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Chat with students Felix from Bahia and Ying-Lan from Taiwan, and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, and Vance

July 11, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to Virtual School House Felix!

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Maggi: Hi Felix

Felix: hi there

Vance: Heeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrsssssssssss FELIX!

Felix: Good afternoon/morning/evening

Vance: Hi Felix.

Felix: what Vance/?

Felix: Hi

Maggi: Shame about that guy Vance, but it was his loss not


Vance: Here's Felix ...

Felix: oh

Vance: A loss none the less

Felix: Gotcha!

Maggi: That's like a drum roll intro Felix...

Felix: I can hear it..

Vance: Sort of like they say in Hawaii, alooooooooooooo ha

Maggi: yes, I know Vance...hard to let go...

Vance: snif snif I'll get over it

Maggi: takes time

Felix: Next weekend I will have Americans in my house.. Net


Vance: (time flies) well, over it now.

Maggi: Where are they from?

Felix: Chicago

Maggi: I wonder...I think I am over it, but I maybe I just

push it in a place out of sight.

Felix: What the hell are you talking about?

Maggi: Another thread with Vance about friends.

Felix: thread?

Maggi: So, how long are they staying Felix?

Vance: We're talking about a friend of mine who lives in

Germany. Last time I was there he didn't want to see me because ...

Felix: 3 days Vance.

Maggi: thread...subject-...

Vance: I went for skiing instead of to see him.

Felix: He was right Vance... I would be mad at you too

Vance: I've been to see him a number of times, sometimes

mainly just to run up and see him and his family.

Maggi: I don't think so.

Maggi: A friend would be more understanding.

Felix: But did you see him? Or did you just go there and

skied ?

Vance: Long story ... I was actually going to a conference

in New York.

Felix: awwwwwwwww

Vance: My employer gave me a ticket to fly a plane that

landed in Germany.

Felix: So you dropped by Austria right?

Vance: It was winter, and I like to ski.

Vance: Right. But I was in email contact with him trying

to arrange to come by his city on my way there or back.

Felix: I understand now

Vance: So he had his wife answer my emails.

Felix: But the best thing among friends is that we are mad

and later we are ok again

Vance: In Austria, I called him. That's when he told me he

had been pissed at me for making skiing the point of my journey.

Vance: True. But with friends, you should be glad if

someone comes to see you when you make a long journey.

Felix: Ture

Felix: true

Vance: So this guy hasn't been back in touch since, and I

don't think I'll hear from him again.

Vance: I used to live with him in Houston, in the 1970's.

Vance: He was my oldest friend.

Felix: People are moody sometimes.. Maybe you reach him

when this TMP was high.. ROFLMAO

Felix: when his

Vance: his TMP?

Felix: Pre-mestrual tension...

Felix: menstrual

Felix: whatever

Vance: Yeah, maybe.

Vance: Anyway, now Felix, you wouldn't treat me like that

if I came to Brazil to do some diving, would you?

Felix: only if you dont come to see me...

Maggi: Sorry guys...was just helping my son help me to flip

my mattress over to the summer side.

Felix: brb

Vance: Exactly. I would make it a point to see you.

Felix: my son is crying

Felix: that way I wouldnt

Maggi: pick him up...

Vance: Speaking of sons, my 20 year old just arrived last


Maggi: I had a dream about diving...

Maggi: was his trip to Austria?

Felix: that's cool

Felix: i have Lucas on my arms now

Vance: Yeah? Was it a pleasant dream or a scary dream?

Maggi: Wonderful

Vance: In your arms

Maggi: I told you I am like a fish in the water.

Felix: thanxs

Felix: i love water

Vance: me too but I prefer beer

Felix: LOL

Maggi: I love both...

Felix: it's hard to type and hold a baby hehe

Maggi: So, is Lucas happy now?

Vance: I was just telling Maggi that my son is visiting. I

think I'll have the boys prepare a realslide show about the visit.

Maggi: good skill to learn Felix!

Vance: Where's his momma?

Felix: that's interesting.. i couldn't see Michael's yet

Felix: at the church

Maggi: Give the lady a break...they have 3 kids.

