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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Felix from Brazil and teachers Vance, Michael C and Maggi

November 14, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

Maggi and Vance are at the Palace when they see Michael and Ying Lan come up on ICQ at about the same time.

Vance: MC is there. And Ying. Can you tell YL where we are?

Maggi: ok

Maggi: message is off

Vance: I've just told them. Both msg'd me.

Maggi: ok

Maggi: Hi Ying

Ying-Lan: Hi. maggi ; Hi Vnace.

Ying-Lan: Hi Michalec.

MichaelC: Hi everyone.

Maggi: Hi mc

Vance: Hi. Just sending an email out to everyone

MichaelC: So this is a Portuguese room?

Ying-Lan: No idea about this.

Vance: It's labeled on my computer.

Maggi: I probably will not be around next weekend.

MichaelC: No - Spanish.

Vance: But I can't see it. No graphics. How can I force graphics to load?

Ying-Lan: Why? where do you go?

Maggi: I'm moving

Maggi: I may be offline awhile

Ying-Lan: ^To move to another house?

Vance: Upstairs?

Maggi: upstairs...

Ying-Lan: upstairs? in the same house?

MichaelC: Don;t know how to force download of graphics - but you need convhall.gif

Maggi: yep

Ying-Lan: ^Do you live in a apartment?

MichaelC: Maybe I can send it to you>

Vance: Go for it.

Maggi: I live in a bungalow now

Maggi: I am moving to the top floor of a 3 family house

Maggi: this is going to be a mini helll

Ying-Lan: OH....

Ying-Lan: But the bungalow is better, isn't it?

Maggi: moving is no fun no matter ho9w far you go

Maggi: yes it is...but I would have to move next May anyway.

Maggi: better now

Maggi: the other flat is completely rennovated

Maggi: looks nice

MichaelC: Vance - I have 5 files that are in the palace/mexico folder. They're on the way...

Vance: k

Maggi: you should hasve left him i the dark mc

Maggi: :-)

Vance: (can't see the keyboard in here)

Maggi: he likes to feel ...:-)

Vance: (grope grope ... who was that?!)

MichaelC: What you do when you get the files I'm not sure....

Maggi: hey!!

Vance: oh, it was you

MichaelC: ...stick them in the appropriate folder I guess.

Maggi: ROTFL

MichaelC: A shame you can't see Vance - it's nice here.

Maggi: isn't it

Vance: Palace / mexico eh? (downloading now)

MichaelC: So Maggie - finished moving?

Maggi: ha...just starting the ordeal...

MichaelC: Hang on - I gotta log out for a bit. Urgent need of phone....back in 5.

Vance: No good. I've already got five files in a Palace / Media / MexicoCo folder

Maggi: you need isdn

Maggi: Hi Glenys

Vance: Hi Glennys. Guys I've got to log out for a sec to update these files (sharing violation)

Vance: brb

Ying-Lan: maggi, the old bunglow has to be renovated?

Maggi: Not by me

Ying-Lan: by tho owner?

MichaelC: Back again...

Maggi: yes...he is making a lot of changes.

Maggi: that was quick mc

MichaelC: Well you know Australians!

Maggi: Vance did a disappearing act too!

Ying-Lan: Do you allowed to move back when it is done?

Maggi: no Ying this is a permanent move...

MichaelC: Very efficient users of technology.

MichaelC: Are you still in the dark Vance?

Maggi: the Australians mc?

Vance has logged off to update the images Michael sent; Vance logs back on ...

No connection - Press Connect button to go to a Palace

Searching for Plug-ins...

PalacePresents Viewer Installed!

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to The Palace Portal!

*** You are hidden

Vance: ^@96,35 Props Galore. All original Props. Many categories. Help available for creating your own Avs! Click to go there now. []


Connecting to

Connected via TCP

Vance: YES!!!

Vance: It worked!

MichaelC: Who fou d this nice place?

Maggi: I noticed the latest figures showed the quake did not affect the economy in Taiwan.

MichaelC: So you have the pictures now Vance?

Maggi: me

Ying-Lan: But the expert said it was different between Taiwan and Turkey...

Vance: Yeah. I had each of those files but each was zero bytes.

Vance: I tried to replace them with yours but there was a sharing violation.

Maggi: tsk tsk

Vance: I logged off (end of sharing violation), replaced my zero byte files with yours and ...

Vance: voila

Vance: I mean CARAMBA!

Maggi: middle of the road is a good place to get run over.

Vance: How bout the edge of the road ...

Ying-Lan: Yaah,,, but if the earthquake have hit the north part of Taiwan,,, it should have been hurt our economic..

Maggi: it would have

Ying-Lan: Yaah,,, but if the earthquake have hit the north part of Taiwan,,, it would have been hurt our economic..

MichaelC: There's always a solution (re V's file problem). Well done Vance!

Vance: Thanks for the files

Maggi: even men can be creative and intuitive...:-)

MichaelC: Yes EVEN men.

