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Chat with students Gloria from Paraguay, Ying-Lan from Taiwan and Felix from Brazil and teachers Michael C and Maggi

November 7, 1999

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** Please press ctrl F when you enter this Palace.

*** This will open your room list box.

*** We need you to move to your assigned classrooms ASAP so this gate can remain clear.

*** Thank you :)

*** NOTE: All conversations on this server are being recorded.

Felix: @64,64 !It's Felix

Requested file a-green2.gif

Received file a-green2.gif

Requested file s16.gif

Received file s16.gif

*** Please press ctrl F when you enter this Palace.

*** This will open your room list box.

*** We need you to move to your assigned classrooms ASAP so this gate can remain clear.

*** Thank you :)

Requested file library.gif

Received file library.gif

*** Please press ctrl F when you enter this Palace.

*** This will open your room list box.

*** We need you to move to your assigned classrooms ASAP so this gate can remain clear.

*** Thank you :)

Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

Maggi: ok,,,worked this time

Felix: Hi there

Maggi: Hi

Maggi: And now?

Felix: wouldn't it be better if we open the browser at Vance's chat room.. So if someone goes there we can info him/her we are here

Maggi: Could do...but most have icq too and we will see them...

Felix: yes, thats right

Felix: Today I found a funny site.. about sentences in English..

Maggi: what kind of sentences...

Felix: they are translated as we say "on the foot of the letter"

Felix: Like Between my dear...

Maggi: literlly then...

Felix: (Entre in portuguese is between and come in (same word)

Maggi: literally

Maggi: there is Ying

Felix: So to make fun we say Between my well (meaning Entre meu bem )

Felix: I think only portuguese speakers understand them

Maggi: there are some for Germans too that are really funny.

Felix: but only the native speakers can understand them right?

Ying-Lan: @64,64 !It's Ying-Lan

Maggi: Hi Ying! :-)

Felix: Our little pig just arrived.

Ying-Lan: hi

Maggi: No Felix, the Germans find them funny too when you explain it.

Felix: Hi Ying.

Felix: oh she's a gost now

Felix: ghost

Felix: a perro???

Ying-Lan: How do you find the room?

Ying-Lan: It sounds another virtual school in the Palace.

Maggi: Michael is coming...Felix are you keeping the log?

Felix: yes it is...

Felix: yes I am Maggi

Maggi: good

Ying-Lan: Where is Vance? I do not see him on the icq list.. Bust he was here, right?

Felix: yes is getting disconnected..

Felix: he is getting disconnected.

gloria: @64,64 !It's gloria

gloria: Here I am..Thanks Felix

Ying-Lan: Hi gloria, ;-)

Felix: Lucas is messing here.. oh my

Felix: Hi GLoria

Maggi: Vance has a diving lesson.

Maggi: Hi Gloria!

Ying-Lan: Tonight?

Felix: yes Ying

Maggi: he can't come, but Michaqel is just connecting.

gloria: Well Here I am, chatting on ICQ and on the Palace too

Felix: what a multipurpose girl!!

MichaelC: @64,64 !It's MichaelC

Maggi: There he is...hi mc!

MichaelC: Hi people.

gloria: see Felix, I`m practicing my portugues with a guy from Lisbon

Ying-Lan: Hi, Michael :-)... long time no see!!

gloria: I like the background here very much

Maggi: He is waiting for the pic to download.

Maggi: We can sit on walls

MichaelC: @64,64 !It's MichaelC

MichaelC: Hello?

gloria: Hello again

Ying-Lan: It is hard to move my avatars....

Maggi: Michael likes the sky!

Maggi: now the wall

MichaelC: Who wouldn't? How are you all?

Felix: sorry, I went to the yard to help the kids fill the pool with water

gloria: I'm fine thanks

MichaelC: Well at least Gloria's talking to me.

Felix: Hi MC

Maggi: If you don't tell me about what great weather you have downunder I will feel better.

gloria: yes sure.. :)

MichaelC: Hi Felix. Believe ot or not it's actually cool her tonight - very cool for November.

Felix: it's getting hotter and hotter here

Ying-Lan: Cool? Is it Spring in Australia?

