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Chat with students Gosia from Poland, Denis from Quebec, and Ying-Lan from Taiwan, and teachers Michael C, MAD Maggi, and Vance

August 8, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Welcome to Virtual School House Vance!

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

Gosia: I have chossen and now I cannot change my way of thinking

Maggi: love yourself...think good thoughts about yourself

Vance: Hi. Everyone's here.

Gosia: it is funny because i n my case it is difficult

Vance: What have you chosen, Gosia?

Gosia: Hi Vance

Gosia: Nice to see you and hear you again

Vance: Hi, I came in in the middle of a conversation.

Maggi: Oh dear I am in the middle of my son trying to drive me up the wall because he needs my computer to get what he needs to make his work!!

Gosia: what is he making

Vance: His homework? (but it's summer)

Maggi: he is trying to get a new computer to work...

Maggi: ...he doesnīt know how to install the software

Vance: Oh, so he needs a file or something from your computer? Do you have to disconnect?

Maggi: from the beginning ... with an empty computer

Gosia: I don't have such problems my brother is not able to use my computer

Vance: You have a pet brother.


Gosia: I know :)))))))))))

Maggi: He knows I go online now to teach...

Vance: Well, would it help if you shut down for 5 minutes and then came back?

Vance: We can hold the fort

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Ying-Lan: hi

Gosia: Woo - what that - Hi

Vance: We're getting a full house. Hi YL!

Ying-Lan: hi

Maggi: Hi Aing--

Ying-Lan: Vance, you like to be a cat these days!

Ying-Lan: My name is ying.

Maggi: I canīt spell

Ying-Lan: hi, Gosia

Ying-Lan: Long time no see. Are you right?

Maggi: I think he should do the dishes and clean and take a break.

Ying-Lan: ^Is it a show party?

Gosia: now - why

Vance: Who should take a break? Clean dishes etc.??

Ying-Lan: ^Be careful, Gosia. A cat like to eat a bird..

Maggi: my soin

Maggi: son

Ying-Lan: ^Be careful, Gosia. A cat likes to eat a bird..

Gosia: Oh I will remember !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vance: cats like to eat mice too

Vance: Let me see, mouse or bird ???

Gosia: and what about dogs

Maggi: the deal was thqat I paid for the parts and he is my houseman until the millenium

Ying-Lan: In cartoon, Do you remember it?

Vance: Oops, is there a dog in here? YIKES!

Gosia: I know

Ying-Lan: houseman?

Gosia: Yea It is show

Ying-Lan: I forgot,, I am a dog,, now!

Maggi: son will pay off his debt by cleaning and cooking for me.

Ying-Lan: HOW MUCH MONEY does he need to return to you?

Maggi: a lot!

Ying-Lan: A lot?

Gosia: @64,64 !It's Gosia

Maggi: over DM 4,00

Maggi: 4,000

Ying-Lan: ^

Ying-Lan: Why?

Maggi: beCAUSE I paid in advance

Ying-Lan: ^But he just need to be a houseman to debit it.

Maggi: yes

Ying-Lan: ^Why did he buy ? DM4,000?

Ying-Lan: A lot of money...

Maggi: a Pentium III...450...10.8 G

Ying-Lan: for computer...

Vance: Oh, I get it. You said you were getting a houseman!

Vance: So you bought him a computer in return for slave labor?

Maggi: sure

Ying-Lan: ^I think it is a good way to let a child know how to cheirsh money, right?

Maggi: earn it

Ying-Lan: to earn it...

Ying-Lan: ^only by doing housework?

Maggi: in and outside

Gosia: How old your son is

Ying-Lan: ^Anything...

Maggi: he has to learn what it means to run a household...

Maggi: ...especially when I am the one who works and pays for everything

Maggi: He is 16 and a half Gosia

Ying-Lan: He is old enought to do housework... ,,,

Ying-Lan: ^Can't break the dishes!

Maggi: he haqs done it for qa long time

Maggi: oops

Maggi: he has done it for a long time

Ying-Lan: done what?

Maggi: He is a good cook and an excellent baker

Ying-Lan: Really?

Maggi: yep

Maggi: some woman will get a good deal with him

Ying-Lan: Maggi, Be careful.. Don't be fat!

Gosia: Whoo so perhaps he can give me some lessons

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: Sure...he likes older women!

