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Chat with students Ying-Lan from Taiwan, Gosia from Poland, and Felix from Brazil, and teachers Michael, Maggi and Vance

October 10, 1999

For the second week in a row, the Palace was down. Michael had emailed Nettie and found that the Palace server had been hacked into and the Palace crew were busy restoring drivers, hoping to have it back by the following week. Meanwhile, Vance conceived a plan to have everyone meet on ICQ and then either move to Vance's chat room at or in the chatroom available through "My Space" at Vance went to both places. Ying Lan was at egroups, but Maggi and Gosia had gone to Homestead, and since it was easier to get there (no password) that's where we all ended up.

The log was taken by cutting and pasting lines as they appeared in the dialog area. This didn't always work. Events in the browser (resizing a window, or someone adding a line during a highlight and copy operation) would cause sections of the chat to be lost. The following is a verbatim account of what was captured with filler information to try and bridge the gaps.

As we start, Gosia is talking about her desire to take up climbing, which she is trying to conceal from her parents, who object ...

Anonymous53 is now known as ying.

<Gosia> yes it is my secret

<Maggi> so your weather isw yukky too!!

<ying> Secret?

<Gosia> hi Ying

<ying> hi. Gosia

<Maggi> Gosia is climbing in secret

<ying> climbing

<Maggi> up things

<Maggi> like mountains

<Maggi> walls

<Maggi> not stairs

<ying> How to climbing in the secret?

<Maggi> her father doesn't know

<Maggi> he would be worried I think

<ying> What is it?

<Vance> So Gosia, you are climbing on a wall in a gymnasium?

<Maggi> tell her Gosia

<ying> You have not to tell me,,, because it is secret.

<Vance> It's only a secret from her father

<Maggi> you are far away Ying

<Maggi> :-)

<ying> Bascially, I don't know her farter.

<Vance> Gosia goes walking in mountains with her father

<Gosia> Can I disconnect with ICQ because I get some

messages and I don't want it and I don't want to be impolite not

talking with them

<Maggi> sure

<ying> The same problem with me... just close it.

<Vance> So Gosia, I don't understand why your father doesn't

want you to climb, since he likes mountains too.

<ying> and disregard them.

<Vance> Can't you just set ICQ to not available?

<Maggi> I told Felix to come here

<Vance> I sent him the url too

<ying> it is more dangerous than walking in the mountain.

<ying> I mean climbing...

<Maggi> depends on where you do it

<Vance> But it all depends. I climb small walls, and we rig from

the top, and I think it's pretty safe

<Vance> You keep at least two pieces of equipment attached to

the rope at all times

<ying> It would have been safe, if there had no earthquake.

<Gosia> okay I am

<Vance> Have there been any aftershocks this past week?

<Maggi> have you hear from Tina Ying?

<Maggi> heard

<ying> Another aftershock hit another area in Taiwan.. but it was

o.k. nobody hurt.

<ying> NO... no more email from her.

<Vance> It must be like living on a time bomb. California was a

little like that ...

<ying> I just want to ask you how she is.

<Maggi> I have not heard from her either.

<Gosia> I am happy I live in Poland we don't have earthqueak

<Maggi> we had one here but very small

<Gosia> we had only flood two years ago and that all

<ying> Last week, the sescur crew found some dead remains in

the mountain... they were killed by the earthquake when they were


<Maggi> that can be just as bad

<Vance> Is life returning to normal at all? Are people still

sleeping in cars?

<Maggi> I read an interesting article Ying...

<Gosia> it is horrible

<Vance> about what, Maggi?

<Maggi> about Tzu Chi

<ying> In stricken area, people still live in tents

<ying> But Goverment has been discussing how to rebuilt ...

<Maggi> she is like a buddist Mother Teresa

<ying> Tzu chi... she is very great...


Vance starts resizing his browser


Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Vance.

Members of room: Vance ying Gosia Maggi

<Maggi> more than the govt...although they are using her now

<Maggi> want are you doing Vance?

<ying> She helps any weaknesses only only Taiwaness.

<Maggi> not only in Taiwan

<ying> not only Taiwaness.

<Vance> I'm resizing my browser window. It keeps logging me


<Maggi> Taiwnese

<Maggi> oops Taiwanese

<ying> Taiwnese.

<ying> Taiwanese

Anonymous38 has joined the chat room.

Anonymous38 is now known as Felix.

<Felix> PHEW!!!! FInally I could get here.. How are you all?

