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Chat with students Gosia from Poland and Ying-Lan from Taiwan and teachers Vance, Michael C and Maggi

November 21, 1999

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Winsock Error: 10060 - Connection timed out

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Connected via TCP

Ying-Lan: Hi, Vance

Vance: Hi. I went to virtual scholar first.

Ying-Lan: Maggi won't be here today! right?

Ying-Lan: Does it work?

Vance: That's right. I'd almost forgot. She has to move.

Vance: No, the schoolhouse doesn't work.

Ying-Lan: That's terrible!

Vance: I suppose so. Anyway, there's this place.

Ying-Lan: That's like that we lost our classroom.

Vance: I think they'll get it back. I'm not sure what else Nettie's company is working on.

Vance: Our schoolhouse doesn't pay them any money.

Ying-Lan: I knew that.... maybe she is busy.

Vance: My son is online at home and I'm trying to get him to come here.

Ying-Lan: I understood "she is a volunteer, too".

Ying-Lan: To pick up the phone..

Vance: He decided he had more important things to do (my son)

Vance: Have you been to the coterie website?

Ying-Lan: No...

Vance: It shows the business of Coterie, which seems to be the schoolhouse, and that's all.

Ying-Lan: What's that?

Ying-Lan: School?

Ying-Lan: I did not spend much time on line these days.

Vance: Type into your browser and see.

Ying-Lan: I worked late last week... I can not think anything when I go home.

Vance: Are you home now?

Vance: I'm just browsing around the site. Actually it seems they have more clients now than just us.

Ying-Lan: It is Sunday... I justwoke up one hour before... Took a long nap in this afternoon.

Vance: Lucky you.

Ying-Lan: ^What is "You got even, I got odd"?

Vance: Sorry, just answered a message from Gosia and told her where we are

Vance: Even is a number like 2, 4, 6 ... odd is 3, 5, 7

Vance: So maybe I got 1st, 3rd, and you got 2nd, 4th ... BUT

Vance: It should be you got "evens"

Vance: You got even means you got revenge.

Vance: Where did you see this?

Ying-Lan: News letter from weird com.

Vance: ???

Ying-Lan: Yes, it is.

Ying-Lan: It is a tittle....

Ying-Lan: It was talking about a contest.

Vance: I'm trying to load the site now

Ying-Lan: Friday, 19 November 1999: You Get Even, We Get Odd

A few weeks ago, we announced a contest that Tripod is holding. You

build a site with Trellix, this WYSIWYG editor; post it on Tripod; and

sit b

Ying-Lan: I don't think you will find it at the

Vance: I can't reach anyway. No wait, it's coming up ...

Vance: I think you showed me this before

Ying-Lan: It is

Vance: btw, would you like to chat on icq with Gosia? She can't reach the Palace.

Ying-Lan: That's o.k.

Ying-Lan: We move to Icq chat room?

Vance: We can stay here, but can you chat at the same time on ICQ?

Ying-Lan: All right!

Vance: Ok, let me get her in first ...

Now we move to ICQ ...


ICQ Chat Save file

Started on Sun Nov 21 17:11:32 1999



<Vance> OK, let me get Ying Lan

<Gosia> hakko

<Vance> Did you sneeze?

<ying> Hi, Gosia

<Gosia> Hi evetybody

<Gosia> Hi Ying

<Gosia> Yes I am

<ying> Long time no see!

<Gosia> from Poland

<Vance> oh, hello ...

<ying> Are you male? Right!

<Vance> Nice to see you again. Gosia says it's snowing where she is.

<ying> She is female...

<Gosia> No piiiiiiii - a wrong answer


<Gosia> I am female

<Vance> Ying Lan, check Gosia's web page. Lots of pictures.

<ying> I remember you are a student ....

<Gosia> no it would be better if you didn;t check it :)))

<Vance> Gosia, you have a great site, complete with pet brother

<Gosia> Yes my pet brother

<ying> I am sorry..., What is the URL of your web site?

<Gosia> Now he is outside

<Vance> And Ying Lan has a great site too. Have you read her stories, Gosia?

<Vance> It's on the webheads pages.