MichaelC: So it should be here too. Yes YL. It's spring.

Felix: How's the weather for you GLoria?

Maggi: Probably ike here!

gloria: about 20 celsius degree by now (very cool for november :))

Maggi: like...20!

Felix: here it's about 26 C degrees

Ying-Lan: It is a nice day here.

Felix: I have 2 movies to watch today

MichaelC: And is Vance on another holiday?

gloria: we have had 40 C degrees one week ago

Maggi: ooops it is Gosnia that is in Poland ....Gloria is down there with you guys.

Maggi: Vance hs a diving lesson

Maggi: has'

MichaelC: What movies Felix?

Felix: I've got e-mail and Matrix

Ying-Lan: That's great!

MichaelC: Matrix is supposed to be good - at least my son said so.

Maggi: I wonder what kind of mining they learn here...

gloria: You've got mail?

Maggi: Matrix is supposed to be great!

Felix: I've got mail is the name of the movie Gloria..

MichaelC: Yes I thnk you mean "You've Got Mail" Felix.

Felix: I'm eager to watch Matrix... By the way, did any of you watched 8mm??

MichaelC: I saw that. It was OK - not as good as the hype said though.

gloria: I think it is "You've got mail"

Maggi: wITH fORREST gUMP! :-)

Felix: No Maggi.. With Antonhy Hopkims.. hehehe

Maggi: oops...fingers slipped...Forrest Gump

gloria: yes with Tom Hanks

MichaelC: Haven't seen 8mm Felix. But I remember you talking about it.

Ying-Lan: Not yet1

Maggi: Thanks Gloria...

Felix: I want to watch The Witches of Blair... Friends say it's a good one.

MichaelC: I told Maggie - Australia voted yesterday to stay with the British Commonwealth and keep the queen.

MichaelC: So no republic for us.

Ying-Lan: I read the news on Newspaper this morning.

Felix: We have a republic government..

MichaelC: So we spent $84M to stay the same!

Maggi: Won't ask how you voted.

MichaelC: I voted yes for the republic.

Ying-Lan: I do not understand why you keep the queen... she is far away from you!

MichaelC: But i really don't care.

Maggi: that was expensive.

Felix: Who is your queen MC?

Maggi: his wife of course!

MichaelC: People are really afraid to change Ying. Our queen is Queen Elizabeth - the Engosh monarch.

Felix: lol

MichaelC: English monarch.

Maggi: if he knows what is good for him...:-)

Felix: By the way, does anyone know why Elizabeth I used that white facial mask?

MichaelC: What are laughing at Felix?!

MichaelC: No. tell us....

Maggi: my remsrk mc.

Ying-Lan: But you are different from British....

MichaelC: Oh - I get it (the joke)

Maggi: which you wisely chose to ignore...:-)

Felix: because maggi said your queen was your wife... But that was not the meaning of my question.

Ying-Lan: You have the same queen with British...

MichaelC: Well yes Yimg. But there are still a lot of Bristish migrants here.

MichaelC: And people like the romance of monarchy I think.

MichaelC: Like when Diana died the WHOLE WORLLD was upset at the death of a princess. It's like a fairytale.

gloria: bye guys..for now..

Ying-Lan: bye

Felix: Can anyone here answer my question?

Ying-Lan: Which one?

MichaelC: Which question?

Felix: why did Elizabeth I used that white facial mask?

MichaelC: I don't know.

Maggi: Sshe wore a mask?

Maggi: when?

MichaelC: Is this a joke Felix?

Felix: yes....

Felix: No Michael,, it's not.....

Maggi: oh...well tell us the ant=swer then...

Felix: I dont know the answer.. I am looking for it.

MichaelC: Oh - done a web search?

Maggi: I am not sure if she really wore a mask or just lots of makeup.

Felix: Havent you seen any picture of Elizabeth I using a white mask???

Felix: yes Mc, but no luck

Maggi: no I hqven't...her face is always white

MichaelC: Yes I have - it was probably just a beauty treatment.

Ying-Lan: I don't think she wore a white facial mask...

MichaelC: Women do strange things to look beautiful!

Ying-Lan: But she looks as the same in the past 10 years.