<Gosia> hallo Mr 38

<Vance> oh, good you made it

<ying> we appreciated foreign rescue experts.


Vance resizing his browser again


Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Vance.

Members of room: Vance Felix ying Gosia Maggi

<ying> hi. Felix...

<Felix> Hi Ying. How are things for you?

<Gosia> you was

<Maggi> it was in the International Hearald Tribune Ying

<ying> I could not send hello to you yesterday.

<Felix> Icq is getting bumped lately Ying.

<Vance> I've had that problem too.

<ying> You know.. I hope that I will be the member of Tzu Chi in

the future.

<Felix> What is Tzu Chi?

<Maggi> I have less problems using an older version...:-)

<ying> I am too weak now... I can not help another one except that

I donated money to them.

<Maggi> I would be Ying if I lived in Taiwan

<ying> Tzu Chi is a famous Charity party in Taiwan.

<Felix> oh

<Vance> That's really nice of you. Where can you donate money

so it does some good?

<Maggi> Giving and helping othrs can give you strength Ying.

<Felix> I think that is rewarding to get into a Charity Institution.

<Maggi> this one is defintely worth it.

<ying> You know that I read a message in Newspaper...

<Felix> Why Michael isnt coming to the Palace anymore?

<Maggi> She says to take all living creatures into consideration.

<Maggi> Michael is really busy.

<Felix> As usual.

<Vance> doing what?

<ying> The victims only received five thousand new Taiwan

dollars from Tzu Chi after the earthquake.

<Maggi> the Palace is down anyway...

<Felix> What's happing with the Palace?

<ying> I don't mean our Government do not do it.

<Felix> happening

<Vance> It was hacked into

<Maggi> that is not what I read Ying

<Vance> So they're replacing some drivers

<ying> But Tzu Chi help those victims in a short time.

<Vance> They'll have it back up this week

<Maggi> helped with warm food...

<Felix> The goverment is always worried about the burocracy and

the victims need instant help.

<Maggi> their volunteers are only allowed to give directly to those

who need it.

<ying> Yes... They do a lot of thing... they supply food, water,

anything you want.

<ying> they always listen to what the victiim said

<Maggi> good way to build good karma

<Felix> trying to send the files again Maggi

<ying> They give their hands to anyone who need.

<ying> One of my classmates asked me which charity part is

good to be donated.

<ying> I only recommanded Tzu chi.

<Maggi> is there anyway you can just send the very last one?

<Maggi> reccomend

<ying> I also have a good friend who is a member of Tzu Chi.

<Felix> Maggi, I don't know what files you have..

<Maggi> oops...reccomend

<ying> She went to the sticken area directly after the earthquake.

<Maggi> eeee again...reccomend

<ying> recomend.

<Felix> Maggi after you click on Save it will show another window..

Then you click on RESUME ALL.. So that it will only transfer the

files you don't have.

<Maggi> well the resume all never appeared...

<ying> Sorry, I was bust to type... I did not look what you were


<ying> busy

<Felix> Do you have a files request now Maggi?

<Maggi> no problem Ying...

<ying> resume

<Felix> oops ... A file request

<Maggi> Gosia still here?

<Felix> Goshia, Vance.... Get down to the Earth.....

<Gosia> yes I am :-))))))

<Vance> And I just got off the phone

<ying> Gosia... O. ;-)

<Maggi> nothing is happening is just listening :-)

<Felix> close it then Maggi

<Vance> I'm copying the logs into word, an obsession of mine

<ying> Gosia... do you graduate from school?

<Maggi> Gosia is climbing a tree for practice maybe...:-)

<Felix> I wonder is Goshia could climb a coconut tree.. :))

<Maggi> better than you I bet!

<Gosia> Yes I am just climbing with my keyboard on the shelf

<Felix> LOL

<Maggi> I tried it in Psago Pago once...

<Gosia> because my brother took me his stool

<Maggi> Pago Pago

<Felix> My big mouth.... My wife just asked me to get a coconut off

our tree...:))

Maggi is now known as ROTFL.

<ying> coconut

ROTFL is now known as maggi.

<maggi> jeez...ROTFL

<Gosia> :-))))


<Gosia> why ROTFL - what does it mean

<maggi> I can just imagine Felix climbing a coconut tree...

<Vance> roll on the floor laughing

<maggi> rolling on the floor laughing

<Vance> lol - laughing out loud

<Felix> No Maggi... I use a long stick.. I dont dare to do it.

