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Chat with students Gosia from Poland, Felix from Bahia, Ying-Lan from Taiwan, and Gao from Brazil;
and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, and Vance

August 15, 1999

This log includes a role play, where participants took on parts and acted them out online.

Unfortunately, we lost the first part of the buffer. Gosia has announced her plans to go to Zakopane in the Tatras and walk up Mt. Rysy. Vance has been talking about his hiking in mountains.

Gosia: I envy you :-)))))

Maggi: It just sounds like it Gosia...

Vance: I used to walk all over Oman. There are mountains there where natural people live. You can stay with them, get them to tell you about the mountain passes, plan your next trip.

Gosia: How high they are ?

Maggi: Vance just lives his dreams...

Maggi: :-)

Vance: In Oman you can sleep on the ground in the mountains and no animal will bother you. It's cool up there. 2000 meters to 2200.

Gosia: Is there snow - on tops

Vance: Highest ones are 3000, but walking is at 2200. No snow usually because it's a very arid climate.

Gosia: Do you have some pictures

Vance: Very dramatic countryside. Very rugged. Flutes in the night from shepherds walking about when it's cool. Pics? I'll see if I can locate some ...

Gosia: Have you been in Andes

Vance: I've walked a little in Chile. I climbed a volcano there. It was snow walking with crampons.

Vance: I think you will go to mountains every chance you get once you get back from Zakopane.

Gosia: Sorry again I have some problems with my computer

Vance: You can read the logs from our chat later at our website.

Vance: There are pictures in the pages you'll find linked from

Vance: I see there have been only 23 visits to that site.

Gosia: Now I hope everything is okay

Vance: Probably half of them mine.

Gosia: thanks I will go there

Vance: Maggi, you're being uncharacteristically silent today.

Maggi: just listening...

Maggi: Listening is an art too

Vance: So you liked the jokes you found on my website?

Maggi: yes...I have some good ones too!

Maggi: I ALWAYS tell jokes in my classes.

Vance: Do you get a lot of Internet jokes, Gosia?

Gosia: no

Maggi: jokes are good for the soul...:-)

Gosia: is there a special webpage

Vance: Maybe we should do this on webheads, Maggi. We should send jokes around. The trouble is that the best ones are not the kind you usually tell in language classes.

Maggi: I have a couple of lists where you get a joke a day if you are interested

Maggi: oh...there are plenty of those.

Gosia: yes - I like jokes but I cannot tell them and I don't have a good memory to remember them

Vance: OK, I used to put jokes up at

Maggi: you only have to tell them once or twice and then you remember them.

Vance: Let's see, have you heard any good ones lately Maggi?

Maggi: I always have some on hand...:-)

Gosia: I am waiting

Vance: How about, what's the difference between love and AIDS?

Gosia: I don't know

Maggi: for men: A man wakes his wife at 2am and hands her a glass of water and two aspirin.

Maggi: She says...what is that for?

Maggi: He says: Your headache.

Vance: Ah, funny. Do you get it Gosia?

Maggi: She says: But I donīt have one.

Maggi: He says: Gotcha!

Gosia: yes

Vance: Even better!!!

Vance: I like it.

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Felix: Hi there

Maggi: Felix had some good jokes yesterday!

Gosia: hi

Felix: Howdy!!!!

Maggi: Hi Felix...

Vance: Felix, Maggi just told a good joke, so make sure you read the logs so you can "hear" it.

Felix: I was trying to refresh my mind

Felix: oko

Maggi: can I copy what you sent me yesterday Felix?

Felix: Vance yesterday I unsubscribed efiwebheads

Felix: of course

Vance: How were you trying to refresh your mind? - yeah, I got your resubscription request and ok's it

Vance: ok'd it

Felix: ok

Gosia: Do you know some jokes about blond women - this jokes are very popular in POland

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Gosia: hey

Felix: I have a 23 page Word file with them Goia

Vance: HI, YL. OK, Gosia, tell us a blond woman joke.

Ying-Lan: hi

Felix: Gosia

Maggi: he was having a problem getting the mails.

Gosia: oh can you send me

Vance: oh

Maggi: I have a pile of blond jokes somewhere Gosia

Maggi: I will look for them.

Maggi: Hi Ying

Gosia: Okay thanks

Vance: OK, you never answered my earlier question.

Maggi: My son knows a lot of them!

Felix: Gosia do you have Word program?

Gosia: I have

Felix: what question Vance?

Vance: I was hoping you'd ask: What's the difference between love and AIDS?

Gosia: I don't know

Vance: give up?

Vance: AIDS is forever

Maggi: yes..

Vance: get it?

Gosia: - it is horrible :-))))

Maggi: not a funny one Vance...

Felix: LOL

Vance: Felix liked it.

Gosia: I have to leave you for moment

Maggi: he is a man

Vance: (Thanks Felix)

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, please tell me the difference between both.

Felix: heheh

Ying-Lan: Hi, Everyone.

Ying-Lan: Just forgot to say hello to you guys.

Vance: Boy, Aids, I don't want to catch THAT again ...