Felix: I am talking about the FIRST Elizabeth ying, not this one.

Ying-Lan: I am sorry.

MichaelC: Elizabeth I from the 16th century.

Felix: right MC

MichaelC: :)

Maggi: oh...back then they used piles of powder.

Ying-Lan: Soooo. why you need Elizabeth I to your queen? Did she pass away?

Ying-Lan: Soooo. why you need Elizabeth I to be your queen? Did she pass away?

MichaelC: Our current queen is Elizabeth II.

Felix: i've heard that that mask was made of silver powder from a Wales well.

Ying-Lan: got it.

MichaelC: You seem to know a bit about English history Felix.

Maggi: Remember they didn't bath oftn Felix.

MichaelC: I used to but I've forgotten it all.

Felix: I don't.. I just got curious after I watched Elizabeth

MichaelC: I see.

Ying-Lan: He got information from Movies...

Ying-Lan: It is nice way to learn by watching movies.

MichaelC: How come you have the time to watch 2 movies in a day?

Felix: I like to watch historical movies ... I watched Joana D`Arc last weekend.....

Ying-Lan: Only need 4 - 5 hours, we have 24 hours in a day.

Felix: on the weekends MC.

MichaelC: How many hours do you sleep Ying?

Ying-Lan: YOu know,,, sometimes, I did not do anything,,, but time pass by so fast.

Maggi: time marches steadiloy on...

Maggi: stedily

Maggi: steadily

MichaelC: Especially as you get older! The years are getting shorter.

Maggi: what a lousy teacher...:-)

Felix: I have to stop in the time.. I am always doing something.

Ying-Lan: Right!

Felix: what is lousy??

MichaelC: No Maggie. Just a lousy typist/speller.

Maggi: the older you get the faster time seems to go by...

Felix: error... I hate to stop in the time.

MichaelC: lousy = bad/terrible

Maggi: time is always the same but it is relative to our references

MichaelC: Pronounced with a 'z' sound (louzy)

Felix: I meant to be doing nothing.. I hate it.

Maggi: do something you enjoy and is gone

MichaelC: Or be bored and time d....r....a.....g......s......on.

Maggi: do something boring and it just drags...

Maggi: hehehe

Felix: drags/???

MichaelC: Snap Maggi!

MichaelC: drags = takes a long time to pass

Maggi: be gone yourself...:-)

Felix: Snap??

Maggi: snap your fingers

Maggi: poof

Felix: Today only 1% of my brain is working.. lol

Felix: what is snap???

MichaelC: When 2 people say somthing at the same time we say 'snap' - like in the cardgame. Do you know it?

Felix: nope

Maggi: now you do!

MichaelC: I mean ' say the same thing at the same time.'

Felix: but I didnt understand it

Felix: oh gottcha

Maggi: now it weent snap

MichaelC: Snap the card game: 2 piles of cards , 2 people turn over one card at a time and when they match you say 'SNAP' and take all the cards.

Maggi: I think you should also take some time to do nothing everydy too...:-)

MichaelC: Kids oove it. The easiest game in the world. Im usre you have oit with another name.

MichaelC: Kids love it.

Felix: When I am doing nothing I am watching TV or a movie.

Maggi: like who is the lousy speller?

Ying-Lan: I am a lousy speller.

Maggi: I mean nothiung Felix...

MichaelC: I'm a great speller but a lousy typist.

Felix: ROFL= teacher's fighter... Who are you going to bet to Ying??

Maggi: :-)

Maggi: me too!

Ying-Lan: snap!

MichaelC: Are you a good speller in your language YL?

Felix: I think we have to practice spelling game with the teachers. LOL

Maggi: you don't want to see mc lose do you?

Ying-Lan: Sometimes, I scroll up!

MichaelC: I don't mind losing. I'm a humble kind of guy.

Felix: humble????

MichaelC: What do you mean 'scroll up' Ying?

Maggi: I always won the spelling bee in school.

MichaelC: Three cheers for Maggie!

Maggi: not a peron who brags Felix.


Maggi: thanks...but no one is perfect...

MichaelC: Sure you are.

Maggi: not me

Ying-Lan: I said wrong words... like idoms ... I always miss one word in a idom.