<Gosia> I am sorry I haven;t read it yrt

<ying> It was an old story... I wrote it one year before.

<Vance> It's a very inspiring story about how friendly people are to travelers.

<Vance> It's nice to get to know people through their pictures and their stories.

<Vance> So now Gosia is planning her next ski trip.

<Gosia> Yes now I am planning my New Year

<Gosia> I have no idea

<Gosia> what are you doing in New Year

<ying> That's great for planning to go to travel.

<Vance> I'm planning to be in San Francisco with my wife and two sons

<ying> I have to plan how to study in next vacation.

<Gosia> San Francisco - great

<Vance> I will visit my parents at Christmas and then go to San Francisco to see my son.

<Vance> What about you?

<ying> In Texas?

<ying> Or In Boston?

<Vance> Yep, in Texas. Houston. Houston, Texas.

<Gosia> I want to go in the mountains but everything is engaged now - almost


<ying> Gosia, Are you only 20?

<Vance> Are you planning to go to a party Ying Lan?

<Gosia> yes I am only 20 but why you say "only" :))

<ying> NO... Actually, I have never been in a Ball in last 10 years.

<ying> Because I am 35.

<Vance> When I think of a Ball I think of something very formal.

<ying> 20 is nice...

<Vance> A party is where friends get together and have some drinks, listen to music ...

<Vance> 20 is nice. 35 is nice. 45 is great (and getting better)

<ying> Most of my friends or classmates... they have their family...

<Gosia> perhaps it is nice but I will feel it when I am 35

<Vance> At 20 your whole life is in front of you. You have potential but no real power.

<ying> In holiday, they need to take card of their children and return their

<Vance> At 35 you have both.

<ying> parent's house...

<Gosia> and in45 ? :)))

<ying> I have no real power, too.

<Vance> At 45 you can do whatever you like. You are strong and still beautiful.

<ying> Vance, you are kidding!

<ying> I won't be beautiful when I am 45.

<Vance> It's a different kind of beauty. A 45 year old woman knows a lot about life.

<ying> Really...! I have met some ladies they are 45.... but I don't think they

<ying> know a lot about life.

<Gosia> My mother is 49 and I think she is still very beautiful

<Vance> But you are 35 so they seem old. True.

<ying> Not ladies... some men do.

<Vance> My wife is 49 and she is very beautiful.

<ying> The world changes so fast...

<Gosia> when she was 45 she born my brother she started new life again

<ying> I have seen her pic... Bobby is beautiful.

<Vance> She had your brother. Remarkable!

<Vance> Fortunately we are healthy, and we travel and visit new places and meet a lot of people who keep us young.

<Vance> That's great that your mother had a child at 45. But you said she wasn't healthy earlier this year. How is she now?

<ying> Gosia, your mother were pregnant when she was 45...

<Gosia> she is still ill but she will get out of it she will have to

<Gosia> she looks good and nobody will notice taht she is ill

<Vance> I'm glad she's improving.

<ying> That's great!

<Vance> think that ... that's funny.

<Vance> Are there only two kids in your family?

<Gosia> Yes exactly Ying when she was 45 - a gap between us is 16 - some people thought that I am a mother - ye really funny and I didn't answer them so that they thought I was mother :)))

<Gosia> yes only two

<Gosia> I was brought alone and he will be as well - a gap is tto big

<Vance> It's as if bother of you are only-children

<ying> It is dangerous!.. You might lost a chance to find your soul mate,

<Vance> "only children"

<ying> if you always pretend to be a mother of your brother!

<Vance> An "only-child" is a single child. No brothers or sisters.

<Vance> Gosia was an "only child" only she actually has a brother (who is also an "only-child")

<Gosia> okay I was the only-child and he is the only child right ?

<Gosia> but were you bringing up together

<Vance> I have a sister who is ... hmmm, maybe about that far apart from me, or maybe 12 years. She seemed to grow up in a different house, but now we are fairly close. (for one thing, she's on icq).

<ying> Is your young sister?

<Vance> We weren't really brought up together since I was already almost out of the house when she was a baby. I guess it's 16 years difference, same as you and your brother.