Ying-Lan: ^You don

Vance: ( ... that's another joke, a friend of mine used to say that ...)

Ying-Lan: ^You don't want to catch it again.. it means you caught it before?

Vance: That's the joke. If you say it, you should have had it, and if you got rid of it, well, that's the joke.

Maggi: Felix sent me this: What is a man's idea of helping with housework? Lifting his feet while the woman vaccums

Ying-Lan: ^Just Felixc sent it to everyone!

Vance: Your English is getting very good, Ying Lan. You're picking up on all these nuances.

Felix: efiwebheads

Felix: Q: How can you tell when a FAX had been sent from a blonde?

A: There is a stamp on it.

Felix: Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a trampoline?

A: You take off your shoes before using a trampoline.

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: LOL

Felix: Q: What's the difference between a blonde and a limousine?

A: Not everybody has been in a limo.

Vance: Fortunately, my wife isn't really blonde.

Ying-Lan: Anybody talks!

Ying-Lan: Have you met Dave these days?

Maggi: Only you would know...:-)

Vance: Do you know what Dolly Parton said when someone asked her if she was offended by dumb blonde jokes?

Maggi: Dave is away...but left his computer trunning.

Maggi: Nope...what did she say?

Ying-Lan: Who is Dolly? What do you mean "Dave is away?

Felix: Q: What do you see when you look into a blonde's eyes?

A: The back of her head.

Vance: I'm glad you asked: She said, "Well, ah'm not dumb, and ah'm not blonde."

Maggi: LOL Daqve is not home Ying.

Vance: Dolly Parton is a famous country / western singer in the USA.

Maggi: Dave I mean

Ying-Lan: Oh, He is going to travel ...

Maggi: yes

Ying-Lan: I just wonder why he is always on the list anytime...

Maggi: he leaves his computer on...


A: Third Grade.

Vance: Yeah, he is. Maybe he's recording everything we say.

Maggi: I doubt it

Gosia: @64,64 !It's Gosia

Ying-Lan: got it. .. he is not spy.

Felix: Hey,, I want your help

Vance: I'm just kidding today.

Gosia: I am again

Ying-Lan: Felix,,, where do you get those jokes?

Vance: OK, Felix. What can we do for you. Hi Gosia!

Vance: Is your computer better now?

Felix: i have been collecting them Ying.

Felix: Well, I have you help me choose a name for my English Course

Felix: I want you..

Ying-Lan: ^Do you know the best method to get those gangs out of train statation?

Gosia: yes - but my last disappearing was because the compuer but my brother

Ying-Lan: ^Do you know what is the best method to get those gangs out of train statation?

Felix: what Ying?

Gosia: sorry - should be wasn't

Vance: Your pet brother? YL, what is the best method?

Maggi: you need a name for your course Felix? What level?

Ying-Lan: ^It is very simple...

Gosia: yes

Vance: yes?

Ying-Lan: ^Just play the classic music all the day.. then they will leave.

Felix: I plan to open a business Maggi.... I'll start with beginners....

Maggi: Will all levels be for business English?

Gosia: I mean - my pet brother

Ying-Lan: ^It is true in New Zealand..

Vance: Is he being a naughty pet today?

Ying-Lan: ^I read it in reader digest.

Felix: And I plan to open a business with a good technology.... computers,,,, Tv with SAP and Closed Caption, a cable TV, a good library

Gosia: oh ... very I have enpugh sometimes and today too

Maggi: Ōk...Felix!

Vance: Felix, why don't you write to webheads and ask them to suggest a name?

Ying-Lan: ^Do you have enough money to do this huge business?

Felix: nope only for business, but English in general.... In my city they are all beginners.

Felix: I will do that Vance

Maggi: I`d stick to International Business Communication.

Ying-Lan: Or you just want to do on internet?

Felix: My father will be my partner.. I think I will need about $ 4,000 to start it

Felix: not on Internet,,, in my city... a person-to-person course

Maggi: Just let me know if you need help...

Ying-Lan: ONly for usd400, it is not enought.

Felix: I need help Maggi

Ying-Lan: ONly for usd400, it is not enough.

Maggi: I am

Felix: It's enough Ying

Maggi: Set up the basics to do business

Ying-Lan: Really? you don't need to pay those bills, do you?

Felix: I have the place... I will only need to buy the equipment..... the chairs, desks, TV's,,,, and so on

Gosia: I have to leave again

Maggi: meetings, small talk, socializing, cultural awareness, presentations and negotiating.

Ying-Lan: All right,,, just keep your nose to smell.

Vance: Of course you'll have to link it to the Internet. Language of commerce person to person but with computers where people can use the internet.

Maggi: videoconferencing

Felix: what kind of bills ying?

Felix: I can offer business English too Maggi.

Felix: but there's another thing... I need a good book,, with video, cd, cassetes and video tapes,,,,,, can you suggested me one?

Vance: Pet brother problems again? Or computer this time?

Ying-Lan: ^Your business sounds like complix???

Felix: i'll have internet too Vance

Felix: complix????

