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Chat with students Gloria from Paraguay and Ying-Lan from Taiwan and teachers Vance, Michael C and Maggi

December 5, 1999

Vance has gone to Michael C's office in at the Palace ...

Connected via TCP

Vance: There you are.

Ying-Lan: Hi, Vance.

MichaelC: I just had a message from Vance - he said virtual scholar is working again....let's try and find him. But I have forgotten the name and port number...

Ying-Lan: Sorry, I have to go now. My nephew wants to play the game

Vance: Well, I can tell you. I had a message from Vance too.

Vance: ok

Ying-Lan: He will go home thirty minutes later.

MichaelC: Talking to yourself Vance? OK Ying.

Ying-Lan: Sorry.

MichaelC: That was quick!

Vance: OK, maybe we should go to virtual scholar

Vance: port 9998

MichaelC: Yes let's. What's the address? Ok - got it

Vance: In case you've forgotten (you need a RAM upgrade)

Ying-Lan: Wait, Can you show your avatars?

Vance: ok

MichaelC: Yes I can!

Ying-Lan: My nephews are courious who you are.

MichaelC: In that case....

Ying-Lan: How about your true face?

Ying-Lan: Say Hello to you!

Ying-Lan: Hi, How are you?

MichaelC: Ok real face!

Ying-Lan: Thanks Michaelc

Ying-Lan: Thanks

MichaelC: Mine's not very good. I need to make a new one.

Vance: Mine is all jumbled up

Ying-Lan: He says your glasses is very strange.

Ying-Lan: funny.

Ying-Lan: Sorry, I have to go now.

MichaelC: How old is your nephew?

Ying-Lan: Thanks for your show.

Vance: But we were just getting started ...

MichaelC: LOL

Vance: wait, there's more ...

Vance: (just kidding)

Ying-Lan: The old one is 8 years old. The young one is 5 years.

MichaelC: there are 2.

Ying-Lan: They are naughty.

Ying-Lan: Yes.

Ying-Lan: They are boys.

Vance: Naughty possibly suggests intelligence, a spirit of adventure with curiosity

Ying-Lan: They intronduce themself to you in Chinese.

MichaelC: Thank you boys.

Vance: Nice to meet you.

Ying-Lan: Nice to meet you!

MichaelC: Your aunty is a very nice person!

Ying-Lan: Thanks Michalec.

Vance: Your aunt has very strange teachers.

MichaelC: LOL

Ying-Lan: Strange Teacher!

MichaelC: Now I look better.

Vance: Fun teachers, fun students!

Ying-Lan: Thanks.

Ying-Lan: See you later.

MichaelC: OK Ying - bye. Bye boys!

Vance: OK. I think I'll breeze over to virtual scholar. Coming michael?

Ying-Lan: My nephews say bye-bye to you.

Ying-Lan: Sure.

Vance: Bye guys.

Ying-Lan: See you later.

Vance: Join the class if you like.

MichaelC: Yep. See you there. I'll just clean up a little.

Vance: OK. See you after a while I hope, YL.

MichaelC: Bye ying.

Connecting to

Connected via TCP

*** @16,16 Coterie, Inc. welcomes you to The Virtual Education Center.

Vance: @64,64 !It's Vance

*** @16,16 Click on the logos for related web sites and further information.

*** @16,16 Click Welcome to enter the main site.

MichaelC: So where to from here?

*** @16,16 Say help to move to the help room or say gate to return to this entrance.

Vance: Hi there.

Vance: Try the VEC logo

*** @16,16 Notice in the lower right hand corner of the court yard a compass rose.

*** @16,16 Click on Demonstration to see two sample lessons programmed into the Virtual Education Center©

*** @16,16 To find out about what the Pala

ce can do for education click on Palace Education.

*** @16,16 Clicking on the Auditorium will take you to a room where presentations may be made to others.

*** @16,16 Coterie, Inc., on the compass rose, takes you to a room which gives back

ground about our company.

Vance: Remember, I have an especially long download for this one.

Vance: I mean, graphics download

MichaelC: Hi again. Where's Maggie?

Vance: She was on icq. But if we want to meet her we'll have to go back outside.

Vance: Maybe we should do that. Do you have graphics here?

MichaelC: Back outside? Why?

MichaelC: And i have the graphics.

Vance: Because visitors will arrive there.

MichaelC: But what do you mean outside exactly?

Vance: I mean the portal

Vance: shall we?

MichaelC: Where there are millions of people/

MichaelC: The Welcome Palace/

Vance: No, I mean the portal

Vance: options / back

MichaelC: Where we just were?

Vance: That's the one.

Vance: shall we?

MichaelC: Der michael. OK.

Vance: Hang on a minute. I've got to spend a moment with a colleague. I'm here if you want to ramble on.

MichaelC: I'm pretty easy. I'll wait a while......

Vance: I'm having to ftp something to my web site so he can get it.

Vance: Would you like to email me the graphics for the room we were just in?

MichaelC: OK - I'll try. Gotta work out which ones they are...

Maggi: @64,64 !It's Maggi

MichaelC: Hi Maggie.

Maggi: I'm still in the dark...

Maggi: Hi

MichaelC: So is Vance. I'm emailing him the graphic.