MichaelC: There is hope for the world.

Vance: ESPEcially men, SOME would say ...

Maggi: that's what I said silly

Maggi: don't push it Vance

MichaelC: Do you think we'll ever get ou own Palace back?

Maggi: wwhat does Nttie say?

Maggi: Nettie

MichaelC: She just says the whole thing is being rebuilt.....

MichaelC: maybe our little space is low priority?

Maggi: Guess it takestime

Maggi: probably is mc

MichaelC: I don't leimto keep buggin her but maybe we should asl her again .

MichaelC: I don't like...

Maggi: ask for a time estimate...

MichaelC: Ok - good idea.

Vance: This seems ok

Vance: If you go to, it seems there's nothing there but the Palace

Maggi: there are piles of Palaces available

Vance: So it must be their bread and butter, their only business (Coterie's)

MichaelC: Except where not wizards here outside of EFI.

Maggi: and when was the last time you used them mc...?

MichaelC:'s the though that counts!

Vance: I never understood this wizard thing, did you, YL?

Maggi: I see +-)

MichaelC: But I'd been contemplating using Palace Presents again...

Vance: (what are they talking about, YL?)

Maggi: I have a password somewhere for the corterie site to be a wizard.

Ying-Lan: ^Does it matter with WIZARD?

Maggi: You can't use the software fully without it.

Maggi: Hi Felix

Felix: hi there

Vance: Hi Felix

MichaelC: test...

Ying-Lan: I got low quality of ISP transportation today.

MichaelC: Am I working?

Felix: Wow.. So techinal uh Ying?

Vance: Do you mean your connection is poor?

Maggi: how do you mean mc?

Maggi: poof

MichaelC: test...

Felix: Good day for all.

MichaelC: OK. I'm back.

Maggi: now you see now you don't

MichaelC: Hi Felix.

Felix: I thought you could get rid of you MC.. LOL

Felix: we could.

Maggi: can you zap him Felix?

MichaelC: How was your day Felix - lots of videos?

Felix: I am trying desperately Maggi..LOL

Felix: Yep.. I rented 4..

MichaelC: No one is a wizard here so we're all safe.

Maggi: you had to ask mc...:0

MichaelC: ONLY 4?

Felix: LOL@MC..

Vance: Last week you guys talked a lot about videos.

Felix: Monday is holiday here so I will have time to watch them

MichaelC: What's the holiay for?

Maggi: what holiday?

Felix: Independence of the Republic

Maggi: echo here...

MichaelC: Congratulations!

Maggi: is still not free

Felix: I am not a nacionalist MC

MichaelC: lol@Maggie.

Maggi: nationalist

MichaelC: We remain British slaves.

Felix: Vance and Ying are quiet.

MichaelC: In fact YL just disappeared!

Maggi: Vance is taking 5

Felix: taking 5???? what is that?

Maggi: :-)

MichaelC: So explain Maggie....

Maggi: could be a number of things

Felix: MY son just arrived here... He had a fever this night.. HE slept in my bed with us.

Vance: Actually, I'm taking OFF.

Vance: Gotta go teach that diving class.

Maggi: have fun...

Vance: One of my students just showed up.

MichaelC: OK Vance. Teach em lots.

Felix: I hope you don't drown your students Vance. :o))

Maggi: clear the runnway for take offf...

Vance: ok, bye all ... btw, who's on LOG DUTY?

MichaelC: Is it hot today - nice weather for diving?

Vance: I'm getting it up to now

Vance: It's a little cool, and cooling

Maggi: guys?

Felix: I can do that

Maggi: I have to go soon too.

MichaelC: I can do it ....thanks Felix.

Maggi: good Felix

Vance: Ok, thanks. I'll just grab the logs and ...

Felix: oh ok Mc.. You do it.

MichaelC: I can do it for another 15 mins.

Ying-Lan: Hi everyone!

Felix: Hi Ying Lang

MichaelC: Hell YL. Welcome back.

Maggi: Made it back Ying

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: flying fingers MC!

Vance: OK, bye, nice to see everyone again in such nice surroundings ...

Vance: shuss

Maggi: ciao!

MichaelC: I got thrown out earlier. maybe they don't like us using this Palace?

Felix: Bye Vance..

Ying-Lan: Got some trouble with connection... it was too slow... I was in dark, either.

No connection - Press Connect button to go to a Palace

Vance leaves the chat ...


Ying-Lan: Got some trouble with connection... it was too slow... I was in dark, either.

Felix: what is shuss???

Maggi: should be tschuss

Felix: meaning??

Maggi: bye

Maggi: like ciao

Felix: in what language??

Maggi: shuss is when you ski straight down the run

Maggi: German Felix

MichaelC: So how's your kid Felix? Still with fever?

Felix: No. Thank Heavens he's ok now.... Right now he's messing my room.. Kids..

MichaelC: Do you mind your kids in bed with you?

