, but only a few lines. Ying Lan has just joined Maggi and I and we are talking about the most recent earthquake to strike Taiwan. I lost my connection and had to rejoin the chat ...


Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Anonymous95.

Members of room: Anonymous95 Ying Maggi

<Maggi> any damage?

You have changed your name to vance.

<Ying> We clam down at that time and were thinking what to do at

that time.

<Maggi> clam down as in got very quiet/

<Maggi> ?

<vance> Was anyone hurt? (calmed down)

<Ying> In Chiayi County, people hurt as building clooapse but no

one dies.

<Ying> collapse

<vance> collapsed

<Maggi> Merck had an explosion this week and lost a production


<Ying> About 250 injured people.

<vance> How far is that from you?

<Ying> Merck had an explosion thise in Taiwan?

<Maggi> I was there

<vance> What exploded?

<Maggi> in Darmstadt.

<Maggi> Solvents

<Ying> The explosion caused by human or nature made?

<Maggi> gas station and tanks of the stuff were right next to the


<Maggi> errors and a leak

<Maggi> no one died

<Ying> It takes two hours by bus from here to Chiayi County.

<Maggi> but it was the basis of their liquid crystal produuction

<Ying> So the Government will punish Merck?

<Maggi> no

<Maggi> it was an accid4ent

<Maggi> most people were gone to lunch

<Ying> No on died in the accident?

<Ying> one

<vance> Did you continue working (of course you did)

<Maggi> no...only one person was injured...burns on his

hands...he tried to put out the intial fire with water.

<Maggi> I did...but those downwind of the black cloud were sent

home for the day.

<Maggi> we filmed it

<vance> make hay while the sun shines

<Maggi> bird/s eye view across the street

<Ying> Has Green party idea about the explosion?

<vance> Good question, Ying Lan

<Maggi> there was a leak in the line that caused explosive gases

to build

<Maggi> the Green Party is busy with nuclear reactors

<Maggi> that is a big problem

<Ying> I am thinking the Green Party in Germany... there are so

many actions in Germany.

<Maggi> an article in Newsweek was really scary

<Ying> What is it? The scared article.

<Maggi> yes, the Germans are active in protecting thee


<Maggi> the state of some reactors

<vance> Scary? About the explosion?

<vance> oh, about the reactors

<Maggi> there is one in England that swhould have been retired

18 years ago

<Maggi> there is a village in Russia thaqt has not seen a normal

birth in two years

<vance> Do you have nuclear power in Taiwan, YL?

<Maggi> Yes they do

<Maggi> but France has 56 reactors that supply 76% of their

energy needs

<Ying> unclear power... yes. Taiwan Power Company has several

unclear power.

<Maggi> nuclear

<Maggi> Germany is going to shut down theirs...

<Ying> nuclear

<Maggi> veery brave and very expensive

<vance> Really? And what will they do for power?

<Ying> But we are discussing how to deal those nuclear reactor...

<Maggi> alternatives

<Ying> Electronical

<Maggi> they only use their reactors for 28%

<Maggi> HYDRO

<vance> People have to choose whether to conserve energy or

have kids with birth defects (for some reason, a difficult choice)

<Maggi> wind on the North Sea

<Maggi> well not so difficult here

<Ying> So they can not have a baby after the nuclear explosion.

<Ying> In Russian...

<Maggi> this village gets their water from a loake that waste is

floowing into

<Maggi> lake

<Maggi> flowing

<Ying> I am sorry, I do not spend much time on line these days.

<Maggi> me either

<Maggi> too busy

<vance> Is it because of the earthquakes, or law studies?

<Ying> I do not read newspaper and magazines, either.

<Maggi> I did see Felix late last night and Nima...they will try to


<Ying> Studies.

<Maggi> have some fun too Ying..

<vance> I saw felix this morning. He didn't seem to think he'd be

in class

<Ying> I still spent time to watch TV. Bad habit.

<Maggi> then his wife made plans

<Ying> plans?