Ying-Lan: ^I read a book today.. maybe you need to read it.

Maggi: or you can offer a personalized course.

Vance: This is a good place to try and help you since we're all online.

Felix: I plan to have a personalized course and a normal class...

Ying-Lan: ^Your business like some kind of " How to learn" ..

Maggi: the normal class is everyday English then?

Felix: i didn't follow you Ying.

Felix: right Maggi...

Vance: That's a good point YL. A very good point. I'm impressed with the way you know "how to learn". Like you find sites with recordings ...

Ying-Lan: ^"To help people to do more better" .. to use your equipment to do better than the old method.

Maggi: learning how to learn I think she means

Vance: The Internet is good for teaching people how to find information for themselves (and they often need English to get the information)

Felix: Do you know these books: Interchange, New Wave, ,, etc etc? I have a book like these ones, but with CD's, videotapes and cassettes..

Maggi: I would check out the books from LTP...they are great.

Felix: I don't know LTP..

Vance: We looked at Interchange for here. It's a good one. Jack Richards.

Maggi: LTP is into more using phrases, collocations and chunking.

Felix: that's it Vance.. But I want an American book.. with has American English.

Felix: and Interchange is British English

Vance: We are using Spectrum now. It has American English and has tapes with it. Like any book, it is not the perfect choice, but it's comprehensive.

Felix: I have heard about it Vance..

Vance: How about English Discoveries for your CD component.

Maggi: The British are getting m

Maggi: more International Felix

Felix: I don't know English Discoveries...

Ying-Lan: ^I really do no understand what is "interchange"?

Maggi: forget discoveries

Felix: Interchange is the name of a book Ying

Ying-Lan: ^you mean "discovery channge"?

Ying-Lan: ^you mean "discovery channel"?

Felix: Why Maggi..??

Maggi: no, he means a series of textbooks for English Ying.

Maggi: too much grammar and fiddly stuff....

Felix: oh!!!!

Ying-Lan: ^Do you really agree with my opinion?

Felix: What stuff do you use in your instutition Vance?

Maggi: you want to get your students out into the world using English.

Ying-Lan: ^"To help people to do more better" .. to use your equipment to do better than the old method.

Felix: yep Maggi

Maggi: I gave your email address and such to my student Ying.

Maggi: She will send you an email.

Ying-Lan: ^Felix,,, you want to start your language school?

Ying-Lan: Thanks maggi.

Vance: No, actually, it's a cd-rom course for English.

Felix: You've got it Ying

Maggi: I think it is a great idea...

Ying-Lan: ^Have you heard the book named "Accelerated Learning for the 21st Centrury"?

Felix: nope

Vance: If you want to get your students into the world, then you don't want them in coursebooks.

Maggi: Is it using the ACT method?

Felix: But I need a book to guide the students and I.

Maggi: that is why I never use a book Vance...

Maggi: use it only as a core then...

Felix: I'll have extra activities, but I need a book .

Ying-Lan: ^So you need to read this "Accelerated Learning"

Vance: Yeah, I like courses where you just do it. Task Based Learning: native speaker English, linked to needs of students, and content is on topics, not structures.

Maggi: I use the actual material in English that they are dealing with on the job.

Felix: But I am not a native speaker English Vance

Ying-Lan: ^You have so many tape ...

Maggi: good point Felix...

Ying-Lan: ^You can play them again and again.

Vance: You're doing it right, Maggi. You don't have to be, Felix. You POINT people to native English on the web.

Maggi: that is what we are on the task for

Felix: yes, but I need a book to be the guider..... Because the students dont know ANY word in English.. got it? They are REALLY beginners.

Ying-Lan: ^Use "Drama training"... it would be funny and more interactive.

Maggi: force at the company Merck

Felix: How come can I use drama training if they don't know any word in English??

Maggi: oh...real beginners...then I would use something in suggestopedy.

Ying-Lan: ^Felix, trust me to find the book and read it .. you will get the answer what you want in the book.

Felix: like what Maggi??

Vance: Then maybe you should look at a beginning book and not a series. A series sticks you in a program you may not want. Then again, teachers find it easier to deal with a set of books (if they're not

Felix: I will try to find it Ying.

Vance: (if they're not great teachers)

Ying-Lan: god

Felix: YEsterday I started a 3 month course for REAL BEginners......

Vance: Here is a site for English Discoveries:

Ying-Lan: Felix, Will you want to the states to work?

Felix: it's a 3-student class

Ying-Lan: ^I remember that...

Felix: not anymore Ying

Ying-Lan: ^There is a famous English Consulting School...

Felix: what is it Ying?

Maggi: Use a lot of role-playing...put the texts you use in two languages...

Ying-Lan: ^It is different from other Gram school....

Felix: that's not a good idea Maggi... If you are learning a language, you have to start to think in that language....

Maggi: use lots of pictures

Maggi: play calming music in the background to keep them relaxes.

Maggi: not for beginners.

Felix: in the Language school I am a teacher I even don't say ANY word in Portuguese to the students... even to the beginners.