<Vance> My parents spoiled her more than they did me. They treated her like a grand-child.

<ying> Were you jealous her?

<ying> Were you jealous of her?

<Vance> No, I didn't care that much. I had other interests. was more interested in much larger girls.

<Vance> But I'm fairly close to her now after so many years.

<ying> I understood it...

<Gosia> I think we have similiar situation he is being spoiling

<Vance> ok

<Gosia> Sorry but I have to leave you I will try to come back i a few minutes

<Gosia> so see you soon


<Vance> ok see you in a few minutes I'll be her for another half hour.

<Gosia> okay

<Vance> Ying Lan, I've been looking at I'm wondering what you get even and we get odd means.

<ying> Vance, That's I want to ask you.


<Vance> You sent a little of the context, but it didn't give me a clue.

<ying> wait.

<Vance> I think this site is a little ... uh ... weird ...

<Vance> It was fun talking to Gosia. She's a nice girl I think. Hey, MC's on ICQ!!

<Vance> MC, we've been having a great time. Gosia was just here and promised to return.

<michaelc> Have you had anice time witjhout me?

<michaelc> Were you able to use Palace?


<Vance> Were you here before? Your message says you're back.


<ying> I sent the email to you...

<michaelc> That was just a few minutes ago.

<Vance> We are also at (YL and I)

<ying> for Vance.

<Vance> (checking email)

<ying> Hi, Michaelc

<michaelc> I won't bother joining you at Palace. i have ti go soon.

<ying> To pick up your son?

<Vance> Maggi is moving upstairs (computer cord doesn't reach apparently)

<michaelc> No Maggie today? (Hi Ying.)

<michaelc> No YL - it's nearly bed time!

<michaelc> Vance - can I ask you about Interspace?

<Vance> You can. I downloaded it and hit a snag registering I think

<ying> I met a friend she came back to from Australia on summer vacation.

<michaelc> OK.... about 6 months ago I installed it and I could see people and talk to them. Now I go back there and see noone and I can't alk to anyone. Is it all working for you?

<Vance> A Taiwanese friend, YL?

<ying> Yes...

<ying> Her family moved to Australis ten years ago...

<michaelc> YL - did your friend enjoy Australia?

<Vance> MC: I haven't tried it. I only downloaded it because Nicia said she used it. But we could try it.

<Vance> I'll have to go home and do it though.

<ying> Yes, they did.

<ying> But her mother said that "There are no much chance to make money."

<michaelc> Good. Australia is beautiful, fiull of friendly people like me! That's true YL.

<Vance> Look at MC. He's not making any money I'll bet. Even with all his talents.

<michaelc> Also true. Just a poor friendly man.

<ying> It is a good place to live and enjoying their life.

<Vance> However we do have a photo of him on his yacht.

<michaelc> Seriuosly - it IS a great place to live.

<Vance> Don't talk it up too much, MC. You'll incur a VISIT!

<ying> But only for the rich...

<michaelc> I'd love a visit from you all!

<Vance> There's a huge shoreline.

<michaelc> Our govt is not too pleased with the current trend of boat people happening again though. We have hundreds ariving every week lately.

<michaelc> Yeh - but we're catching them!

<Vance> I thought ALL Australians were boat people (except maybe the aborigines, and even them ... ???)

<ying> To send them back their country.

<michaelc> Yes we are. But I guess we don't want anymore ...or at least not too many.

<ying> Vance... it was history...

<michaelc> The problem is that all boat people know that even if they are caufht they will get several months here until Australia figues out what to do with them.

<ying> Michacel... Would you explain the sentence "You get even, we get odd"

<michaelc> YL - that's sounds like something someone would say in agame . Is that right?

<ying> No.. i don't know.

<Vance> You're close MC.

<michaelc> Like when people toss a coin....

<Vance> I'm downloading email now. More clues there.

<michaelc> Or something to do with odd numbers and even numbers. Where did you hear this phrase Ying?

<ying> A news letter from



<Vance> Not much in the email in the way of clues.

<ying> I think let Vance tell us.