<vance> I can't work all the time. I say I'm busy, but I'm busy

diving and running and hiking, as well as with work.

<Maggi> At least it is a way to let your mind wander

<Ying> That's good.

<Ying> I can not concentrate on Studying...

<Maggi> you need time Ying to just let garbage go in and out

<Maggi> :-)

<Ying> That's why I have to spend much time to read those


<Ying> garbage in and out?

<Ying> How?

<vance> Yeah, Maggi, what's this about garbage?

<vance> Seriously, she means you have to clear your head of all

the things that are on your mind.

<Maggi> yep

<vance> by relaxing, right?

<Maggi> doing whatever gives you new energy

<Ying> Sure.. wait, nature calling.

<vance> there goes some more garbage ...

<Maggi> I just went :0)

<vance> It takes a lot of energy to cut bits of this conversation and

keep pasting to a Word document

<Ying> I am back.

<Maggi> wanr help?

<vance> A real hassle. The Palace is relatively easy.

<Maggi> eneergy? Vance...

<vance> Actually, I guess I could use some, because it

occasionally happens that I loose chunks of it.

<Maggi> it is just a pain in the buns

<vance> And it would be nice to have backup

<vance> But I wouldn't want you to have to hassle it

<vance> We'll get the Palace back soon, I hope.

<Maggi> ]I love a hassle :-)

<vance> Actually with just 3 people we could move to ICQ chat

<Maggi> we could

<vance> That buffers automatically

<Maggi> shall we?

<vance> Let's wait for YL to return

<Ying> I am back.

<Maggi> she is ther

<Maggi> see

<Ying> I am here... Move to ICQ chat?

<vance> OK, we were wondering if you wouldn't mind moving to


<Maggi> lewt Vnce invite

<Ying> It is o.k.

<Maggi> ooooo....let Vance invite

<vance> OK, I'll keep this open as well



ICQ Chat Save file

Started on Sun Oct 24 16:22:58 1999



<ying> I am here.

<Vance> Oh, Sorry, let me close down Maggi. One moment ...

<Mad> ok

<ying> What's wrong?

<Vance> There, I'm bringing her into this one. Yeah, that's better. I invited you both separately.

<Mad> better you do that with two dragons

<ying> Two dragons?

<Vance> Yeah, the reason I'd prefer to be here is because I keep a log of our chats, and on ICQ all I have to do is save the buffer.

<Vance> Uh oh, Maggi's on about dragons ...

<Mad> I came in over you the first time Ying

<Mad> Ying we are both dragons

<ying> Really?

<Mad> Next year is our year Ying.

<ying> Are you young as me?

<ying> Next year is Dragon year.

<Vance> I invited you both to chat separately, so I got two windows, one on top of the other.

<Vance> I think I'm a pig or something along those lines (in the Chinese calendar)

<Mad> leave it to a man to get two women on top of each other...:-)

<Vance> Both on top of me, no less. But leave it to Maggi to think of it in that light.

<ying> Can you combine two windows into one?

<Mad> No...I am a lot I am 12 older

<ying> Got your secrect...


<ying> Very personal number.

<Vance> I had to close maggi's chat window and bring her into this one, as I should have done from the start ... the secret, which one?

<ying> secret..

<ying> 36 + 12... It is not correct, is it?

<Vance> Ahh it's coming to me ... which number ?? I vaguely recall .. my age?

<Mad> You said you were a horse...same as Michaelsounds like fun...but you would get squished...:-)

<Mad> oooo

<ying> Wa... I hope I will be pretty like you.

<Mad> she got my secret

<Mad> yes it is Ying

<Mad> No

<Mad> my secret

<ying> You know one day I just thought how to find a man to have a baby.. on

<ying> only thinking.

<Mad> but I don't keep it a secret

<Vance> My age? Or Maggi's. Who's secret, mine or Maggi's.

<ying> Think about my age... it is too old to have baby.

<ying> Maggi's

<Mad> are Ying!

<ying> Not you, Vance.

<ying> I am younger than Maggi.

<Mad> Tell her Vance...