Vance: Do you go to church too?

Felix: i think i had already told you this.. I love


Felix: with ketchup and mayonese

Felix: rarely

Vance: I don't blame you.

Maggi: I know you do Felix...I remember your voice at the

hospital when Lucas was born.

Felix: lucas is staring to the screen now...

Vance: Phone? Sound file?

Maggi: at the screen

Vance: HI LUCAS!!!

Vance: (wave) (wave)

Felix: she phone me Vance

Maggi: No, I called the hospital in Brazil Vaqnce.

Felix: she phoned me Vance

Vance: Really?

Felix: yep

Maggi: It was fun trying to get through the operator.

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Vance: That must have been a surprise.

Maggi: Hi Ying.

Vance: Hi YL!

Ying-Lan: hi

Felix: hi ying

Felix: i loved her call

Ying-Lan: Sorry for being late.

Maggi: The big surprise was they were told to expect a


Felix: sorry? you will have to pay us a pizza Ying.. heheh

Maggi: ...and out popped a boy!

Vance: Well, at least one called.

Ying-Lan: only pizza

Maggi: Felix was on cloud nine!

Felix: and a beer of course

Felix: cloud nine?????????

Maggi: in heaven!

Felix: oh

Felix: yes I was

Maggi: up in the sky...flying high...

Maggi: and smoking a cigar!

Felix: dont forget the cigar hehehe

Ying-Lan: Is it enough?

Maggi: so far in the poll it seems men and women sleep

about the same on average.

Felix: That day I got 2 international calls.. I understand

now why they charged me a fortune... They thought I was rich. LOL

Maggi: Vance and I are at the low end...

Vance: Maybe it's an age difference, not a gender one.

Maggi: You mean the hospital bill, right?

Felix: yes Maggi

Vance: Do you have insurance?

Maggi: It averages out regardless of age it seems.

Felix: Public health is very very bad in Brazil

Maggi: Ying really can sleep...:-)

Ying-Lan: ^yes, I need more sleep like a child.

Maggi: I like taking short naps when I have the time.

Ying-Lan: I can sleep over 10 hours...

Felix: as my wife says... I dont sleep.. I get into comma.

Ying-Lan: It is a joke in my family...

Maggi: coma

Maggi: go into a coma

Felix: I dont sleep, I go into a coma

Maggi: this is a comma ,

Felix: yes..... That's right dear maggi

Vance: Maybe he means he curls up when he sleeps.

Maggi: quick and fast and deep eh?

Felix: good in bed.. LOL

Felix: lay down and sleep. LOL

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: double inuendo there...

Felix: inuendo?

Vance: Double entenre

Vance: entendre

Felix: ??????????/

Maggi: means your words can be read two ways

Vance: Do you call it double inuendo, Maggi?

Maggi: guess so

Vance: oh, I never heard that before. I would say double


Maggi: never heard that

Vance: interesting

Felix: i say double meaning

Maggi: hmmm

Maggi: wonder where I got it?

Felix: not with me/.. :)

Maggi: :-) Felix!

Maggi: England maybe?

Felix: Maggi.. explain to Vance the idea I had a couple of

weeks ago

Maggi: which one?

Vance: (perks up ears)

Felix: a class on a subject

Maggi: oh, that we should pick a subject to discuss.

Felix: but first e-mail the vocabulary

Maggi: so that everyone knows the words first that are used

with the subject.

Ying-Lan: ^It was the first time to use a alarm clock in my

family when I was 13.Tthe alarm clock had made the noise for 10

mintuites, everybody got up except me. I just slept by the alarm clock.

Vance: You slept through the alarm clock.

Maggi: You can sleep through an alarm clock?! Wow...

Vance: The alarm rang for 10 minutes.

Ying-Lan: ^Everybody laught at me....

Vance: Did their laughing wake you up?

Maggi: I hate alarm clocks.

Ying-Lan: ^What?

Maggi: I wake up by myself.

Vance: Felix, we can talk about any subject you want. If

you want to do that, we can try it.

Felix: that's good Vance

Maggi: If I am really tired and use one I wake up before it

goes off.