<Vance> Strange stuff. The picture you see when you enter Forbidden is good. I've had days like that.

<michaelc> Hotwired?! I'll have a look....

<michaelc> I thought that's how you looked all the time Vance!

<ying> Yes, hot wired.


<Vance> YL, I just went to the url you sent in the email, and I have to say I have NO IDEA why they wrote the title You get even, we get odd.

<Vance> Wait, hotwired or hotweird?

<Vance> oh, you had us looking at a MUCH more interesting site.

<ying> Think it <>

<michaelc> I'm now looking at t the heads on a stick.!

<Vance> I was thinking that this was another side of the many sides of Ying Lan.

<michaelc> Yes - hotweird is very strange!. HOWIRED is a newsletter.

<ying> What

<michaelc> Have a look at Ying!

<ying> I just made a mistake....

<ying> the spelling mistake.

<Vance> howeird is still up for grabs! If you're quick you can register it, MC.


<michaelc> LOL

<michaelc> Or how about ''?



<michaelc> I gott a go folks. Vance - if you get Interspece happenin g let me know....

<Vance> ok. Yeah, I'll have another look. Have you used Interspace YL?

<ying> Yes... one year ago...


<michaelc> Could you actually talk to people when you used it Ying?

<Vance> YL and I had a good conversation using Media Ring but when I tried it with Felix it was not so good because he didn't duplex. I thought I'd mention that.

<ying> Yes, I talked to David once.

<michaelc> I've aslo got Media Ring but haven't tried it yet.

<ying> duplex

<michaelc> One of these days I'll try everything!

<Vance> Media Ring worked well with YL and I.

<ying> Media Righ is good to use..

<Mad> Hi

<michaelc> In the early days with David he had us using a different program every week!


<ying> Mad....


<michaelc> Hi Maggie. How's the moving?


<Mad> it

<Vance> That's good MC. That's why I do this in the first place. Keeps me up to speed.

<Mad> the moving is shit...

<ying> Are you exhausted for moving?

<Vance> cool, welcome back to the world.

<michaelc> Yes - it is good. But there came a time when I just wanted to settle on afew tools and get to know them. (maggie and I talked about this lots in the past.)

<Vance> New tools are coming along all the time and are worth trying out.


<michaelc> Yeh - like always though - you gotta find the time somehow.

<Mad> I am more than exhausted Ying...I am going to just hire someone to move the big stuff..

<Vance> Maybe you can hire Stephan to do it.


<Mad> I won't be staying too long

<michaelc> I'm sure Stepahn would like that!

<Mad> My time is at a premium...

<ying> Take care! maggi

<Mad> Stefan is doing all he can now...


<michaelc> I really am going now. Goodnight everyone.

<Mad> We are both getting nice tight butts...:-)

<ying> Good night

<michaelc> Maggie - don't let it get you down.

<Vance> Are you leaving YL?

<Vance> OH, MC is leaving. Ok , bye mc.


<ying> It depends you...

<Mad> It's the men who9 won't help a lady in need...they have either back problems or tight schedules.

<ying> I don

<Mad> night mc!

<Mad> who honked?


<ying> I don't understand the "duplex"

<Mad> I can't let it get m4e down....

<Mad> bye mc


<Vance> Duplex is when you get sound going both ways at once so we could both talk at the same time.

<Vance> Felix has ... uniplex?? or one way at a time sound, so I have to finish talking before he can start. There are lags. Like talking on the radio.

<Mad> Well at least I got the phone working....

<Mad> that shoud be interesting Ying.


<ying> But I talked to Felix by I-phone.

<ying> It worked.

<Mad> oops...Vance is now where Ying was...I thought she was typing awlfully fast.

<ying> You know.... it was hard to undestand what he said on I-phone.

<ying> we both are not native speaker.

<ying> speakers.

<Vance> Yeah, there was that too. But it's interesting talking to people you know virtually.

<Vance> This sense of the other person emerges.

<ying> I can not pronounce some words in English.

<ying> Like towel... , dawn and down.

<Vance> Your pronunciation is fine. So, say morning instead.