Ying-Lan: He likes you, maggi

Maggi: I am his mother...he has to like me! :-)#

Ying-Lan: NOt really!

Maggi: just joking

Gosia: Woo are you sure ? :-))))))))))))

Ying-Lan: Some boys don't like to live with their parents.

Maggi: He comes and gives me a hug without asking

Ying-Lan: hug?

Maggi: when you put your arms around someone

Maggi: now he has to bend over!

Ying-Lan: how?

Ying-Lan: I know the word hug

Maggi: He is a lot taller than me...

Gosia: I will be in10 min - I have to help my mother with my brother

Ying-Lan: o.k.

Maggi: a yxounger brother I think..-.

Vance: How is your mom now, Gosia?

Maggi: student will probably have to stay 6 monthes in Taiwan.

Maggi: She has to go to a subsidiary not so far from you.

Maggi: I read a man by the name of David Chan says the best thing Taiwan can do is become the 51st state of America...

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, this guy is crazy!

Maggi: Vance is all alone at home and now he is online with 3 women:-)

Ying-Lan: Do you think it could be a good way to be the 51 states of USA?

Vance: Wrong. I'm all alone at work.

Maggi: Maybe it solves some problems but I think it creates others.

Maggi: Beiging wonīt like it!

Maggi: Beijing

Ying-Lan: ^American does not need Taiwan to be the 51 state of USA.

Vance: Why would Taiwan want to be a state. They don't wont to be a state of China. Even Puerto Rico doesn't want to be a state.

Maggi: Hey...Germans think there are 52 states already.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, We don't want to be it.

Maggi: meaning you are not alone at home Vance?

Ying-Lan: ^But there are some crazy ideas ...

Vance: I don't blame you. What are the other two states? Israel perhaps?

Vance: Except for the cat, I'm home alone (as soon as I get back there).

Ying-Lan: ^This guy is too crazy... I mean David Chan.

Ying-Lan: ^maggi, you said "She has to go to a subsidiary not so far from you." Really?

Maggi: Not sure...have never been able to pin them down...but I think the territories of Guam asnd Puerto Rico.

Maggi: Yes...we looked at a map.

Ying-Lan: ^Where will she stay?

Maggi: She is studying the culture of Taiwan and itīs history before she goes Ying.

Ying-Lan: ^It is interesting!

Ying-Lan: ^I never study it.

Ying-Lan: ^I live with it.

Maggi: is...:-)

Ying-Lan: kiddin

Ying-Lan: ^Give her my phone number

Maggi: Send me your address and phone number by email and I will give it to her.

Ying-Lan: ^O.k. I will do it.

Ying-Lan: Vance, why are you so silent today?

Maggi: She is very will like her.

Vance: I found this sun beam here and I was just sleeping in it.

Maggi: too many women chatteriung!

Vance: It's nice when the women are talking to just let them carry on. I can be a cat in the corner.

Maggi: see...he likes basking in the warm rays of women!!#

Vance: Now Maggi, you're giving away my secrets.

Maggi: :-)

Vance: Don't you like being around guys?

Maggi: I bask first in my own rays...then ask the guys to come and get warm.

Vance: Here's another idea for a survey: our your closest friends male or female?

Vance: are your etc.

Vance: You do seem to radiate a lot of warmth, doesn't she, YL?

Ying-Lan: ^What do you mean " our your closest friends male or female?"?

Vance: The people you find it easiest to talk to

Ying-Lan: ^I am sorry, I just checked my dictionary.

Ying-Lan: ^maggi, she does radiate.

Maggi: thank you!

Vance: What word was giving you problems ... ah, radiate. Like the sun. The sun radiates heat. A cars radiator radiates heat.

Ying-Lan: ^radiate.. good word to describe a lady.

Maggi: beam beam, :-)

Ying-Lan: ^"She rediates joy!"

Maggi: well that was a typical male comparison

Maggi: se4e...Ying is more creative :-)

Ying-Lan: ^Not really! I just copied the sentence from my dictionary.

Maggi: but you believe it :-)

Vance: Do you mean the car radiator :-)

Maggi: a lady with a car part...

Ying-Lan: ^What kind of the idea..

Ying-Lan: A car and a woman?

Vance: How about, the monitor radiates electrons ... better :-)

Maggi: now there is a good men compare women to their cars...?

Vance: WHat do women compare men to?

Maggi: I like radiating joy better...a car canīt do that.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, I don't know it.