<Vance> brb = be right back

<maggi> hehe

<Gosia> ;-))))

<maggi> must be a small tree

<Vance> what does felix do with a long stick?

<Vance> or should I ask that question .... ????

<maggi> guess Vance?

<Vance> oh, that ...

<Vance> fly around the sky in the moonlight?

Felix has left the chat room.

<maggi> knocks coconuts out of trees

<Vance> It's nice to be in a place where you can fill up on


<ying> It could be romatic to fly around in the moonnight.

<maggi> flying on a brromstick would look even funnier!

<maggi> broomstick...yes Ying if you had the right person with


<Vance> So, Gosia, we were asking about your climbing ...

<ying> Mr. Right?

<ying> Where do you want to climb?

<Vance> You're going to take a course, right?

<maggi> is there swuch a thing Ying?

<ying> swuch?

<Gosia> but you have to have the stick whch Felix has

<maggi> such

<maggi> LOL


<ying> Maggi, I don't understand your questions.

<maggi> maybe Gosia



<ying> question

<maggi> I meant finding Mr Right to fly with on a broomstick

<ying> It is hard for me.

<Vance> that sounds like Mr Wrong

<ying> I only met Mr. Wrong in my life.

<maggi> that is why I asked is there such a thing as Mr Right?

<Vance> How many Mr Wrong's have you been serious about?

<Gosia> now in my town then in polish mountain - Tatras and

then somewhere else but it is

<maggi> Personal question there Vance...

<ying> Two or three....

<Vance> those are the most interesting kind ...


<ying> You know.. I am too old to get marriage in Taiwan.

<maggi> true


<maggi> you are never too old...

<Vance> Doesn't your father like climbing, Gosia?

<ying> Most of good men have found their soul mates.



<ying> Gosai.. what do you want to say?

<maggi> Hey...I am lots older Ying...


<ying> It is different.. you are American not be Taiwanese.


<Vance> But you are planning to move to Canada aren't you?

<ying> Gosia.. do you have problem to type?

<maggi> I take it Vance you have told Michael where we are...?


<ying> It is a dream..

<Vance> I emailed everyone yesterday

<Gosia> only my dream

<maggi> You want to go to Canada Ying?

<ying> I got it.

<maggi> oh Gosia does...

<ying> I don't know how to answer this question.

<Vance> Ying has been to Vancouver already ..

<Vance> and she wants to go back, right?

<ying> It is good to live in Canada.. but I don't think I will get good

job there.

<ying> No money no hope...

<maggi> Lots of people go to Vancouver and never leave...

<ying> Yes, they do.

<maggi> money is not everything

<Vance> Vancouver is a nice city. I'm planning to go there in


<ying> Money is not everything, but if I have no money, I can not

live in the world.

<Vance> In fact I'll be giving a presentation about our class at a

conference there

<ying> Next march?

<Gosia> don't look at me because I was angry thar it is so slow

and I pressed button many times I think to many

Anonymous40 has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Yes, it's an annual tesol conference


<ying> I will take the professional test in next march.


Anonymous40 is now known as Michael C.

<Michael C> Hello all.

<ying> I plan to go the Vancouber in next year.


<ying> Hi. Michale.

<Michael C> Nice to see you Ying!

<ying> I plan to go Vancouver in next year.


<Vance> That's good. I've been there twice already and I really

like the city

<Vance> Maybe I'll go again and maybe you'll be there

<ying> To camp in Rocky mountains... it will be a secret.

<ying> I don't want to let my parents to know it.

<Vance> Ying, you're joking now ...

<Vance> or are you??

<ying> I do'nt want to let my parents know it.

<maggi> you have to live your life Ying

<Michael C> I don't think she is....

<Vance> So you can't tell your parents you're going camping???

<ying> It is true... I will attend the adventure travel group in next

year to camp in Rocky mountains.

<Vance> Gosia can't tell her father she's going climbing ...

<Vance> That's really neat. The Rockies are great!




Here Vance goes on to say that the only danger in the Rockies is the bears, and that when camping there you have to be sure to put your food in bear-proof containers. Vance used to camp with friends and family in California despite the presence of bears and always enjoyed it.


<Gosia> but there are important nowadays

<Michael C> Australia has no bears....except koalas!

<maggi> and they are cute!

<Michael C> Very!

<maggi> ans cuddly

<ying> Koalas are cute, aren't they?

<maggi> and

<Michael C> Sometimes they pee on people though!