<ying> Towel, tower

<Vance> Say towel to dry off with ... it's clear what you mean from context.

<ying> Really?

<Mad> I know native speakers who have problems.

<Vance> I can understand Ying Lan better than I can someone from Scotland.

<Mad> You will be understand in context Ying.

<ying> Actually... my officemates laugh at me when we were talking in Chinese.

<Mad> understood...that is the main thing.

<Vance> Why do they laugh?

<Mad> Communication is the thing

<Mad> why yi8ng?

<ying> My Chinese pronunication.

<Mad> freudiAN SLIP

<Vance> Why is that? Is it from a different region?

<ying> NO... I spoke the wrong sound.


<Vance> So many tones!

<Mad> People here laugh when I speak Hessishe....

<Vance> gesundheit

<Mad> even though it is correct it sounds funny to here a foreighner say it...

<Mad> hear

<Mad> there are four major tones right Ying?

<ying> Yes... There are four major tones.

<ying> Sometimes I made mistakes when I spoke fast.

<Vance> I'm going to have to be leaving soon. I have to go pick up my plane tickets

<Vance> Yippee!

<ying> o.k.

<ying> It is time to say byb-bye.

<Mad> We probablyall do.

<ying> byb-bye.

<Vance> yeah, you're moving. Gosia was here earlier. You can read about it in the logs.

<Mad> ok...I have to get some stuff never ends...have fun!

<Vance> No one answered my questions about the last logs :-(

<Mad> which were?

<ying> Really?

<Vance> Questions from the logs, didn't you see them? Just secrets you can find out from the logs.

<ying> I just thought it was a good iead.

<Mad> I was there...never went back to read them again.Sould I guess?

<Vance> Like this week, what do Vance and Gosia have in common? (both 16 years apart from nearest sibling). A question about Ying Lan ... ???

<Mad> :-)

<Vance> (can you think of one?)

<ying> No question...

<ying> hotwired or hotweird.

<Vance> younger.

<Mad> You have a sibling 16 yrs younger or older than you Vance3?

<Mad> really?

<Mad> male?

<Vance> That's a good one. What spelling mistake does YL make that leads MC and V to a very interesting (but strange) website?

<Vance> female.

<Mad> schade

<Mad> same mother?

<Vance> maybe I could introduce you to my two-year younger brother ...

<Mad> is he married?

<Vance> Yeah, same mother. My parents were both married before they married each other.

<Vance> He's married. Also incredibly rich. Unlike me.

<Mad> forget it

<Vance> not even rich??

<Mad> not into being a kept woman

<Vance> hmmm, I could get into being a kept man on the side ... just imagining ...

<Vance> Do you know what a "kept woman" is YL?

<Mad> not for long I think...

<ying> What is the kept woman or kept man?


<Vance> It's a woman who is supported by a man just for sex.

<ying> I am not.

<Vance> Or especially for sex, maybe for other reasons as well, like they like each other.

<Mad> I could imagine it being fun for a bit...where does he live?

<Vance> I suppose if you decided it wasn't in your interests you could just leave.

<Vance> My brother? He lives in Houston. But he NEVER corresponds or answers email. I think his wife doesn't like our family.


<Vance> That's life.


<Mad> Hmmm...sounds a little like a rich snob.

<Vance> I've got to go. I have to ...

<Vance> you are not what, YL?

<ying> kept woman

<Vance> No, you'd have to have a rich boyfriend.

<ying> I need one.

<Vance> It's not like a prostitute. It's someone who gives gifts.

<Vance> Yeah, I don't think it's such a bad thing.

<Vance> You'll find one. Go to Vancouver. Different social setting ???

<Vance> Would that help?

<ying> I don't know...

<Vance> but you just visited, didn't you?

<Vance> If you lived there it would be different.

<ying> I have been there but no chance to meet my soul mate

<Vance> You are a beautiful soul, so you must find your soul mate.

<Vance> Yeah, I've got to go too.

<ying> o.k..... it is time to say bye.. you have to get your plane ticket.

<Vance> Before the agent closes.

<Vance> OK, see you next Sunday.

<Vance> bye.

<ying> See you.

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