Maggi: a vibrator ...ROTFL

Ying-Lan: ^I don't remember I discussed it with my friend.

Vance: I have a 4 wheel drive ... I like a rough ride.


Ying-Lan: ^Mentioned the car... I just spent a lot of money to fix my car.

Vance: Discussed what YL?

Maggi: What kind of car do you have Ying...?

Ying-Lan: ^To discuss "WHat do women compare men to/"

Ying-Lan: ^maggi, it is a small car.

Vance: Do you mean you can't think what you compare men to, YL?

Ying-Lan: ^Parts from Japan but be made in Taiwan.

Maggi: what type?

Ying-Lan: ^Have you heard "SUBURA"?

Maggi: I take each man as he comparisons

Vance: Subaru?

Maggi: yes, I have Ying

Ying-Lan: ^Subaru

Ying-Lan: ^Yes, it is.

Vance: I used to own a Subaru. 4wd on the Big Island of Hawaii. It was a nice car.

Ying-Lan: ^I bought it in 1991...

Maggi: my car is almost 14 yrs old.

Ying-Lan: ^It is time to fix it... over 7 years.

Vance: Guys, while you've been knocking men, I've been multitasking. Check out

Ying-Lan: What's it?

Vance: Just a funny little javascript quiz generator I was playing with.

Maggi: one day it will car I mean.

Ying-Lan: ^But It is a good news for me.

Maggi: we have not knocked men

Ying-Lan: ^I hope to use it another 7 years in the future.

Maggi: you compared us to cars though :-)

Ying-Lan: ^but vance,

Vance: I know, there's no right answer?

Ying-Lan: ^David chan

Vance: I'm looking at that now.

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: good one Yying!

Ying-Lan: ^Maggi, do you think it is a good idea?

Vance: Oh, but you are correct YL.

Maggi: which one Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^Taiwan shoud be a state of USA.

Ying-Lan: ^I have heard it several years ago.

Ying-Lan: ^It is impossible!

Maggi: would you like to be American Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^Just someone imagines.

Ying-Lan: ^I like to be a Taiwanese.

Maggi: I thought so.

Ying-Lan: ^But I hate we have always firghten with China mainland.

Maggi: you mean you always have this fear of what mainland China will do...?

Ying-Lan: ^You know, when I saw The western Germany and Eastern Germany to be one country, I was thinking when we would make it.

Maggi: a little different I think...but many similarities.

Ying-Lan: ^I don't want to be a part of China now... I hate their system.

Michael C: @64,64 !It's Michael C

Michael C: Hello all!

Michael C: How is everyone?

Maggi: Hi mc

Vance: Hi MC

Maggi: That is the differenc3e

Vance: Guys, I fixed the problem. Check out

Ying-Lan: o.k.

Maggi: The East Germans will never go back to communism now.

Ying-Lan: ^cars

Maggi: it is interesting what is happening.

Michael C: I got the answer right!

Ying-Lan: communisn...

Ying-Lan: It is evil.

Maggi: many ways

Ying-Lan: hi, Michael

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, he has a new idea about efi chat class.

Michael C: Vance has a new idea?

Maggi: but the east Germans donīt like the regulations the west Germans have.

Vance: Hi Michael. Try the quiz at See if you can get the answer without having heard our conversation.

Ying-Lan: ^why?

Michael C: I just did maggi. And I got it right!

Maggi: because it is like many regulations

Vance: Good Michael. You must know Maggi well.

Maggi: hey...was there a question about me?

Vance: Yes, MC and YL both got it right.

Michael C: I know a lot of women think that. It's not true about me though....

Ying-Lan: ^" because it is like many regulations".. but west Germany is a democracy system.

Michael C: What about you vance?

Maggi: what?

Vance: I wouldn't have thought it was true about me but Maggi caught me in a slip.

Maggi: I am good at that :-)

Maggi: what are we talking about here?

Michael C: Communism and cars.

Vance: I was actually illustrating the word radiate, and found an example about a car's radiator, so it wasn't actually a comparison, but it was fun to pursue the idea for a while.

Maggi: yes...West Germany is a social democracy and so many regulations.

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Maggi: are we back to comparing women to cars?

Michael C: No I think we shoul stick to democarcy/communism.

Maggi: letīs compare men to vibrators...:-)

Maggi: ROTFL

Michael C: Now if Feliz were here......

