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Computer Industry Almanac Inc.: Chinese Users to Outnumber US Users by 2010

The latest figures from Computer Industry Almanac show that by the end of this year, there will be 110 million online in the US and by 2002, that figure will be 165 million.

According to the group, Japan will be home to 18 million users, the UK will have 14 million users, Canada will have 13 million and Germany will have just over 12 million users.

Globally the group expect there to be 490 million users by 2002 and of that, US users will account for just under half.

Reasons for the high US projections were; high penetration of PCs in the US, relatively cheap access rates, high population density and the proliferation of ecommerce sites based in the US.

The authors of the report commented that Asian and European countries will close the gap with the US when new technology such as DSL and cable-modems enter the market.

Internet users in countries such as China and India will outnumber those in the US by 2010 due to a combination of their high population density and their current investment in infrastructure.



Newsbytes Asia: Internet Use in Asia to Explode by 2005

A new survey finds that the amount of people using the Internet is Asia will increase by 422 percent in the next six years and will number 228 million by 2005.

Authors of the survey, London based Philips Group, estimate that there are currently 43.6 million Asians online and predict that by 2006, that figure could be 370 million, representing a 62 percent increase on current figures.

While the majority of users will be concentrated in Japan for the next few years, by 2005, Internet use in China will surpass that in any other country in the region. By 2005, 37.6 percent of Asian Internet users will be Chinese, representing 85 million users.

Another survey by IDC finds that despite the fact that Asian users would rather surf the Web in their native language, a growing number are going to English language Web sites.



Strategis Group: Over Half of US Adults Use the Internet

The number of US Internet users has just passed the 100 million mark, representing half of the entire adult population, according to new research from the Strategis Group. Just one year ago, that figure was 68 million.

The typical user sends six emails per day and the gap between home use and work use is narrowing. Of those that surf on a daily basis, 60 percent do so from home while 69 percent do so from work.

Authors of the report believe that users are more savvy now, with over 77 percent of them able to send an attachment with their email. One fifth have created or updated a page in the last three months.




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