Maggi: I gave it up

Felix: Not bragging.... Imagine if you were lol

Maggi: me or Michael?

MichaelC: That's not surprising Ying. Idioms are very hard.

Felix: you Maggi.. I am just kidding

Maggi: :=)

Ying-Lan: But I am a Chinese....

Felix: what is humble???

MichaelC: So....

Maggi: you would be surprised then Felix...

MichaelC: humble = not proud

Ying-Lan: humble... good one. To be humble is a good way to live in the world.

MichaelC: The opposite of proud in fact. Humble and proud are antonyms.

Maggi: but it goes against my principles

MichaelC: lol

MichaelC: Being humble? what's wrong with that?

Ying-Lan: Wy? maggi? What is your principle? to be proud?

Maggi: I tickled him...that's why he laughed

Maggi: I meant bragging goe against my principles

MichaelC: Oh.

Felix: a bragging person is suck a jerk one...

MichaelC: Eh?

Maggi: he means such a jerk

Felix: ... is such

MichaelC: lol

MichaelC: That's quite different!

Felix: ROFL= What a letter can do in a sentence!!!!!!

Maggi: being proud in the wrong way is as bad as being jeolous

Maggi: one letter can make all the difference sometimes GFelix.

Felix: any exagerated qualifier is bad ..

Maggi: exaggerated

Maggi: are bad

Maggi: still saving Felix/

Maggi: don't forget your bird when you leave mcc...

Felix: yep

Maggi: good

Maggi: gets me off the hook if you mess

MichaelC: Of coure not. Though I was thinking it might be a nice present for the school of mines.

Maggi: maybe they could use one

MichaelC: And it is time for me to go. I'm all confused about times now that we are on summer time.

MichaelC: How long have you been here?

Maggi: I hate the days being so short and dark.

Maggi: not long before you mc

MichaelC: OK. So this would be aboiut normal finishing time?

Felix: we are under summer time here too

Maggi: a little early but around that.

MichaelC: Yeh - I think I came earlier than usual....

MichaelC: ...which suits me better cos I'll get to bed earlier.

Felix: my puter is so slow now

Maggi: shlaap lekker then!!

Maggi: can't be slower than mine...

MichaelC: I will Maggie. Might just have one more cigarette.

Felix: but you have an advantage over me... Your connection is much better


Maggi: tsk tsk...still puffing...maybe Felix...

MichaelC: Yes. Didn't you know that? I know you do.

Felix: Yes, But I thought you were so rightful...

Maggi: ROTFL

Maggi: MC/

MichaelC: rofl and l and l and l!

Maggi: mc?

Ying-Lan: Say bye to you...

MichaelC: That's very nice of you Felix!

Felix: how many packs a day MC/

Felix: dont take it as a compliment MC :o))

MichaelC: Not much - only 4- 8 cigs a day.

Maggi: He rolls his own

Ying-Lan: BYE-BYE

Maggi: bye Ying

MichaelC: Bye Ying. Have a good week.

Felix: Bye ying

Maggi: that isn't much Felix

MichaelC: OK then I'm insulted Felix.

Felix: no, that's not Maggi

MichaelC: I thought you repected me.

Maggi: You smple too much Felix...

Felix: don't be Mc.

MichaelC: lol

Felix: I What maggi/?

Maggi: oops...smoke too much

Maggi: lol

Felix: yes that's right.. But I am trying to quit it

Maggi: cut down


MichaelC: OK I must go - hate conversations about giving up smoking!


Felix: lol

Maggi: ok...I still smoke a few myself...

MichaelC: Yes boss.

Maggi: have a good week all!

MichaelC: maybe we can have a smokers quit class!

Felix: for you all too

Maggi: I'll have quit by then

MichaelC: See you guys. Take care.

MichaelC: )AMEN

Maggi: you too...

Felix: What a music I am listening now..... So swing... You must listen to Bahia's music.... COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Felix: One day I will tape a video and send to you all

Maggi: ok...I have to go do my taxes...

Maggi: yuk!!

Felix: yuk maggi/?

Felix: ok I got it now..

Felix: Bye all

Maggi: doing taxes

Maggi: bye

Felix: Bye Ying

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