Ying-Lan: ^I have heard another say... a wife likes a man's garage but a lover likes a man's park in street... do you understand the sentence.

Maggi: Felix lost his job...

Maggi: I understand Ying :-)

Ying-Lan: Felix lost his job? really?

Maggi: yes...really

Ying-Lan: ^Felix lost his job?

Ying-Lan: ^Why?

Maggi: recession

Ying-Lan: ^Does he find new one?

Maggi: I hope so,.

Maggi: He has 3 children

Ying-Lan: ^recession?

Vance: It doesn't sound like it's very easy to find work where he lives.

Maggi: high unemployment

Michael C: Is he upset about it?

Maggi: and how

Ying-Lan: ^But he is a manager..

Ying-Lan: ^But he was a manager..

Maggi: he asked me to help him get to the States

Maggi: was

Vance: He sees people going there. He is thinking about starting a new life.

Maggi: he wants to open a language school

Ying-Lan: ^It is not easy to find a job in USA for a foreigner.

Maggi: no it isnīt Ying...

Michael C: Do you think he'd find a job in the states?

Vance: Definitely not easy to open a language school.

Maggi: he thinks then that the best is to go to school in the US.

Maggi: and work

Maggi: yes...he probably could mc

Ying-Lan: ^He have to learn more money..

Ying-Lan: ^to raise up his children.

Maggi: yes...

Michael C: Can he get a work permit?

Maggi: I am asking my brother if he could sponsor him.

Ying-Lan: ^It must be a good idea to open a language school in his home town.

Maggi: with a sponsor and a job the work permit is easier

Ying-Lan: ^In Taiwan, someone could be the rich,,.. if he could speak good English to open a language school.

Vance: That's really nice Maggi. My family tried to help an African guy I met once. We got him to the states but he couldn't last.

Maggi: Felix is determined.

Vance: Can someone get a work permit in Taiwan?

Maggi: I just think it will be really hard on his wife with 3 kids...alone.

Ying-Lan: ^It is hard to get the permit.

Maggi: what do you ned

Maggi: need Ying?

Ying-Lan: ^I don't know.. but I met some teachers, they came here by visitor's visa.

Maggi: So, I would need a visa?

Vance: But the teachers didn't start language schools, did they? They just worked in them ... ??

Ying-Lan: ^There is a famous languge school.. the owner is a American lady.

Ying-Lan: ^There is a famous languge school.. the owner is an American lady.

Ying-Lan: ^But she married a Taiwaness.

Maggi: she married a she?

Maggi: taiwanese I think you mean

Ying-Lan: ^She married a boy

Maggi: a man I hope!

Ying-Lan: ^a man

Maggi: good

Ying-Lan: ^But if a foreigner married a Taiwan girl, he probably can not get the permit to work here.

Maggi: got your tongue or what?

Maggi: so...I would have to find a man Ying?

Michael C: Not now - is that true Ying? That's crazy.

Ying-Lan: ^It is true.. I read it from Newspaper.

Michael C: But a woman marrying a Taiwanese man would get a permit?

Ying-Lan: ^sure.

Maggi: that is not fair

Michael C: Where's the logic in that?

Maggi: think about it mc

Ying-Lan: ^My goverment does like girls married foreigners.

Maggi: the culture is male oriented

Ying-Lan: ^My goverment does not like girls married foreigners.

Maggi: but it ok for the men to Yying?

Michael C: I am......they don't Taiwanese men losing their jobs to foreigners?

Ying-Lan: ^but it is fine.. if they don't want to stay here.

Ying-Lan: May be.

Maggi: double standard

Ying-Lan: yes.

Michael C: Very definitely. That would be illegal here. And probably in the US and Germany.

Maggi: you only need German blood anywhere in your family to come here.

Maggi: What really gets me is men who have money go to Thailand and buy a young bride.

Michael C: Or the Philippines. May Australians do this. I teach some of those brides.

Maggi: And I know some prettxy sad cases here in Europe.

Ying-Lan: ^OH,, you cound find these advertisement in Taiwan.. "Go to Vietanm to find your bride"

Maggi: I think it is disgusting...

Ying-Lan: ^That's why I can not find my ... ;-)

Michael C: So Vietnamese women go to live in Taiwan?

Ying-Lan: some

Vance: Much worse in this part of the world. Women have almost no rights regarding marriage here, choice of that is.