<ying> But How?

<ying> We are Dragons in Chinese year.

<Mad> lots of women come to that idea

<Vance> How? Let's see. Dusty is 14. Bobbi is around 49 or so. So she had Dusty when she was 35.

<ying> So, I have three years to find a man?

<Mad> but you don't need a man to have a baby anymore

<Vance> Yeah, I think you can have a kid up to 40, 45 ...

<Mad> no it isn't

<ying> Bobbi is so pretty like a young lady.

<ying> No more fun.

<Vance> That's true. I think so. (She has to be to attract a young guy like me)

<Mad> Ying I have a two...who had their first child at 38.

<ying> She has a baby from Sperm bank in Italy.


<ying> My problem is that I am afraid of the future.

<Mad> You don't know exactly how old Bobbi is? :0-)

<ying> I am scare some one come into my life and bring the confusion.

<Mad> Sperm can choose then the father.

<ying> Felix is in homestead web site now.

<Vance> Who, me? She was born in 1950, October 25 (that's tomorrow). So she'll be 49 tomorrow.


<Mad> One lady in Italy was 64

<ying> But he left the chat room.

<Mad> You still have time Ying...

<Vance> i'll get him in here.

<Vance> I've pulled him into the chat here.

<Vance> Thanks for keeping an eye out for us, YL

<ying> I just let the window open.

<Prof> hi there



<Vance> Hi. YL noticed you were in the chat room.

<ying> Who is Prof?

<Mad> You will just have to be very careful at the birth

<Prof> yep... By the way, are you using Split or IRC mode here?

<Prof> I am prof. Ying.. The heavy Félix.


<Vance> Split, I guess. I didn't know there was an IRC mode.

<ying> Hi, Felix.

<Mad> young guy like you Vance?

<ying> What is Split ?

<Vance> (not so loud Maggi)


<Vance> Split is the way the screen is divided, or split

<Prof> I hate my connection.. the only words I can see from Maggy is there is...

<Mad> I thought you were older?

<Vance> Would it be better for you Felix for us to return to the chat room?


<Prof> yep.. Cause I will see Maggi's words..


<Vance> (I am Maggi; I was joking)

<Mad> Yep Ying...lots of single women do it now.

<ying> Can you read my message, Felix?

<Vance> ok. Actually, we're in both places

<Prof> what message Ying?

<ying> So you can read what I said.

<Vance> Anyway, Felix, Maggi is giving YL advice so there's nothing there for you yet.

<Vance> Still there, F?

<ying> Yes.

<Prof> yes, I am in both places.

<Mad> No need to wait for Mr. Right if you want a child....


<Mad> And you Vance?

<ying> Where do you want to talk? In icq or homestead web site?

<Vance> We might as well move over to the chat for Felix


<Vance> et moi? moi quoi?

<Prof> i'd rather in the web site.


<Prof> what language are you speaking now Vance?

<Vance> Sorry, F, I was reposting to Maggi.


<Vance> French.

<Prof> I see..


<Prof> Comment ce vá?


<ying> French?

<Mad> Oh, she is a Scorpio...we wouod really get along!

<Prof> So far so good.. hehe


<Vance> ca va bien.

<ying> I only love French fried.

<Mad> Hi Felix

<Prof> French Fries you mean..


<Vance> ah, des pommes frites! Magnifique!

<Mad> there is Vance

<ying> fries

<Vance> Can you see Maggi, F?

<Prof> So vance.. Are you a cereal killer? lol


<Vance> Ah, good one Felix. Did you send YL that joke?

<Prof> the last words from Maggi is.. "he knows..."


<Prof> yes, i sent her


<Mad> eating too much Feix...getting the middle age spread?

<ying> I got it but I did not read them.

<ying> So many words...

<Mad> make it bigger

<Prof> Don't you like jokes Ying?

<Prof> ohhhhhh that's the problem..


<ying> I like them but I did not spent time to read it.

<Mad> guys decide

<ying> No more space in my mind to read them.