Ying-Lan: ^They told me.. they help students to find their weakness .. According their weakness to make the indiviual study schedule for each student. they call it consulting.

Maggi: I use German even in my advanced classes...that is hooey...

Vance: Here's the web site for Dave Sperling's Internet Activity Workbook:

Felix: that's Vance.

Vance: Here's a review of it:

Maggi: Vance is hooey?

Vance: hooey?

Ying-Lan: ^Felix, you may use the consulting meeting for your students...

Felix: during the week I will call the companies and see what they can suggest me

Maggi: suggest to you

Vance: Another really good idea for businessmen is teaching over the telephone.

Maggi: I would ask that as far as possible you be given actual material that they should be able to deal with in English.

Maggi: telephoning is a major area to work on.

Vance: Absolutely right, Maggi.

Felix: Maggi, can you send me the material you have??

Maggi: but not for teaching as it is limited only to the sense of hearing.

Maggi: Most of us are not good listeners.

Felix: of course.

Vance: REAL stuff. That's the best. Authentic, interesting, related to what they WANT to know, chosen by them ideally. Which is where YL's idea on HOW to learn fits in.

Maggi: I use real stuff to practice learning how to phone...

Ying-Lan: ^Motivation

Maggi: but not learning on the phone...maybe I misunderstood you Vance.

Vance: I think you did. You conduct classes over the phone with businessmen, one on one, in their offices.

Maggi: and the first thing I teach them is how to learn...

Maggi: in person...not on the phone

Vance: I've head about this from 3 sources. I think Lonne Turbee was doing stuff over the phone. I ran into a company in Paris that was doing booming business over the phone. And there's a company in Palo

Maggi: we have some phone equipment and I use my laptop to practice calls with our trainees.

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, I envy them,,, you don't teach me how to learn.

Vance: in Palo Alto doing listening materials which are graded over the phone.

Maggi: I hestitate to limit learning to only one sense.

Ying-Lan: ^I wonder the beginner how to talk to each other on phone in English.

Maggi: learning how to deal with it yes..

Vance: Yeah, but if you have to run a business, then over the phone learning is a niche.

Maggi: a small one I am afraid if the results are not good.

Vance: If you're an executive, on limited time, and someone can help you improve your English in daily half-hour phone calls, you might pay for that.

Ying-Lan: ^Most of time.. only keep silence.

Maggi: with a beginner Ying you teach them small phrases and keep it simple to build confidence...

Vance: Let me put it this way, I wouldn't pay for it, but executives have been known to.

Maggi: true Vance...but it would depend on their level...

Maggi: and I donīt relly think it could be that effective for most of them.

Vance: Yes, I'm trying to picture an exec in Felix's part of the world, needs to know more English ...

Ying-Lan: ^But felix said no Protuguese ...

Maggi: a waste of their money in my opinion

Maggi: yes,...that is another thing I donīt agree with.

Felix: there's no executives here in my city Vance.

Maggi: not using l1 in a l2 class that is homgenous.

Maggi: L1 is the first language...L2 is the second

Ying-Lan: ^5 or 4 students in one class... just fine.

Maggi: up to 6 is good Ying...

Ying-Lan: That's enough.. no more.

Ying-Lan: What were you doing?

Maggi: who?

Ying-Lan: ^Busy to find some materials...

Ying-Lan: Three of you...

Maggi: I am waiting for someone to say something.

Maggi: I donīt know what the guys are doing.

Ying-Lan: ^maggi,, let me tell you the book.

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Vance: listening, trying to fit in with the conversation, waiting for Michael to show up ...

Maggi: Hi Michael!

Michael C: Hi everyone.

Vance: oh, there's MC

Maggi: speak of the devil...

Vance: howdy

Ying-Lan: ^I was thinking how to study English .;.

Ying-Lan: ^hi, Michaelc...

Michael C: Well I'm here now Vance....

Felix: my father just popped up.. I need to talk to him about the business

Michael C: Nice to see you Felix!

Felix: Hey all explain to Michael what I am looking for and maybe he can help me.

Maggi: good luck Felix!

Felix: hi and Bye Michael

Vance: ok, all our suggestions will be on the web soon.

Felix: Bye all

Ying-Lan: ^I think to play drama will be a great idea to do...

Vance: bye

Michael C: Bye F!

Ying-Lan: who wants to go?

Ying-Lan: hi,. Michaelc

Vance: I think so too, YL. In fact, you know what is really exciting? Having students make and edit digital video.

Ying-Lan: Great...

Michael C: Hi YL. What's this about drama?

Ying-Lan: ^Anything... like soap operations..

Vance: The tools are getting cheaper and easier to use, and students can write story lines, act them out, film them, and produce them themselves.

Ying-Lan: ^Detctive serial shows..

Ying-Lan: ^We can find it on line?

Vance: Soap operas

Maggi: soap operas Yying

Michael C: I think you mean soap operas Ying.

Maggi: :-)

Michael C: Snap Maggie.

Ying-Lan: ^I have been thinking how to play on line.. but it seems difficult to do.