<ying> pee?

<Michael C> Piss (impolite) ; urinate

<Gosia> Hallo Michael

<ying> got it.

<ying> But I have a problem with my travel plan...

<Michael C> Hi Gosia. I am just looking at your website.

<Vance> I guess there you have to sleep in bear proof tents

<Vance> or wear bear-proof raincoats

<ying> bear-proof?

<maggi> or wear waterproof clthing

<maggi> clothing

<Vance> water proof means water can't leak through

<maggi> I saw a greaqt ad for Gore Tex...from Oz

<ying> I can not go to anywhere before I have arranged my job.

<Vance> bear proof means bears can't leak through

<Vance> lol

Gosia has left the chat room.

<Michael C> Laughing at your own jokes vance?

<Michael C> lol

<Vance> I can't help it

<Vance> it was soooo funny

<Michael C> It's OK...

<Vance> roflol

<maggi> has to get his laughes where he can Mc

<Vance> still laughing ....

<Vance> can't stop ...

<Vance> there, I just got a breath ...

<Michael C> How do you make a cat drink?

<maggi> tickled his funny bone

<maggi> tell us

<Michael C> Put it in a blender!

<maggi> lol

<maggi> good one

<Vance> oooohh well, that stopped the laughter anyway

<Michael C> I thought it was funny.

<Vance> it was, just kidding

<Michael C> I'm reading a book about language and humour.

<Michael C> It's got lots of jokes and explanations of why they are


<maggi> I have lots of funnies...

<maggi> tell them every day in class

<Vance> Is it true that all humor is a violation of one of Grice's






Here, Michael asks to be reminded of what Grice's maxim's are. Vance can think of only three: be honest, be concise, and be informative (I think maybe the 4th is to talk on topic). Michael says that in his book, humor occurs where people are not cooperative, and Vance says, yes, that's the same thing as Grice's maxims, which define how people cooperate with each other in speech, and that humor occurs when these maxims are violated absurdly. In this part of the conversation, the teachers are beginning to notice that their students are not participating ...


<Michael C> Of course you are Maggie.

<maggi> what I tell

<Michael C> lol

<maggi> ha ha

<Michael C> What happened to Gosia?

<maggi> let' get back to our students gentlemen

<ying> It is o.k.

<maggi> they shut up to listen to us

<Vance> Has anyone besides YL tried out the egroups chat?

<Michael C> You're very understanding Ying.

<maggi> I have

<Michael C> I haven't tried it Vance.

<Vance> YEA! Maggi!!!

<Vance> Gosia? still there?

<ying> I just think about we trust what book's words or not.

maggi has left the chat room.

maggi has joined the chat room.

<Vance> Maybe Maggi resized her browser

maggi has left the chat room.

maggi has joined the chat room.

<Michael C> I thnk she left....and now Maggie has! And returned

and gone and returned!

<maggi> I did something...

<Vance> Maggi must be drinking early today

<Michael C> lol

<Michael C> I wish I was.

<maggi> the touch pad does strange things

<maggi> wee

<Michael C> wee?

<maggi> Toni says hI

<Michael C> EFI Toni?

<Vance> Are you a koala bear?

<Vance> Toni Chandler?

<ying> Who is Toni?

<maggi> on a rollar coaster

<maggi> wheeeeeee

<maggi> yes efi Toni

<Michael C> Oh. As in yee-haw!

<Michael C> Is Toni still with EFI?

<Michael C> For that matter, are we?

<ying> Toni is a student or a teacher in EFI?

Connection closed. Press reload to reconnect.




Here Vance experiences a connection failure and is instructed to press reload on the browser to reconnect. This takes a bit of time, several minutes ...


Connecting to chat server...

Connected and signed in.

You have joined the chat room as Vance.

Members of room: Vance maggi Michael C ying

<maggi> see...

<Michael C> brb - away for 5 minutes......

<Vance> hello, the computer just sucked me into the screen and

spit me out again ...

<Vance> what were you talking about ??

<maggi> nature calling?

<Vance> No, lost my connection

<ying> sucked int the screen?

<maggi> is that why you are all wet with cybergoo?

<Vance> I was only joking

<Vance> Yeah, thats the reason

<Vance> What did I miss?

<maggi> you would look good in cybergoo...:-)

<Vance> the mind boggles

<maggi> nothing

<Vance> Do you know how I made this chatroom?

<Vance> THere are only 2 or three steps.