Vance: What's your question, YL?

Maggi: what subject you want to start with Felix?

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, I was sleeping when they got up and rush

into my bedroom.

Felix: bank stuff, or hospital... whatever.... just to

learn a specific vocabulary

Vance: They probably thought you had died in your sleep

(but then, why would they be laughing - I'd be worried if I were you).

Felix: Ying about the alarm clock.. I dont wake up too...

Ying-Lan: ^My father said he could not image her daughter

Vance: We can do that Felix. Could not imagine, YL?

Felix: thanks Vance

Ying-Lan: ^Her daughter slept like a death.

Felix: If it works, we can do it once in a month

Ying-Lan: ^I am sorry, what were you talking about?

Felix: I set my alarm clock to wake my wife up and then she

wakes me up.. That's true

Ying-Lan: ^Vocabulary...

Ying-Lan: ^So, you can not wake up by yourself like me.

Felix: nope.

Maggi: Nice way to wake u, eh Felix?

Felix: I sleep like a stone.

Maggi: Do you snore?

Felix: but to top it off Maggi.. I always wake up mad...

Felix: No I dont

Ying-Lan: ^In my family, if we have to get up early... we

always put the memo on my mother's desk to ask her to alarm us to get

up... we are like childredn.

Maggi: I wouldn't wake you up then...

Felix: I even dont say good morning before I brush my


Ying-Lan: I don't know why I can not get up early.

Maggi: probably a good idea :-)

Felix: I love Madonna ( I am listening to her now)

Maggi: Which CD?

Ying-Lan: The new one?

Felix: I know Ying.. We have have sleep... My father says

that when we are sleeping we lose part of the life...... The world is

running and we are out of it.. I DONT AGREEEEEEEEEEE hehehe

Maggi: i love the Ray of Light.

Felix: Something To Remember

Felix: I have Ray of Light too


Felix: I know Ying.. We LIKE to sleep

Maggi: Being asleep is just another world...

Maggi: I love to sleep too!

Felix: But I dont remember my dreams.....

Maggi: not lost time

Maggi: I do

Felix: Rarely I remember my ones

Vance: Guys, I've got to shut down for a minute. One of my

programs crashed. brb

Maggi: There is a way to train so that you can remember


Maggi: ok Vance

Felix: "You abandoned me,,, Love don't live here


Vance: Gotta get the logs first ...

Felix: Really Maggi. How ?

Maggi: Put paper and pen next to your bed...if you wake up

from a dream right it down before you go back to sleep.

Ying-Lan: I prefer to Celine Dion.

Felix: that's the problem Maggi.. I dont wake up during the

night.. I only wake up the other day, 10 minutes before to go to work

Maggi: Think about what your dreams might mean...what is

your subconscious trying to tell you.

Ying-Lan: I can not remember my dream, either.

Maggi: You do, you just don't remember.

Vance: Sorry to miss out on the dream stuff, but I'll be

right back.

Maggi: Dreams can be like magic too!

Maggi: Sometimes really silly.

Ying-Lan: ^ I agreed...

Maggi: I had one when I was learning Spanish...I couldn't

remember the word so I switched to Italian...

Maggi: and then went through all the languages I knew...I

woke up laughing...a real belly laugh!

Felix: what an interesting dream Maggi!!!

Ying-Lan: ^I remembered one. I was hate one of my officemates,

I yelled at her, and .... but when I woke up, I felt so lucky it was

only a dream.

Maggi: Oh...I remember one I had when I was 6 yrs

old...with a drgon

Maggi: dragon

Ying-Lan: Dragon?

Maggi: yes...a real dragon.

Ying-Lan: ^Your dragon is different from Chinese dragon.

Maggi: I have a good imagination.

Ying-Lan: ^Chinese dragon is long and .. it is hard to


Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Maggi: This dragon was long but he had a tummy.

Ying-Lan: tummy?

Maggi: Hi again Vance...

Maggi: belly

Vance: whew. Made it.

Maggi: Do you remember your dreams Vance?

Vance: Anybody want to email me a cut and paste of the logs

since you started talking about dreaming, and I'll catch up ??