Maggi: nothing like getting it in 3īs

Vance: That's an interesting idea, YL.

Vance: What about a radio show. We could do that online.

Vance: A radio drama, I mean.

Ying-Lan: ^For the beinger, it is difficult to write those stories.. but it is fine to play an exist script.

Michael C: This sounds big....

Maggi: One of my trainee groups are doing a soap next block.

Vance: cool. How do they do that Maggi?

Ying-Lan: ^You know read more, speak better.

Maggi: Merck has the video equipment.

Maggi: Theyīve done a news cast and presentations already.

Ying-Lan: Vedio equipment... in the real world.. but how to be in the virtual world.

Michael C: Are we talking in general here or about a specific EFI project?

Ying-Lan: ^Just my hallucinations.

Michael C: lol

Maggi: We are talking them into investing in videoconferencing equipment and access for the teachers to the Intranet

Vance: In the virtual world, you need a video cam and capture card. I just got one. Felix has one. Sound is much more practical. Everyone has microphones.

Vance: Sound is easy. Something like MC's Real Slide show (sound and still pictures) can be done by webheads.

Maggi: we could make our own soap then!

Ying-Lan: ^make our own soap... to take a shower?

Maggi: Ying short for soap opera

Vance: I like it, YL. She means "soap operas"

Ying-Lan: i know.. just kidding.

Vance: Got me!

Maggi: I thought so!!

Maggi: Good joke!

Michael C: lol (again)

Ying-Lan: ^Where is Felix? he is scare, isn't he?

Ying-Lan: ^Escape from the soap shower.

Maggi: yes...he probably is...

Maggi: a new start is always a risk.

Maggi: But I told him he lost his job for a reason...

Ying-Lan: ^Before that, you have to give me the script first.. I need some months to prepare it.

Maggi: now he casn start his school...

Vance: what was the reason .. you mean to help boost him into a better career position?

Maggi: start a school...that is what he always wanted.

Ying-Lan: couple of months

Vance: YL, are you thinking to perform a script as a radio program?

Maggi: there is an idea

Ying-Lan: ^To perform?

Vance: To perform = to act the part of one of the characters

Ying-Lan: ^"Just like the profiler... but put the script on

Ying-Lan: ^Actually... it was my idea...

Ying-Lan: ^DAve tried it but failed.

Maggi: great idea

Maggi: heīs a man

Ying-Lan: It is hard to control on internet.

Maggi: (she ducks)

Ying-Lan: ducks?

Michael C: And that has everything to do it with it Maggie.

Vance: (throws another)

Maggi: I have to after I made that comment

Maggi: ouch

Maggi: I was only joking

Maggi: sheesh...

Michael C: What did Dave (the man) try and do and fail? A radio play?

Maggi: male egos...:-)

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Vance: So YL, why don't we help you write a script similar to Profilers, maybe just a short 15 min mystery, and we can get webheads to act it out.

Felix: i ma back

Felix: I am back

Ying-Lan: ^No.. not really.. I just discussed with DAve hot to play a drama in our chatting class.

Ying-Lan: ^No.. not really.. I just discussed with DAve how to play a drama in our chatting class.

Maggi: every Sunday is a drams here :-)

Felix: LOL

Maggi: drama

Ying-Lan: ^One day, he tried to do it.. but it is hard to control...

Vance: Do you mean, everyone comes to class and plays a part?

Michael C: With everyone at the same time?

Ying-Lan: ^No script .. students did know how to talk to each other.

Maggi: sounds like a piece of cake to me...:-)

Felix: do you know RPM??

Vance: Maybe everyone takes on a roll?

Vance: a role, sorry ...

Ying-Lan: ^You can not see everyone's face... and body language.

Maggi: dragons and drag queens in a dungeon

Maggi: Vance is on a roll.....

Maggi: ROTFL

Ying-Lan: Vance, I have not talent to write detective story.

Ying-Lan: ^no

Ying-Lan: ^Probably,,, we could buy the script from the

Maggi: ouch...stop throwing things a

Vance: I think you do, YL. You could certainly contribute to it.

Ying-Lan: I could not figure out their coversation...

Vance: You could outline a plot and we or others in webheads could help you write it. A short script.

Felix: ..

Maggi: Iīll help you Ying

Ying-Lan: plot?

Maggi: storyline

Michael C: We could try and write it as a chain story.....

Vance: A plot, yeah, how the story will go.

Maggi: like a dream

Michael C: ...via email.

Ying-Lan: ^maggi, you got it..just lika a dream.

Maggi: kewl

Ying-Lan: ^I really should not start it.

Maggi: I love dreams

Vance: Another idea is to come to class prepared to take on roles and use the chat logs as a script, or the start of one.

Maggi: and the teacher is only a monitor

Vance: But we'd have to have a storyline and characters defined.

Michael C: That would be interestimg Vance. Kind of develop the play as we go!

Felix: let's start one now?

Maggi: or helps to jumpstart things when they stall

Maggi: ok...