<Vance> I thought that was a good one, a play on serial killer.

<Prof> Ppl. let's go to the web site, pleaseeeeeeeee


<Vance> I don't blame you YL. ok

<Vance> You mean you WANT to see what Maggi is writing? OK

<Prof> yesssssssss I don't like to miss any word from her..


<Mad> he know it drives me up the wall when he speaks French...:-)

<Vance> let's go to homestead ....

<Vance> du bist was?

<Mad> ich bin kein Pommes!

<Vance> ich auch!

<Vance> wir sind auf dem homestead



Anonymous49 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous49 is now known as felix.

<Ying> we are in icq chat room.

felix has left the chat room.

felix has joined the chat room.

<felix> Hi there

<Ying> Ask Vance to invit you

<felix> so are you in ICQ or here?

<Maggi> Vance will get you Felix

<Ying> icq chat room.

<Maggi> we are in ICQ because it is easier to save


Felix joins us in ICQ, but can't read Maggi's writing, so we return to the Homestead chat area


<Maggi> you still here too Felix?

<felix> yes

<vance> Hi.

<Maggi> pl...I will be right back

<felix> So are you going to stay here or in icq?

<Ying> I am here.

<vance> OK I'm here

<felix> it is better here :))

<Ying> But the chat window is too small to read.

<felix> I have no problem reading here.

<Ying> Where is maggi?

<Ying> ^;^

<vance> She's still rattling on in ICQ


<vance> last seen rolling on floor laughing

<felix> So, how was your week folks?

<vance> I went diving. Had great fun. Saw lots of neat animals.

<Ying> I am sick

<vance> How about you?

<Ying> Diving..

<felix> I have a miserable week. Lots of work.

<Ying> I think I have cold.

<Ying> Uncomfortable.

<vance> Have you started your new job?

<felix> How s the weather there Ying?

<felix> I am going there once a week. But I will move in January

<Ying> It is cold in the morning and evening. and it is hot at noon.

<vance> Are you moving with your family or just you?

<Ying> Move ?

<Ying> Where do you want to move?

<vance> I think he's moving to a new town to work

<felix> just me

<felix> houses there are very expensive... I will live in the school

for the first 6 months.

<felix> Right ying, my new job is in another city.

<Ying> To be a teacher?

<felix> It's close to Porto Seguro.. HAve you ever heard about it



<felix> To be an administrator Ying.

<vance> That seems to be the largest city in the region.

<felix> No, it is not the largest (Porto Seguro) but its international

known.. It is where Brazil was discovered.

<Ying> You will be an administrator in a school.

<vance> I seem to recall a picture about that on your web page

<felix> in an English Institute called CCAA


<felix> It's a franchising school.

<Ying> Congratulations

<felix> Thanks Ying

<Maggi> back

<Ying> What is the franchising school.

<vance> YOu're typing in two places

<felix> Oh shes back... (shit) my apostrophe key doesnt work.

<Maggi> relax Felix

<felix> Maggi, do you talk in English or in German with Stefan?

<Maggi> had to talk to my son

<Maggi> both

<Maggi> mostly English when we are alone

<Ying> May I ask a question?

<felix> i think it's posh to speak in 2 or more languages among

our folks.

<Maggi> sure

<Maggi> with 3 or more it starts to get confusing

<Maggi> and funny...

<Ying> What is the nationality of Stefan's father?

<Maggi> Ameerican Ying.

<Maggi> American

<Ying> I just think maybe he is a Germany.

<Maggi> this happens with a Prtuguese friend of mine

<Maggi> no, not German Ying.

<felix> Remember once Vance asked for to take pictures of the

place we live in? No one did that..

<Ying> Do they confuse those languages?

<felix> asked to

<Ying> I have no time to make that.

<Maggi> it happens Ying

<felix> kids dont get confused... only our old mind does



buffer full

felix had just mentioned that Vance had asked students to all take pictures from around their houses, but only he had done it.