Felix: i will do it now Vance

Maggi: I had another one...ok Vance...

Vance: These days I don't remember so much, but I used to remember dreams frequently.

Maggi: ok...then I don't have to...:-)

Vance: You remember dreams if you are awakened in the ... beta state? You're the neurologist, Maggi ...

Maggi: in this dream I had two snakes in my pants pockets...

Felix: I just sent it Vance

Vance: This could be Freudian, Maggi ...

Maggi: I thought one suddenly was trying to bite me and I squeezed it's head off...

Felix: Maggi.. maybe your sub concious was trying to reproduce your wishes.. 2 snakes.. hehe

Maggi: A neighbor who was a psychiatrist asked me who dumped me.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, I got a email from chotima , he said "Hi yinglan

I feel like lost from the list . if you have time could you please inform me how can I get in touch with the other . It would be appreciae

Maggi: He was right.

Ying-Lan: ^But I can not return the email by the isp.

Ying-Lan: dream

Vance: me neither yl .. I sent an email half an hour ago, desperately seeking Chotima.

Vance: So, Maggi, what about the other snake?

Felix: Vance!!!!!

Maggi: It was ok...

Vance: (Thanks for the logs, Felix)

Ying-Lan: ^snake?

Maggi: we are still friends today.

Felix: any time Vance

Vance: Yeah, she had two snakes in her pocket and she killed the one that threatened her.

Maggi: I didn't know I was capable of it...

Vance: Do you mean friends with the guy who dumped you?

Maggi: ...but I was pretty devastated.

Ying-Lan: ^dump?

Felix: dumped??

Maggi: no...his friend

Vance: To "dump" means to drop what you are carrying.

Felix: ????????

Maggi: or a girl or boyfriend when you don't want them any longer.

Vance: Maggi, you've lost me. The guy who dumped you 's friend?

Ying-Lan: OH,....

Ying-Lan: What's friends for?

Maggi: Yes, there were two of them living together. We often did things as a threesome.

Vance: things? (nevermind) ... so maybe the other snake was the friend.

Maggi: One was a lover the other just a friend.

Felix: What a mess!!!!

Vance: So, what did you think you were incapable of? Killng the snake?

Maggi: Yes...the other snake was the friend.

Maggi: Yes...killing a snake

Maggi: violence

Vance: Well, maybe you aren't except in dreams where you have to sublimate.

Vance: subliminate ... means to do things in subconscious that you wouldnt do in consciousness

Maggi: I think it was a reflex from an unexpected blow...

Maggi: I do things in dreams that I would never do in real life...just to check it out.

Maggi: I even tried to die and see what it was like.

Felix: I see

Maggi: I tried it often in a car...driving into a tree, but I would always wake up at the last second.

Maggi: So, I tricked myself.

Vance: These dreams sound stressful. Maybe the stress wakes you up and that's why you remember them.

Maggi: I got into an elevator and saw someone I hadn't seen in years and before I realized what was happenening the elavator crashed.

Maggi: No, they really aren't very stressful.

Vance: So how do you feel when the elevator is about to crash, or your car is crashing into a tree?

Maggi: Actually I enjoy them to explore where my mind is going

Maggi: I don't know about the tree...but when the elevator crashed I died.

Maggi: And all I remember is my body dying but a part of me was set free.

Maggi: It was I have no fear of dying.

Vance: Have you had such dreams since? I mean, a dying dream.

Maggi: Nope.

Ying-Lan: ^But maggi, why did you wake up when the elevator crashed?

Maggi: And my lifeline has changed too.

Ying-Lan: ^But maggi, why did not you wake up when the elevator crashed?

Vance: So you got it then. You must have been grappling with a fear of death, but you worked through it.

Maggi: I think so Vance.

Maggi: That was a long time ago too.

Ying-Lan: ^Did you feel frighten?

Maggi: I didn't wake up Ying because I wanted to see what happened afterwards.

Maggi: Not at all Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^It is amazing,, you could control your mind...

Maggi: It was very pleasant being totally free and flying into space...

Maggi: Sometimes I even change my dreams as I am dreaming.