<maggi> I remember MC writing about how to do it.

<Vance> For this one you just open a homestead account (1st


<Vance> 2nd step: you launch the homestead homepage making


<Vance> step 3, drag in a chat room icon

<Vance> step 4, save it on their server

<Vance> and that's it!

<ying> That's sound easy.

<Vance> It's so easy it's embarassing

<Vance> anyone can do it

<maggi> I'll ask again when I have time

<ying> May I talk to someone in Chinese?

<maggi> ni hao ma?

<Vance> go ahead ...

<ying> No..

<ying> Can we type in big 5 Chinese in these chat room.

<Vance> Oh, I see ... I don't know ...

<Vance> try it and see

<ying> §AŠn¶Ü

<ying> Can you read it?

<ying> I just typed "How are you?'" in Chinese.

<Vance> Yes I can read it perfectly

<Vance> uh ...

<Vance> just kidding ...

<Vance> It looks like one of Moral's emails

<ying> How about you, maggi?

<ying> all mess?

<Vance> But we're not running Chinese windows

<maggi> I didn't get it

<ying> I think so...

<Vance> Maybe if I had chinese windows I could read it

<Michael C> I'm back - my son wnated some help with


<ying> You don't need it.

Anonymous24 has joined the chat room.

<ying> I have to go...

<Michael C> I wonder who anonymous 24 is...

<Vance> Hang on a moment

<Anonymous24> Hi, Vance Did you call me?

<Vance> Yes, it's guess who ..

<Vance> It's Bobbi!!!

<ying> felix

<Michael C> Felix?

<ying> bobbi?

<Vance> Right?

<ying> your wif\e.

<Michael C> Bobbi!

<Anonymous24> Right.

<ying> HI. Bobbi

<Michael C> Hello Bobbi.

<Anonymous24> So what's up?

<Vance> Yes, I just saw her online and called her in

<ying> that's great!

<Vance> I'm at work. She's at home.

<Anonymous24> Oh, that was Dusty online, not me.

<Vance> Oh, it was my son ... oops

<Vance> He was using your ICQ

<Anonymous24> I think he was looking up a game page.

<Michael C> So what's happening at home Bobbi?

<Anonymous24> Oh, was he?

<maggi> Sorry,

<Vance> Let me introduce you

<Anonymous24> Well, I'm going out to a wives only dinner a little


<Michael C> lol

<Michael C> Poor Vance.

<Vance> Michael C is another teacher from Austraia

<Anonymous24> hi. You must be on the internet class.

<Vance> exactly

<maggi> where they can freely talk about men! :-)

<Vance> Ying Lan is from Taiwan, our best student

<Anonymous24> Oh. Did you say Australia or Austria?

<ying> Best?

<Michael C> Maybe we should have men only chat Vance?

<Vance> Maggi is an American from Germany, one of the


<Michael C> I'm from Australia Bobbi.

<maggi> how boring mc

<Anonymous24> O.K. one day we will chat and talk about you

guys (me and Maggi)

<Michael C> How would you know MRS Maggie?

<Anonymous24> I guess I should have said Maggi and I.

<ying> Bobbi. you are beauty...

<maggi> no big deal Bobbi...we make mistakes too...

<Michael C> Yes - you must watch your English here!

<maggi> I can't be Mrs. of my own name mc

<Anonymous24> That 's what I'm afraid of!

<Vance> So now you know what I do at the office all day

<Anonymous24> I'll trade you jobs.

<Michael C> How about Mrs Doty then?

<maggi> us or Bobbi?

<Michael C> lol

<maggi> same thing mc...that is my maiden name




Vance says: I forgot to mention that these people are all nuts


<Michael C> lol

<maggi> ooohh...

<Vance> except for Ying Lan of course

<Michael C> Well vance started this class.

<Anonymous24> Anyway, my secret is out - I'm a married woman,

but don't hold it against me.

<ying> nuts...

<Michael C> Only Vance is nuts Ying.

<Vance> nuts = crazy

maggi is now known as ).

<Michael C> Yep.

<Anonymous24> However, I'm always willing to listen to


<ying> I have guts not nuts.

You have changed your name to Nuts.

) is now known as Maggi.

<Maggi> not to mention him too...but Bobbi probly knows that


<Nuts> just who are you calling nuts?

You have changed your name to Vance.

<Michael C> Good change Vance. Nuts Stevens. Has a ring about


Maggi is now known as even nuttier.