Maggi: messing up your room

Felix: Nope.

MichaelC: You're a cool dad.

Felix: thanks Maggi

Maggi: I took my son to bed often when he was little

MichaelC: Kids love that.

Felix: He woke up at 3 am and we watched a movie together.

Maggi: they sure do

Felix: My wife gave a lecture to both of us.. :o))

Maggi: :-)

MichaelC: I always find it hard to understand why some parents don't like it.

Ying-Lan: Felix, you did not need sleep?

Felix: But I sleep Ying!!!

MichaelC: But what was the movie you watched together? A kid's movie I hope?

Maggi: they think, mistakenly, that perhaps the children will never leave their bed.

Felix: nope... The Master's of the Wishes II...

MichaelC: Don't know it./

Maggi: pls don't ask mc

Felix: well, when you have 3 it's hard to manage that.. But I got used to it.

MichaelC: lol

MichaelC: Why not ask maggie?

Felix: LOL@Maggi... It's a suspense movie.

Maggi: at least it keeps your bed warm eh Felix?

MichaelC: Felix is a decent guy. I'm sure he'd only show hos kids 'good' movies.

Felix: but so many legs Maggi..

Maggi: people used to sleep ltogether in one big bed.

Felix: Oh yes.... I don't show my kids "that" kind of movies. And to tell you the truth I seldom rent them.

MichaelC: And I believe you Felix.

Maggi: lots of feet to tickle

Felix: You'd better do.. I am not lying.

MichaelC: OK. I really do!

MichaelC: I just like stirring you up Felix.

Maggi: let'sw stir him up eh Felix?

Felix: I know MC..

MichaelC: No no please no!

Felix: LOL

Maggi: tickle him...

Maggi: he is ticklish I bet

MichaelC: I'm hiding behind Ying.

Felix: Mc, why doesn't your wife participate with us too?? You once said that she's a teacher..

Maggi: just like a man to hide behind a woman...

MichaelC: Yes she is Felix. Usually this time on a Sunday night she's in bed.....

Felix: oh I forgot that it's too late for you

MichaelC: ......but you're right ...that's a god idea. I'll inviet her.

MichaelC: a good idea.

Felix: Tell her that I would appreciate it a lot.

MichaelC: OK. I will.

Maggi: he loves women!

Ying-Lan: Can you be on line at the same time in your house? Michalec.

Felix: I wish I could meet you all personally one day....

Maggi: same here

MichaelC: Yes Ying - but only on the one computer.

Maggi: you need isdn

MichaelC: We would have to share.

Felix: Ying, don't you want to visit me during carnival??

Ying-Lan: carnival?

Felix: yep

Maggi: Carnival started here already

Felix: Carnival here is in February.

Maggi: on 11.11 at 11.11

Maggi: the best stuff is then too Felix

MichaelC: Really? 11/11 here is Remembrance Day - the day to remember all the people who have dies in war!

Maggi: with parades and parties

Ying-Lan: I don't know.... I can not be off of my work during Feb... It is Chinese New Year...

Maggi: it is just the kick off of the season

Felix: In Carnival we have parties, lots of street parties.

Felix: Come in January then Ying.

MichaelC: ..and at Chinese New Year you have your own parties.

Ying-Lan: I have heard that... and Watched it on TV...

Maggi: Next year is our year Ying.

MichaelC: Are you seriously thinking about going to Brazil Ying?

Ying-Lan: Yes, it is dragon's year.

Ying-Lan: Not yet...

Felix: I would be happy if any of you come to visit me.

MichaelC: One day Felix.

Felix: I will wait.

MichaelC: When my kids leave home and I have a lot more money.

Ying-Lan: I told you before, I have to study for the test which will take in the Nest March.

Ying-Lan: next

MichaelC: I see Ying.

Maggi: You think you will have more money when they leave mc?

Ying-Lan: Sooo... It is hard to traval in FEB... we can not be absent from 12/30 to 1/10.. because of the Y2K

MichaelC: Well my time's up. can anyone continue with the log or are you going too? maggie - of course I will. Kids cost a fortune.

Felix: i got disconnected.

Maggi: I'm going

Maggi: I know they do mc...

Felix: I am going too.. Nice to catch you all today.

Ying-Lan: Bye...

Maggi: I'm waiting for the day he can do it himself.

MichaelC: OK So we're all going. Nice to see you too Felix.

Felix: bye

Maggi: Bye all! Enjoy your day!

MichaelC: Have a good wek everyone.

MichaelC: Goodnight!

Maggi: I may not be around after Friday...

MichaelC: Why not maggie? Is this cos of moving?

Maggi: slaap lekker mc

Maggi: yep

MichaelC: How lomg for maggie?

Maggi: who knows...depends how fast I can get reconnected.

MichaelC: OK. Keep in touch though won't you? With email from work or something?

Maggi: will do

MichaelC: OK. Ciao.

23:07:50 - Closing Log

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