Ying-Lan: ^

Maggi: I jumped off a cliff in one dream.

Vance: I've had dreams of flyiing before. I understand that is a commonly had dream.

Ying-Lan: ^What's a great!

Maggi: It was so nice falling through the air that I made the cliff higher and higher.

Ying-Lan: I can not imagine it.

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Maggi: Flying is common...did you flap your arms to fly Vance.

Ying-Lan: ^I always forget everything.

Michael C: Hi everyone.

Maggi: Hi Michael.

Ying-Lan: hi, Michael...

Ying-Lan: Good trip!

Michael C: Yes it was wonderful thanks Ying.

Maggi: Nice photo show Michael.

Ying-Lan: ^Is it cold in Australia now? I saw you were in light clothes.

Felix: The only problem was the bug right Michael?? haha

Michael C: Thanks maggie. You look charming today Felix.

Michael C: It's winter Ying but our winters are mild.

Ying-Lan: mild?

Felix: I am dressed up to kill Michael.. LOL

Vance: (no flapping) Hi MC. Enjoyed your web page. I'm updating your webheads page now ...

Michael C: Mild = not too cold.

Maggi: Felix never looks charming when he gets up in the morning mad.

Michael C: Sounds interesting Vance...

Felix: Gotcha Maggi

Michael C: Why is he mad?

Ying-Lan: He is nice...

Maggi: ask him...

Michael C: OK. Felix - why did you wake up mad?

Maggi: maybe because he sleeps in a coma.

Felix: dunno... Maybe it's because I love to sleep

Maggi: I hope he didn't drop Lucas.

Michael C: I guess Felix isn't talking to me.....

Ying-Lan: ^Someone will be mad when he needs more sleep but he wakes up by other reasons.

Michael C: Ah yes he is....


Felix: Why I wouldn't talk to you Michael ?!!

Michael C: Other reasons like crying children?

Maggi: well, I don't appreciate being woken up either.

Vance: I'm beginning to see why Felix likes children with ketsup.

Felix: generally I dont hear cying children.

Ying-Lan: like alarm clock., lol

Maggi: or mayo

Felix: LOL@Vance

Michael C: LOL!

Felix: hmmmmmmmm taste good..

Michael C: You must be a very helpful dad Felix!

Felix: what is the correct spelling for ketchup?

Maggi: his own way he is.

Felix: yes I am.. I buy the food. hehehe

Maggi: catsup

Felix: I pay the maid

Felix: I buy the clothes

Felix: hehehe

Maggi: is one spelling

Michael C: By the way, in Oz snd England we say 'sauce' (not ketchup)

Ying-Lan: Tomato sauce?

Maggi: they do use tomato ketchup in England

Maggi: that is for spaghetti

Michael C: That's just one kind of sauce....but yes. Tomato sauce.

Maggi: confusing Michael....

Michael C: No we're not confused. Everyone else is.

Maggi: I don't eat it anyway.

Vance: It's one of those words with no correct spelling. If you go to a supermarket you will see different spellings on the bottles.

Maggi: depends on the brand name.

Felix: but anyway it's tomato sauce...

Ying-Lan: Really? But they sound like a same word. Ketchup

Ying-Lan: ^There is a mess in my mind.

Ying-Lan: ^I can not think anything tonight.

Michael C: Too much sauce Ying!

Maggi: don't be saucy Michael...:-)

Ying-Lan: saucy

Michael C: Maggie will explain....

Maggi: no i won't...

Michael C: Maybe Felix will explain.....

Felix: me???????????

Maggi: why don't you...teacher's turn.

Felix: lol

Michael C: Yes. You know all about saucy things.

Ying-Lan: ^Do you eap Sauerkraut in Germany? maggi. I just found the word in my dictionary.

Maggi: Yes, they eat it here and in the US

Ying-Lan: Really,

Felix: saucy = disrespectful

Ying-Lan: ^It is like a kind of Chinese food.

Maggi: They put it on hot dogs in New York City.

Felix: impertinent

Michael C: or kind of 'dirty' with sexual connotations.

Maggi: I like it.

Felix: menstruation

Ying-Lan: Me, too.