Michael C: I'm willing Felix.

Vance: Well, we could start on a plot now.

Maggi: who wants to start

Ying-Lan: Sam is a doctor.

Vance: Good start.

Ying-Lan: ^she is a beautiful woman too.

Maggi: What kind of doctor

Michael C: Sam is a woman?

Ying-Lan: ^Like thrapist

Maggi: good...a beautiful female doctor

Vance: Hi Gao. We're creating a story. Want to come?

Maggi: a beautiful woman doctor who is a therapist...

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Felix: i am the patient. heheh

Michael C: Is she single/married?

Michael C: lol

Maggi: Of course she is single

Vance: She has a male patient obviously, one who has an unusual


Ying-Lan: ^The point is she can feel the crminial how to muder the


Felix: who is the doctor?

Maggi: and Felix as patient is madly in love with her.

Michael C: OK Single. Felix is her patient.

Michael C: What do you mean Ying?

Felix: what kind of doctor is she?

Maggi: is Felix the killer then?

Maggi: a therapist Felix

Ying-Lan: ^She is married and has a daughter. But Jack killed her


Felix: ohhhhhhhhh so she won't exame my body?? LOL snif snif

Michael C: Who's Jack? the patient?

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance


Maggi: Sam is the doctor

Vance: Can someone summarize? I got tossed offline.

Felix: And who is SAM???

Maggi: the doctor

Ying-Lan: ^I mean Sam can feel the criminal how to muder the dead when

she saw the pciture or checked the place.

Vance: Samia

Felix: Blond Maggi... Who plays the doctor??

Ying-Lan: ^It is hard to say in my poor English.

Maggi: we are even more confused now Vance.

Maggi: Who wants to play the doctor?

Ying-Lan: ^Jack is a criminal.

Vance: Can someone email me the part of the log from the last thing

I said, where Maggi said, of course she is single, so I can catch up?

Felix: you can't state the criminal now Ying.. It's part of the

play.. let it run

Maggi: I can if mc isnīt doing it already.

Ying-Lan: Confused.

Felix: LEt put it this way

Felix: Sam is the doctor

Felix: Jack is her worst patient

Maggi: He means you just say the characters and it goes from


Felix: Joyce is her secretary

Felix: Joseph is another patient

Maggi: are you copying mc?

Michael C: I'm not logging....

Felix: Bill is the police detective

Michael C: (sorry)

Maggi: ok...Iīll do it

Felix: So, a patient of Sam was murdered... Everyone is


Michael C: We have to decide if we're just doing the plot or actually

taking on the roles...

Felix: we have the story now...

Felix: let's take the roles..

Felix: I am Jack

Ying-Lan: I jsut saved the log..

Felix: Who is Sam?

Michael C: We have Sam, Jack, Bill and? We need 5 characters.

Felix: Ying or Maggi?

Ying-Lan: ^I can sent it to you later.. but i am not sure which part

you lost.

Felix: Joyce

Felix: joyce - the secretary

Felix: bill - the police detective

Michael C: OK - that's 4.

Ying-Lan: ^and who is who?

Vance: I think Maggi is doing it. Just the part where you started the story. I lost a bit of that.

Felix: Joseph is another patient

Felix: I am Jack

Felix: Who is Bill??

Maggi: I sent it alreadys..

Michael C: OK. Where does it start?

Felix: Can I point out the roles?

Ying-Lan: sure

Michael C: Sure Felix (jack)

Felix: Ying you are Joyce the secretary

Felix: Maggi is Sam (the doctor)

Felix: Michael is Bill (the police detective)

Michael C: Thanks F!

Felix: Vance is Joseph (the other patient)

Joyce: ^Joyce is coming...

Felix: So now we are are the police department being interviewed.

Maggi: kewl...and I get to be the dr huh?

Jack: yep Maggi

Michael C: OK.

Michael C: Who is being interviewed?

Joyce: ^Hi, Sam. Good morning! There is a patient waiting for you.

Jack: everyone...

Jack: Joyce,, we are at the police department being interviewed by Bill

Joyce: Sorry

Jack: Bill you call the first person

Michael C: I gotta check - someone had been killed (a patient of Sam's) but we don't know who? Right?

Jack: right Michael

Michael C: I don't remember how to change my name!

Sam: edit-preferences

Joseph: Hello, I know I don't have an appointment, but I HAVE to see the doctor. I have to see her now.

* Joseph * edit / preferences

Jack: Joseph we are at the POLICE DEPARTMENT.. heheh

Joyce: ^We are in police office.. To be quiet.

* Joseph * I don't remember how to unwhisper !!

Sam: he needs I THERE TOO?

Jack: everyone is there Sam

Bill (FBI): OK. Dr Sam. I believe the deceased was a pateint of yours?

Joyce: ^:-(

Sam: Sam takes Joseph off to the side to calm him down.

Bill (FBI): lol

Joyce: Sam, do you need help?

Bill (FBI): Dr Sam - did you hear me?

Sam: yes, he was detective

Sam: (Joseph is quiet now that he has had a shot!)