Maggi: You were hidden behind the log Mc

Maggi: I have it now

Maggi: My laptop is slow

Maggi: This screen is so small...:-(

Maggi: So, how goes it guys?

MichaelC: Fine Maggie. But I'm about to begin the busiest week of the year (the last).

MichaelC: How's the moving?

Maggi: why?

MichaelC: The last week is always vaguely frantic.

Maggi: not the moving..

Maggi: why is that

Maggi: moving...well it is moving...:-)

MichaelC: Deadlines - resulting students, planning for next year, and we have a big show and tell on Thursday that involves getting a lot of stuff up on the web.

Maggi: I see...

Vance: Hi there.

Maggi: I have piles to do too but am just sticking to priorities...the rest will have to wait.

Vance: Back again. I actually had to go to another room.

Maggi: why?

MichaelC: Vance - the file (school2.gif) is on the way.

MichaelC: maggie's question of the day - why?!

Maggi: where is the schoolhouse?

Vance: ok. I'll load it and we visit.

Vance: Why did I have to go to another room? I had to set a couple of guys on a task that I'm avoiding by being here.

Maggi: I always ask too many questions...women's perogative.

Maggi: I actually got fired from a job once for asking too many questions.

MichaelC: Are you leaving town for your leave Vance?

Maggi: Good excuse, eh Vance?

Vance: I could get fired for not having enough answers, but I usually manage to make them up.

gloria: @64,64 !It's gloria

Vance: Yeah, this Wednesday I'm heading for Caracas.

Vance: Hi Gloria.

Maggi: I can always think of something...or ask a question back.

Maggi: Hi Gloria

MichaelC: Hello Gloria.

Vance: Oh, now I see Maggi. You were fired for answering questions with questions.

Maggi: Caracas...hmmm

Vance: Yeah, but a long way from Asencion

MichaelC: How's life in Paraguay Gloria?

gloria: well, very hot nowadays

Maggi: Off on another adventure Vance?

Vance: Here, you can have my space under the tree.

gloria: very good

Vance: Do you mean, "Very well." ??

gloria: very good idea (under the tree)

Maggi: girls stick together...LOL

Vance: That's correct then. 'Very well' means agreement.

Vance: You guys are stuck together, alright.

Maggi: LOL...say you have mistletoe at Christmas?

gloria: mistletoe?

MichaelC: Dear People - have to go. Are you around till Wednesday Vance?

Vance: This is actually a mistletoe tree.

MichaelC: Very curious Gloria.

Vance: How are you guys able to do that?

Maggi: those little green berry like stuff that grows as a parasite in trees...

Maggi: do what?

MichaelC: Just talent.

gloria: oh!

Vance: Can't manage it.

Maggi: there is no such thing as a mistletoe tree...

Vance: Well what's this then?

MichaelC: See ya folks. Sorry to run.

Maggi: you mean you can't move Vance?

Vance: OK, MC, nice to see you again.

Maggi: bye mc!

gloria: Bye MC

MichaelC: Ciao.

Vance: Thanks for keeping up the writing assignments.

Maggi: keep cool!

MichaelC: No problem.

Maggi: in the summer no less....:-)

Vance: I can't move in small steps like Gloria and MC were doing.

Vance: Those are big steps.

gloria: very hard to move this day

Vance: I think that's it. Your machine is just slow.

Maggi: I have a real nasty bruice on my back...

Maggi: bruise

Vance: A bruise? Did you get it moving?

Maggi: I fell off the chair because my desk moved (it is on wheels) and landed on the corner of something sharp...

Maggi: went betwen the ribs..

Vance: Don't you think it would be better to put the wheels on your chair?

Vance: I'm trying to imagine Maggi with a mouse. She's moving the desk around under the mouse ...

Maggi: I was sitting on a solid wooden kindergqarten chair...the one I have now has wheels.

Maggi: I have a touch pad...:-)

gloria: how is life in frankfurt Maggi?

Vance: I have one too on my laptop.

Vance: I see on CNN that rainstorms are raging where you are, Maggi.

Maggi: Frankfurt is under construction...I was there Monday...I live south of there thank goodness.

Maggi: The wind was strong the other day...

gloria: I hate storms

Maggi: blew everything all almost too!

Vance: The weather in the UAE is perfect right now. I was camping all weekend with my family.

gloria: poor you

Maggi: I managed to stay on my feet Gloria!

Maggi: How was it Vance?

gloria: thanks God! ;)

gloria: I must go now

gloria: take care, see you!

Vance: OK Gloria, nice to see you again. Write webheads some more. Your writing is excellent.

gloria: Thanks Vance! you are very too Mad

Vance: Tell us about your Sunday in Acension in the summer. These things make great reading.

Vance: (I mean, normal to you, but interesting to us)

Maggi: I hit something wrong...

gloria: ok, but is Asuncion :)

Vance: Thank you. Asuncion.

gloria: Have a good time in Caracas

Maggi: tell us about it...I love hearing about others customs...:-)

Vance: I like learning from my students. This is why I teach, in fact.

gloria: bye

Maggi: Me too!

Vance: bye


Vance: Nice people.

Maggi: oops...bye Gloria

Vance: hang on a moment while I capture the logs

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