Michael C: WHAT????

Maggi: Not the kind a saucy I meant Miachael and you know it.:-)

Felix: saucy = menstruation in Michael's context?

Felix: Esperm??

Maggi: LOL

Ying-Lan: Sauerkratu

Michael C: NO! (and you did mean it that way Maggie!)

Ying-Lan: Sauerkraut

Felix: So what did you mean then Michael? You'd better explain..

Maggi: Michael can read

Michael C: LOL!

Michael C: Saucy humour is kind of sleazy with a sexual overtone.

Felix: uh?? can you explain it in PLAIN English please?

Maggi: I used it as an adjective to describe you.

Michael C: So a sexy woman can be described as saucy.

Felix: but what did it mean?

Felix: I am not a woman!!! But I am sexy.. hehehe

Maggi: I used it as being cheeky...impertenant.

Michael C: So Maggie - what did you mean?

Maggi: ooops

Michael C: Ok. got it.

Vance: I just got off the phone. Hard to concentrate with all this going on.

Felix: so Michael meant SPERM, and Maggi impertinent.. Ok I got it

Maggi: ROTFL

Felix: ROFL

Michael C: That's intersting though. You said saucy and i thought you meant something about sexual humour!

Felix: dirty mind Michael.. Shame on you!!! LOL

Michael C: But I was NOT talking about sperm!

Maggi: yes....-)

Ying-Lan: STOP :-)

Felix: but what does sauce mean in YOUR context Michael ?

Vance: I can't wait till I go back and read this.

Felix: dont get horney Ying...

Felix: michael.. Seriously... Explain your meaning.

Vance: MC, I'm listening to Borderguard now. It comes through very nicely.

Michael C: saucy - sexy/sleazy/vulgar humour.

Felix: oh ok

Michael C: That's good to hear Vance.

Vance: So it works

Felix: PORRa - MERDA -

Michael C: So maybe we'll stop now Ying!

Felix: hehehe

Maggi: saco

Felix: ROFL

Michael C: Private jokes in portuguese?

Maggi: Should we go back to talking about dreams?

Felix: no

Maggi: ok

Michael C: Maybe we should. We seem to often get on to the topic of sex here!

Maggi: usually when you show up...

Maggi: :-)

Felix: that;s right Maggi..

Michael C: That's very nice of you.

Felix: :-)

Vance: It's what everyone is thinking about but what no one can talk about.

Michael C: LOL.

Felix: GOTCHA Vance...

Michael C: Could be intimidating (scary) for any new students!

Maggi: I doubt it.

Vance: It's what they're thinking about too.

Maggi: :-)

Michael C: Oh yeh? Come to the Palace class and talk about sex!

Maggi: Good way to learn new vocabulary...

Felix: I think we can talk about it not going through a derogative way

Maggi: they need it in some chat rooms

Michael C: Great advertising!

Vance: Very good, Felix.

Vance: What do you think, YL. Are we out of line?

Ying-Lan: I am sorry, I am tired.

Ying-Lan: ^I can not think anything ...

Maggi: How late is it there Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^I read a grammer book this afternoon, but I don

Felix: Ying, dont let me alone here... They are insanes.. heheh

Ying-Lan: ^I don't undestand what the author said... there is a mess in my mind.

Michael C: And we're coming to get you!

Maggi: we'll have him with tomato sauce .-)

Vance: Well, explain the mess and we'll try to help.

Felix: only you ok Maggi..

Michael C: lol

Maggi: LOL

Ying-Lan: I don't understand the words.

Michael C: What was it about Ying?

Michael C: What part of grammar?

Maggi: A story?

Ying-Lan: ^A grammer book talking about the different thinking between Chinese and English.

Maggi: Well, we do think differently.

Michael C: I think that might be a very big book!

Ying-Lan: ^It is hard for me.

Ying-Lan: ^It is big book...

Maggi: I know...when I learned Chinese

Ying-Lan: ^I can not understand why I can not get a good score on English test.

Maggi: take it a little at a time then Ying.

Michael C: A written or oral test?

Felix: brb

Ying-Lan: ^So... I think I might miss something...