<Anonymous24> Sorry I have to bail out and go to the "wives"

party. I think you are all nuts! Bye!

<ying> bye...

<even nuttier> have fun Bobbi!!

<Michael C> Bye Bobbi. Sorry aboutn the drivel.

<Vance> OK, tell Dusty I'll be home as soon as I can shake this


<ying> Nice to meet you bobbi.

<Vance> Thanks for dropping in

<Anonymous24> O.k. See you soon, Vance. Nice to meet all of

you. Call again when I don't have to go out.

<Anonymous24> Bye.

<Vance> bye

even nuttier is now known as Maggi.

<Maggi> bye

<Vance> Insane

<Michael C> Ying - maybe you already talked about this

earlier...are you OK with the earthquake stuff? Are you feeling

relaxed again?




Ying Lan says that she is ok, that things are getting back to normal. Vance says that it would be nice if Ying Lan could write something about what she has seen or experienced during the past few weeks, what she sees around her.


<ying> I probably do not write it .

<Michael C> Too hard or painful?

<ying> No...I have no time to write..

<Michael C> I see.

<ying> To be honest, I just packed all of English books.

<Michael C> Why?

<ying> I have to prepare my professional test.

<Vance> packed them away?

<ying> I have to read a lot of materalys.

<ying> No... just packed them in another box.

<ying> To avoid myself to read them.

<Vance> good thinking!

<Michael C> So why did you do that?

<ying> You know it is hard to pass the professional test.

<Vance> to prevent yourself from reading them

<Vance> or to avoid reading them

<Michael C> But doesn't reading those books help you?

<ying> My officemate warn me ..

<Vance> about ?

<ying> To read hard ...

<Vance> warned you against reading too intently?

<ying> I have to read books in Chinese.

<ying> The English was over.

<ying> The English test was over this year.

<Michael C> Now I understand. A Chinese test!

<ying> It is hard to pass it.

<ying> I will take the professional test in next March.

<Vance> oh, so you have to study about your profession, in


<ying> Yes, I do.

<Vance> YL, if you want to take a break, to relax ...

<Vance> if you want to write about your experiences

<Vance> you have an audience in webheads

<ying> I want to take a break to watch HBO movies.

<ying> Tahnks, Vance.

<Vance> but we don't want to disturb your studies

<ying> I think I will be here every Sunday.

<Vance> we can count on you!

<ying> To make sure that I do not forget how to sepak English.

<Vance> It's always nice to see you

<Michael C> True!

<Vance> (and MC and Maggi of course)

<Vance> (even if they are a bit nuts)

<Michael C> Lucky I'm not easily offended...

<ying> Thanks... It is great to talk to you.

<Vance> we must enjoy it or we wouldn't be here

<Maggi> I never get offended

<Vance> offensive maybe, but never offended

<Michael C> maggie - thanks for doing the make-up corrections.

(Sure you don't maggie.)

<Vance> We kid a lot here !!!

<Michael C> I have a few too many projects at the moment.

<Maggi> I can get feisty

<Michael C> Chatrooms bring out the kidding around part in


<Vance> they do

<Maggi> I never hold it against you guys

<Maggi> hehehe

<Michael C> I'm a very serious person in real life aren't I Maggie?

<Vance> I gotta run people. As you heard, my son is on his own

(though not online, unless he's shut down ICQ)

<Michael C> That's fine Vance. And I have to work on a

presentation for tomorrow.

<Maggi> are you mc"

<ying> It is time to say bye.

<Michael C> Am I mc?

<Vance> OK, bye. See you all next week, hopefully at the Palace

<Maggi> ok...well...not like I...only you know for sure...:-)

<Vance> oh, btw, I was thinking to have a birthday party there next


<Vance> cake, candles ...

<Vance> one year of webheads

<Maggi> tll us how many to bring?

<Vance> if the Palace is up and running

<Michael C> Party here the Palace?

<Vance> Yeah, why not, invite Dave W, etc

<Michael C> Great idea.

<Maggi> oh, I thought you had a birthay

<Vance> Me? I never have birthdays. I stopped having them

<ying> When?

<Vance> I was getting too old

<Michael C> Invite everyone.

<Maggi> 35

<Maggi> :-)

<Maggi> I stopped at 40

<Vance> More later. We've got to get the Palace back first.

<Michael C> Yeh OK. Goodnight all.

<Maggi> ok...enjoy then! Slaap lekker mc...

<Vance> ok nite nite

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