<Maggi> then thry were concentrating or very relaxed

<vance> That's still a good idea. Actually, I've got lots of pics from

around my house I could put on my website

<Maggi> you have to stop that yHing

<Ying> I have no scanner to scan those pics.

<Ying> But how?

<felix> I would like to see the front of the house, inside...

<Maggi> Ying...when you think in English you will not get stuck


<Ying> How to speak English and thinking in Enlgish.

<vance> I thnk it would be fun to know more about each other

<vance> When I traveled in Iraq just before the Gulf war I was

dreaming in Arabic

<Ying> stuck translation

<Maggi> easy Ying

<felix> if you stopped translating.... I think that's is the problem you

are always complaing you don't get ahead in English.


<Maggi> yep...Felix is right

<vance> In Iraq I was doing that because I was totally immersed

in the language

<Ying> I don't get ahead in English.

<vance> If you go to the states or Canada you can get immersed

in English

Anonymous79 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous79 has left the chat room.

<Maggi> relax and forget about trying to be peerfect Ying.

<Ying> Vance, were you doing what in Ireq?

Anonymous5379 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous28 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous28 is now known as Michael C.

<felix> Ying, you have to associate a word in English with

something... Not in Chinese,, but with something... For instance

here in the course I teach we teach a word and a picture, a

situation.. no portugues

<felix> is allowed in the clases

<Michael C> Hi everyone.

<vance> hi

<Maggi> Hi Mc



=============== why is the cursor here??



we say we're discussing how to think in English without translating from Chinese


<Michael C> practice in the shower!


too much activity .. I quit


<Michael C> Yes ying. And when you walk or drive places.

<Maggi> naked Engliwh i good

<felix> LOL@ying

<Maggi> talk to yourself in English

<felix> Thats the chat room's language ying..

<Ying> I hope I am a copy machine.

<vance> immersion is the only way, total immersion

<Michael C> Of course you don't have to have a shower just do


<Maggi> won't know if you don't try Ying

<felix> immersion is hard when you don't have any one close to

you to speak.

<Michael C> that's true Felix.

<Maggi> that's why you talk to yourself

<vance> Immersion is only possible when everyone around you

is speaking English

<Ying> Immersion? just check the dictionary.

<Michael C> You can listen a lot but who do you talk to?

<Maggi> yourself

<felix> That's why I am on internet... 90% of my friends are English

native speakers.

<Michael C> My students complain this a lot.

<Michael C> complain about this....

<vance> Last time I was in Brazil, I was talking Portuguese with

Brazilians, but I don't speak the language

<Ying> I heard of English speech, but I did not understand what

they were talking.

<Maggi> it is one way I really improved my German and learned to

think in it.

<Ying> Just

<Michael C> But does it help you improve your speakinf Felix?

<Ying> let myself in English sitution..

<Ying> Is it correct?

<felix> I force my students to speak in English in class.. We have

a deal.. If someone speaks in Portuguese, the person has to put

a coin in a safe...


<Ying> Or I have to figure out what they said.

<vance> For me, it's impossible to learn a foreign language in a


<Maggi> yes Ying...imagine a would say this in

English and this in Chinese.


<vance> exactly, you have to figure it out, a lot of it.

<felix> Yes, Michael it improved a lot

<Ying> It is hard to do.


<vance> If you're in the situation of havng to be figuring it out all

the time, you pick it up

<Maggi> practice makes iteasier

<Michael C> That's great Felix.

<felix> in a classroom Vance you get started... then you have to go

by yourself.

Anonymous5379 has left the chat room.

<vance> A classroom helps if you're in the foreign country

<Ying> I could understand the cast said when I watched Tv. but I

did not understand what they said when I listened the tape what I


<Maggi> Vance is saving

<vance> That wasn't me

<Maggi> read something and think how you woulod tell us about


<Maggi> oh...

<vance> Reading is a possible subst. for immersion

<felix> I get more nervous when I speak English with Brazilians

than with native speakers. Cause Brazilians are looking for

mistakes, and native speakers are trying to understand you not

caring about the...