Maggi: maybe you just need to learn how to take a test.

Ying-Lan: ^MC, A grammar test.

Ying-Lan: Everything On English.

Maggi: not good to learn to pass a test.

Michael C: Maybe you need practice at tests (as maggie suggests)

Ying-Lan: ^So.... sometimes,,, I can not do it well on Vera's assignment.

Vance: I don't think so either. But YL obviously has an interest in English beyond the need to pass grammar tests.

Vance: MC, your music is great.

Ying-Lan: yes... vance

Michael C: Thank you Vance!

Maggi: true...but not passing the tests well is frustrating her.

Ying-Lan: I can not listen your misice , mc

Vance: It starts streaming almost immediately, and the sound is quite crisp.

Michael C: Keep trying the music Ying. I know that ot works but sometimes it won't work in different places.

Michael C: Tonight it works in the Emirates but not in Taiwan. Tomorrow it can be the opposite!

Michael C: My brother here in Adelaide couldn't get it last night either but someone else here could!

Ying-Lan: It is weird...

Michael C: Who knows why? there are so many possibel reasons.....

Ying-Lan: Are you kidding?

Michael C: No i'm not kidding.

Vance: It could have to do with bandwidth. I'm alone at the office now, so I've got the whole network to myself.

Michael C: Yeh - that would help Vance.

Vance: Networks get congested.

Ying-Lan: ^Were you singing ? It is different from the other.

Vance: I'm going to run. My son is visiting. He just got in and I want to go visit with him.

Michael C: I thnk that's it. And you have no way of knowing when they are going tobe more congested.

Felix: what is bandwidth ???????

Vance: He came in this morning from California.

Michael C: OK Vance. Say hi from us!

Vance: Bandwidth is the size of the "pipe" that your internet connection comes through. You have to share it with everyone else on your network.

Ying-Lan: say hi

Michael C: Yes Ying. I am singing.

Felix: oh i see]

Vance: So, I'm off (just grabbing the log)

Michael C: (to put on the fire)

Ying-Lan: But... there are two or three persons singing...

Michael C: Yes. Some of the other voices are also me and some of them are friends.

Ying-Lan: dear life...

Michael C: So you can hear it?

Ying-Lan: Yes... It is nice.

Ying-Lan: Buffereing now.

Michael C: Good.

Vance: I like the trumpet in Borderguard.

Maggi: Have a nice visit Vance.

Vance: (and the guitar and vocals too of course, but the trumpet is distinctive)

Felix: What is Hanky Panky ??

Maggi: Is he still going to Innsbruck?

Michael C: It's actually a clarinet but we tried to make it sound like a trumpet.

Maggi: messing around Felix

Ying-Lan: It is time to go...

Felix: oh ok

Michael C: Like saucy!

Felix: thanks maggi

Maggi: only nicer

Ying-Lan: See you next week.

Michael C: Good night Ying. Sleep well.

Maggi: bye Ying...sweet dreams!

Felix: nite Ying

Felix: Ying..Watch out!! Don't dream with sauce.. LOL

Maggi: :-)

Michael C: Or ketchup!

Maggi: or mayo

Michael C: lol

Vance: night (boss just walked in, talking to him)

Michael C: Hi Boss!

Maggi: night Vance...


Michael C: Give Vance a raise!

Maggi: Is he the big honcho?

Felix: Give Vance a Raise!!!

Felix: LOL We say it together Michael!!!

Michael C: lol

Maggi: You guys could get him in trouble

Felix: it was not my intention

Maggi: I know

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Vance: sorry, deep conversation about where the plumbing supplies are in Abu Dhabi.

Felix: in Arabian Vance!!!

Maggi: Important stuff Vance...

Vance: I'm doing this on my laptop. Anyway, it's part of my job, and I am working overtime.

Maggi: aat least one of us is getting paid...

Felix: i see

Vance: Which leads me back to where I was about to leave ...

Michael C: Well i mght love and leave you.

Vance: Well, I WOULD be getting paid if this weren't overtime.

Maggi: get the heck out of there then!

Vance: Alright, I get the hint!

Maggi: only might MC?

Vance: bye

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