Sam: depression

Joyce: ^have a seat, Take easy, Joseph

Joseph: Where am I? What was in that shot?

Bill (FBI): Did he ever talk about anyone wanting to kill him?

Sam: joyce will take care of you.

Jack: novocaine Joseph (shut up)

Sam: not that he mentioned to me...

Joyce: ^fine, you are a good boy.

Joseph: Idd dhad why idds so hard do dalk?

Sam: ...but you have to realize that I have to respect my patients right to privacy.

Joyce: :-)

Bill (FBI): What about these 2 here - jack and Joseph. They look a bit suspicious to me. Are they pateints of yours?

Sam: Wwell...I do hasve a busy practice...

Sam: all sorts turn up on my doorstep.

Bill (FBI): Forget about provacy doctor. This is a *murder inquiry*!

Bill (FBI): Jack - can I call you by your first name?

Sam: Then you can speak to my lawyer if you take that tone with me young man.

Jack: yep

Bill (FBI): Did you know the dead patient?

Joseph: ummm umm whad wad in dat shod?

Jack: I meet her once at the waiting room

Sam: her?

Bill (FBI): Joyce - while you're waiting could you get out the files on all Dr Sam's pateints please?

Joyce: ^Sam, I have already noticed the lawyer, he will be here after one hour. Actually he is in court now.

Sam: those files are the my property dective

Bill (FBI): Did you speak with the dead woman jack?

Sam: and you need a court order to have them

Joyce: ^But,, sir.. all the files are still in our office.

Jack: Yes, we had a small talk..

Sam: dead women canīt speak

Bill (FBI): I have a court order. Here it is.

Sam: dead women canīt speak

Bill (FBI): I have a court order. Here it is.

Bill (FBI): Very funny Dr.

Joyce: ^ I did not bring those file.

Sam: excuse me a second while I read this over

Bill (FBI): Well go and get them would you Joyce.

Joyce: But what do you want to know?

Bill (FBI): jack - are friends with Jseph?

Sam: Jooyce stay right here

Bill (FBI): I want to know everything Miss JOyce.

Jack: yep.. we used to play tennis together.

Bill (FBI): Dr - you are not being very helpful.

Sam: (she thinks this Bill guy should get a little therapy himself)

Joyce: ^Everythin... my god... There is not extra space to put those "EVERYTHING"?

Bill (FBI): I you can't assist my inquiries I will have to conduct these interviews without you.

Sam: Fat chance

Bill (FBI): Miss Joyce - just get the files will you please?

Joyce: ^I will came back with two guys file.. but only very few.

Sam: Joyce...just bring the files listed here on the court order.

Bill (FBI): OK. that will do for now.

Joseph: Can I see the doctor now?

Bill (FBI): So Joseph. is this true? You played tennis with this creep?

Joyce: ^Sam is a mind reader... she does not need those material.. so we did not keep it.

Joseph: He made me do it.

Joyce: o.k.

Bill (FBI): Mind reader! What a load of rubbish! What kind of practice is this?

Sam: You reaslize of course you are also under no condition to use the information except in the course of the investigation?

Joyce: I go to take those file. wait!

Bill (FBI): He *made* you play tennis?

Sam: I smell something burning...( a fire truck goes wizzing past)

Joseph: He is a hypnotist. He can make people do things they don't want to do.

Bill (FBI): (noise of the siren drifts through the window)

Bill (FBI): Can he now?

Bill (FBI): Do you trust this man?

F@B: @64,64 !It's F@B

Jack: Hi Fabricio

Joseph: It is possibel that he has hypnotized you. I think he has complete control over Dr. Sam.

Sam: what man?

Bill (FBI): I am *not* hypnotised. i am a ploce officer!

Bill (FBI): Police officer!

Jack: Fabricio can you see me?? I am Felix

Joseph: I'm only telling you this to assist your investigation.

Joyce: here you are. sir

Joseph: (Or maybe Jack is making me tell you this through power of suggestion)

Bill (FBI): To your knowledge Joseph - has this man ever used his hypnotic powers for bad?

Sam: (Joyce comes running in to say that the doctors office is on fire!)

Joseph: (Or perhaps I'm trying to cover up for Dr. Sam, but what would you know, you're just a cop)

Bill (FBI): Oh my go.....

Sam: what a pity officer

Bill (FBI): Where's the way out of here. Get out of my way.....

Joseph: What is it officer?

Joseph: Can I see the Doctor now?

Bill (FBI): Is there still a fire?

Sam: (she gives Joseph a pat on the head)

Joseph: I know I don't have an appointment, but ...

Sam: In my office silly...not here

Bill (FBI): You can see the doctor as long as I amwith you. I don't trust any bof you.

Joseph: But, Jack told me to come here?!

Sam: Well...donīt believe everything Jack tells you.

Joseph: Jack, why did you tell me to come here? Was it for our tennis match?

Bill (FBI): Why do you do what Jack tells you?

Joseph: I I ... I don't ... I don't know ...

Bill (FBI): Id he told you to jump off a tall buildign would you do it?