Maggi: man...didnīt such slave trade stop?

Michael C: I know we've talked about this before Vance but I would find that very hard to tolerate over there.

Ying-Lan: ^There are some tragedies happened.

Maggi: donīt want a man like that.

Vance: It happens whether you tolerate it or not.

Ying-Lan: ^Sure... I was kidding.

Michael C: I guess you have to turn a blind eye....

Vance: Most people here pretty much accept it. I've seen interviews on Saudi TV where women defend the system, insist that it protects them.

Michael C: Protecys then control them.

Michael C: Protects that is.

Maggi: I had a 13 yr old once online...she felt the men were going to protect her.

Maggi: fromn Egypt

Michael C: Which men> Online men?

Vance: Exactly. It's crowd mentality. People in a crowd have to go with the prevailing view or in their society face some pretty harsh consequences.

Maggi: no the men in her society.

Vance: In societies where women are withheld from men, the women need protecting.

Maggi: the US is not much better sometimes at protecting.

Maggi: Vance has a point

Vance: They see that in the western media and they feel that in their society they are safe and protected.

Michael C:'s hard to know these things unless you're in the place. True I suppose Vance. But all I know is Egyptian men drove me crazy.

Michael C: They all wanted to marry my wife.

Vance: In societies where women are withheld from men, that's another problem Michael (oh, I thought you meant they drove YOU crazy).

Ying-Lan: ^Michael .. your wife must be pretty!

Michael C: They weren't at all interested in me. (She was blonmde though.)

Maggi: Because they have no control over their biology and you have been trained Michael.

Michael C: She was Ying. And they drove both of us crazy.

Ying-Lan: She was///

Vance: I traveled in those countries at a time when my wife was 28 and we were fighting people off all the time (she wasn't my wife back then).

Ying-Lan: ^She was?

Michael C: I have been trained!? So I'm house trained?

Vance: well spotted, YL

Michael C: Ying - she was my wife. we are now divorced and I have remarried.

Ying-Lan: I am sorry.

Maggi: no...constrained is probably a better term.

Michael C: Don't be sorry Ying. We're all friends now and all the heartaches are in the past. We weren't a very good match anyway! (Doea this sound stange to you?)

Maggi: it means only that you wonīt just react to your bilogy like an ape.

Michael C: Thank you Maggie. I''l thinknof that when I need a lift.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, what do you mean "well spotted"?

Maggi: biology..

Ying-Lan: ^Michael... it is acceptable.

Maggi: :-)

Michael C: OK Ying.

Vance: I mean that you spotted the past tense in MC's conversation. British people say "Well spotted (hey, what)"

Ying-Lan: ^Do you feel hurt again when you talk to her (your former wife)?

Maggi: hey what...look here...:-)

Michael C: No not at all. Sometimes I feel a little sad but nort hurt.

Maggi: then you are still friends or in conatact mc...?

Michael C: Yes we are.

Ying-Lan: ^That's good.

Maggi: how does your present wife handle that?

Ying-Lan: ^You are happy with your wife now, aren't you?

Michael C: We have a child together so we have to make it work and we have. My present wife is fine about it. That's what meant when I said 'we are all friends now"

Maggi: Vance is basking again in the rays of sunshine....-)

Ying-Lan: got it

Michael C: Yes Ying I am happy now! (I was happy then but she wasn't!)

Maggi: hard call mc

Michael C: Someone should spook Vance with a dog. Well Maggie you know how it is. What you gain on the hobbyhorses you lose on the swings (as Van Morrison would say)

Maggi: it just got really humid hot here...igit!

Maggi: :-) good one mc!

Vance: I'm enjoying the conversation and preparing some documents here at work.

Michael C: Clever cat.

Maggi: I have to do some certificates...

Michael C: for?

Maggi: two of my students took Level III from the LCCI exam and passed.

Michael C: LCCI?

Vance: WHat happened with Stephan, Maggi? Did he decide to watch tv or do the dishes? Did he fix his computer problem.

Maggi: London Chamber of commerece

Maggi: He is doing all those things Vance...:.-)

Ying-Lan: ^hi, denis

Maggi: Commerce...

Maggi: Hi Denis

Ying-Lan: Maggi, what is it?

Maggi: A British test fopr business...a passport to a job.

Ying-Lan: ^London chamber of commerce... like a commercial test.