<felix> ..,mistakes

<Maggi> it isw called communication

<Ying> Immersion.

<vance> immerse means to submerge something in liquid

<felix> That's why I use icq a lot to speak.. Because we talk about

everyday situations.

<vance> it's totally covered with the liquid

<vance> if you immerse in a language, you are totally surrounded

by it

<vance> nothing else

<Maggi> no, Ying...immersion is being in a single language

environment with no accrss to your L1.

<Michael C> Boy this is much harder to follow than at the Palace. I

want the Palace back!

<Ying> I am thinking how to immerse

<Maggi> I agree mc

<vance> You should be trying to save all this crap

<Maggi> take a bath in English Ying!

<Ying> Take a bath?

<felix> For instance Ying. I dont buy books in Portuguese, I only

rent captioned movies or original ones.. never doubled.

<Ying> Just put myself in water?

<vance> About the only way to immerse is to go to a foreign


<Maggi> (some warm strokes for Vance)

<Michael C> This is not crap Vance!

<Maggi> saving it is though...

<felix> My girl is screaming.. brb

<vance> Not if you're reading it.

<vance> That's what I mean

<Ying> Anyone tells me what wrong with the Palace?

<Maggi> server problems

<vance> They had a hacker attack

<Michael C> I don't know Ying. The rest of the Palace is working

again but not our room.

<Maggi> somebody should hack those people

<vance> We'll have to write Nettie again.

<Ying> Do you think the hacker loves our classroom or hate it?

<felix> A hate hackers.

<Maggi> she's doing the best she can

<vance> I think so

<Michael C> I asked David about it yesterday but no reply yet.

<felix> I hate hackers.

<vance> I've got to go guys. I've got to run (literally)

<Maggi> bye Vance

<felix> oh ok Vance. Bye

<Ying> bye vance.

<Michael C> Run for me Vance. i need the exercise.

<Maggi> LOL

<vance> I very much enjoyed the conversation. That was not crap.

<Maggi> Lot of good that does you mc

<Michael C> (smile)

<felix> That's not fair Michael. I will ask Vance to do that for me :))

<Maggi> you lazy bums

<Michael C> I'm happy that it is doing Vance good. And that helps


<felix> :))

<Maggi> but not your heart mc...

<vance> I'll be here a minute. I've got to shut down all the

machines around here.

<Michael C> If Vance is happy then I'm happy.

<vance> I'm happy!

<felix> LOL@Mc

<Michael C> And disgustingly healthy by the sounds of it.

<Maggi> You won't be when you need a bypass mc

<Michael C> You trying to freak me out Maggie?

<Maggi> yes

<Michael C> Then stop it!

<felix> what is freak out?

<Maggi> Ingo just had a triple with 42...

<Michael C> Scare someone. make them nervous.

<felix> ????????????? Ingo????

<Maggi> Only because I care mc.

<vance> TOTALLY scare someone so they FREAK OUT!!

<Michael C> OK Maggi.

<Maggi> Both of you should

<Michael C> Me and ? Felix?

<felix> I should quit smoking..

<Maggi> think about the quality of the rest of your life

<vance> can you?

<felix> it would better my performances.


<Michael C> What performances?

<vance> your performances?

<felix> LOL@ mc... dont ask, Mc.

<Maggi> you better Felix if you want to be there to see your kids

grow up and have their own children.

<Michael C> That's what I thought you meant Felix! Just checking.;

<felix> yes Maggi, that;s right

<Ying> Where.. Doese Felix not see his kids growing up in his


<Michael C> Felix the stud!

<Maggi> do it then Felix...:-)

<felix> But I didn't mean that. I was just teasing you. Because you

think I am a sex minded.

<Michael C> You? Of course not!

<Maggi> He thinks the same of me Felix...

<Michael C> LOL!

<Maggi> don't worry!

<felix> LOL

<Ying> What is a sex minded?

<Michael C> Let Felix explain....

<Maggi> someone who only has sex on their mind.

<felix> Theres a saying here in Brazil.. If there are another thing

better than ....., God left it in heavens, because on earth there's

nothing better.