Joseph: It's just the way he swings his watch chain. It's so mesmerizing ...

Sam: Now, now officer...

Sam: donīt be a bully..

Bill (FBI): If he told you to kill someone would you do it?

Joyce: Where is Jack?

Joseph: Wait. He's gone. I think I'm ok now. Where am I? What am I doing here?

Sam: Jack had to go to the toilet

Joyce: ^Hi, sir.. Jack is gone..

Joseph: Who are you?

Bill (FBI): Keep out of this doctor.

Bill (FBI): Joyce - dp you have thiose files yet?

Sam: (this cop has a very abrasive manner...letīs see if I turn on the charm a litlle)

Joyce: Have you found the clue?

Joseph: It's just when Jack's around, I'd do almost anything ... jump off a building ... commit murder .. .you name it ..

Bill (FBI): I am a polce officer. Imtold you before. isn't it obvious?

Sam: (dumb guy...I told him my office burned down...)

Bill (FBI): Mmmm...very interesting Joseph.

Sam: Joseph is delusional...

Bill (FBI): Miss Joyce. I'd like a full record of all the files on this Jack fellow. Do you have them?

Sam: Aare you deaf officer...she came in earlier and told you...

Sam: my office burned down!

Joseph: Is that why Jack told me to come here? Must be.

Joyce: I gave it to you...

Bill (FBI): Meanwhile - (sorry Doctor - I was busy) I think I'd like to observa a consultation beween you and the doctor Joseph. Would that be OK by you doctor?

Joseph: Wait, what is Jack using for toilet paper. No, it can't be. Not the file!!!

Sam: well, least they canīt accuse you of burning my office down.

Sam: (Good boy Jack)

Joseph: No, Jack gave me some matches. He said, go play. I not burn down office. Not on purpose. I'm a good boy, really ...

Bill (FBI): I think you're all highly strange.

Sam: I not sure that is ethical invasion of a patientīs privacy.

Joseph: What are you saying, Bill. Are you a therapist?

Bill (FBI): Only the secretary seems half way normal.

Joseph: Which half of her do you consider normal?

Sam: top or bottom?

Bill (FBI): The shoes!


Bill (FBI): Excuse me coming in.....

Sam: (give me the matches Joeseph)

Joseph: You certainly scared Bill there, Joyce.

Joyce: matches

Joseph: No, not the matches. You can't take them. Jack gave them to me.

Bill (FBI): Sorry..there's been another murder. I've got to go. Sounds like a hypnotist was involved. We'll continue this next time....

Joseph: Jack told me to play. They're my matches.

Sam: I gave the matches to Jack...

Joyce: That's what I want to say

Sam: donīt worry Joseph...Iīll give them back to him.

Joseph: (Ah, the plot thickens)

MichaelC: Who are all you people? Joyce? Joseph? Sam? Huh?

Joyce: ^May I to go to sleep?

Joseph: No, I'm going to play with them now. Watch. Wait, this curtain seems to have caught fire. Oops.

Sam: just the radio shack

Sam: Michael left without saying goodbye?

Joyce: He is tired.

Joseph: Well, he did say he had another call.

Joyce: to be a anget of FBI

Sam: I wonder what his calling is?

Joseph: Not acting, apparently.

Sam: agent

Joyce: ^he said "see you next week"

Joyce: ^It is time to go..

Ying-Lan: Thanks for your great performance.

Joseph: I guess Gao must have thought we were a bunch of nuts.

Sam: that was good with with the line which half of her was normal...

Ying-Lan: nuts. Who is Gao?

Sam: hard to come in on the middle of that

Joseph: I don't know. I don't think he'll be back to webheads.

Sam: A friend of Felixīws

Joseph: oh, you know him?

Sam: in Brazil

Sam: yep

Ying-Lan: ^Why did you say that? Vance.

Joseph/vance: What, which half is normal?

Joseph/vance: That?

Joseph/vance: Or, why he won't be back?

Ying-Lan: ^If he joined the list, he probably like it.

Joseph/vance: I don't recall him from the list.

Joseph/vance: I suppose stranger things happen at the Palace. We're just missing out on them.

Maggi: Felix only got him set up last week.

Ying-Lan: ^Never mind

Joseph/vance: He came at a good time then.

Maggi: i know some really nice rooms at the Palace.

Ying-Lan: where?

Joseph/vance: do tell

Maggi: One has the most beautiful bedrooms...

Maggi: and you can lock the door

Maggi: another is in space somewhere

Joseph/vance: We went to a place where you can lock the door when this place was out of order.

Maggi: :-)

Ying-Lan: o.k. I think I need to go.

Ying-Lan: See you next week.

Joseph/vance: Thanks for your marvelous idea. That was fun.

Maggi: have sweet dreams Ying!

Ying-Lan: bye-bye

Joseph/vance: Bye.

Maggi: was fun!

Maggi: bye

Ying-Lan: That's my pleassure.

Ying-Lan: bye

Joseph/vance: sweet dreams

Joseph/vance: copying logs

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