Vance: Hi Denis

Ying-Lan: ^what's kind of the subject they took?

Denis: Hi , I am here to learn English, is that the wrong place ?

Maggi: Yeah...and I am not British but everyone passes! :-)

Ying-Lan: yes. it is.

Ying-Lan: ^Vance, maggi and Michael are teachers here.

Ying-Lan: ^it is a chatting class. just speak anything you like.

Vance: This is the right place.

Ying-Lan: ^Where are you from, Denis?

Vance: We're the webheads,

Vance: From France?

Denis: I am from Quebec, Canada

Vance: Welcome

Ying-Lan: ^You speak Franch?

Michael C: Yes Denis - welcome.

Maggi: hi...I am the crazy teacher.

Michael C: ...and the lazy teacher....

Maggi: me?

Denis: It is a pleasure, Yes I am a French speaking person

Michael C: Look at you!

Ying-Lan: oh.

Michael C: (maggie I mean)

Ying-Lan: ^You are a Canadian?

Maggi: I got that from you mc"

Michael C: lol

Denis: Yes I am

Ying-Lan: oh...

Michael C: brb

Denis: And you are from?

Ying-Lan: I am from Taiwan...

Maggi: it is too hot here to do much else...:-)

Vance: I'm an American living in Abu Dhabi

Denis: What time is it at Taiwan

Maggi: I live in Germany and Michael is in Aaustralia.

Ying-Lan: ^It is PM 09:24 ..

Maggi: Here it is afternoon...3.28pm

Denis: Here near Montreal it is 09:29 am

Maggi: good morning then!

Ying-Lan: ^It is very easy to learn speaking English in Canada...isn't it?

Maggi: You are up early for a Sunday...too hot to sleep?

Denis: Most part of Canada is English, but in quebec which is a province of Canada, majority of people talk french

Maggi: Ying is exactly 12 hrs ahead of you Denis.

Ying-Lan: ^I have met one from Quebec.. she teachs French in Vancouver.

Ying-Lan: ^I did not know that English is her second languge until she told me.

Ying-Lan: ^I mean she could speak good English.

Denis: I have never gone at Vancouvert, it is five hours from here by plane

Ying-Lan: ^it is.

Vance: I have been to Montreal and a couple of times to Vancouver. I drove from Calgary to Vancouver once. A long way.

Ying-Lan: wa..

Denis: And you Vance where are you from?

Michael C: I'm back.....but I have to go. Come back next week Denis. Bye everyone.

Ying-Lan: by michael

Maggi: I drove 10,000 k to Alaska

Denis: Bye Michael

Vance: I'm was born in Texas but have lived in Hawaii and California in the states.

Vance: bye MC

Maggi: I didnīt get a chance to say goodbye :-(

Denis: Oh so for you no problem speaking english

Ying-Lan: ^I have problem to speak English.

Ying-Lan: ^I have a problem to speak English.

Maggi: no you donī are just too quiet Ying. :-)

Vance: YL has improved a lot since she started coming to these classes.

Denis: Well Ying-Lan you seem good

Ying-Lan: ^I am finding a good way to learn.... still be finding.

Maggi: Why do you want to improve your English Denis?

Ying-Lan: Thanks vance.

* Maggi * see...warm fussies or?

Denis: Because in my work I must often talk in english with other plan , I am working for a company whish is establish in 66 countries

Maggi: then it is important to learn International English.

Denis: plant with T

Ying-Lan: ^A big company?

Denis: Yes it is, it is a cement company

Maggi: yes...or it could be called a site...

Ying-Lan: ^But Denis.. did you speak English when you studies at University or college?

Maggi: what do you do in the company?

Maggi: when you is finished Ying...

Ying-Lan: I am sorry.

Maggi: donīt be sorry

Denis: Well here in Quebec if we want we can speak and live only in French, but I have followed a lot of English course at college and in university, but I would like to be more confident

Maggi: this is how you learn

Maggi: confidence will get you further than actual skills.

Vance: Guys, I've got to leave. Would you like to send on the rest of the logs, Maggi?

Maggi: sure

Ying-Lan: ^I have to go now.. My mother is angry at me.

Vance: OK. Denis, nice meeting you.

Maggi: enjoy the beer on the balcony

Denis: By Vance

Maggi: why is she angry?

Vance: No one to drink it with tonight. Bye all

Maggi: chio

Maggi: ciao

Denis: By Yl

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