<Maggi> we call it a tick...

<Ying> I thinks that's nature of human...

<Maggi> or even an obsession

<Michael C> Not a bad saying.

<felix> :))

<Maggi> iI agree ying...

<felix> Hey, have you watched 8mm?

<Ying> 8mm

<Ying> ???

<Maggi> \shut up Felix:-)

<Michael C> ??

<felix> no Maggi... It's a movie.. CLEAN ONE...

<Michael C> i thnk it's rude Ying.

<Maggi> you know Felix talks a good story...

<Ying> I gusee so... it was said by Felix.

<felix> No, its not..... I cross heart.

<Maggi> ...but down deep he is a real

<Michael C> lol

<felix> its a policial movie (is that correct?)

<Maggi> yes

<Maggi> political

<Michael C> "Pussy cat pussy cat I love you" (Tom Jones)

<felix> not political...

<Ying> I have never heard the movie of 8mm.

<felix> it's a police movie??

<Maggi> then what Felix...?

<Michael C> Nor have I Ying.

<Michael C> But I don't watch many movies.

<Maggi> 8mm is old

<Maggi> you should mc...

<Maggi> not before your time you know

<vance> OK guys, one more save and I'm outta here

<Michael C> Watch more movires?

<Ying> I have no chance to watch "Three seasons"

<Maggi> know what 8mm is mc...

<Maggi> ok Vance...

<vance> byeeeee


Maggi got the rest of this and sent it by email ...


<Maggi> bye

<Ying> bye.

<Michael C> I'm lost. I want the Palace.

vance has left the chat room.

<felix> its about an investigation of a videotape.. A millionaire

found it in her husbands private safe after his death... It was

about a man and a girl making sex and then the masked man

killed the girl ...

<Michael C> See ya Vance.

<Maggi> Stop wining mc...

<Maggi> whining

<Michael C> smile

<Ying> Complicated story!

<felix> ...during the sex session.... So the woman hired a private

detective to know if the movie was real or just fantasy...

<felix> Its a very good movie.

<Maggi> I read about that.

<Ying> How old the 8MM?

<Maggi> it was a while back YHing.

<Ying> How old is the 8mm?

<felix> it was released this month in Brazil

<Ying> while back

<Maggi> No on uses 8mm anz=ymore

<Maggi> ahhh...noone

<felix> IF any of you see it , watch it...

<Michael C> OK.

<Michae<Michael C> I thnk you mean theatre and theater.

<Ying> How many movies have you watched?

<Maggi> stop taling a sec so I can save this...

<felix> yes, because a movie is about 1 - 1.5 dollars.

<felix> yes Mc, that's what I meant

<Maggi> ok

<Ying> I want to go.

<Ying> See you next week.

<Maggi> bye Ying

<Ying> bye

<felix> bye Ying

<Michael C> I might go too. Lots to do as usual.

<Maggi> same here

<felix> ditto

<Michael C> Well shall we love and leave?

<felix> so bye all

<felix> what does that mean mc?

Ying has left the chat room.

<Michael C> It's a saying In English: "I'm going to love and leave


<felix> meaning...?

<Michael C> I guess it means I like you and I'm going.

<Maggi> mc see does that often

<Michael C> lol

<Maggi> love 'em and leave '

<felix> LOL

<felix> I agree with you Maggi

<Michael C> That's another way of using it.

<Michael C> I don't mean that. i never did that!

<Maggi> free and esy

<Maggi> easy

<Michael C> Like a bird.

<Maggi> yep

<Michael C> Ciao people!

<Maggi> hope you have a parachute

<Maggi> ciao

<felix> Auf something.. LOL

<Maggi> slaap lekker!

<felix> Tchau

<Michael C> Course I have a parachute. Daaaag!

<felix> Bye

<Maggi> Auf wiedersehen

<felix> Hasta luego

Michael C has left the chat room.

<Maggi> Manyana

<Maggi> bye Felix

<felix> bye Maggi

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