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Forwarded from Edutech news, with permission....


"For Youth, A Tech Power Surge"

Washington Post,

Ariana Eunjung Cha

November 9, 1999

Starting this month with four pilot programs, America Online, Microsoft, PowerBar, Inc, and Colin Powell are teaming up to create thousands of community-based technology centers for young people over the next several years. This collaboration, called "Power Up," is working closely with Powell's "America's Promise: Alliance for Youth" to provide at-risk kids with a place to go after school and the opportunity to learn technology skills in a positive environment.

"Plugging In, Not Dropping Out"

Wired News,,1383,32159,00.html

Kendra Mayfield

November 4, 1999

Technology-based afterschool programs for minorities, such as Palo Alto, CA's Plugged In and Area Learning Center in central Minnesota, are making an enormous difference in the lives of low-income teens. Students who participate in these programs recognize the need to learn skills to achieve their goals in the business world, and teachers notice how teens learn to collaborate with others and hone their writing skills when working on projects at these centers.

See also: "Beyond Y2K: Bridging the Digital Divide," by Ferdi Serim

MultiMedia Schools,

November/December 1999

Taken from: summaries complied by: Jessica Millstone (

Media and Education Technology Consultant

Media Workshop New York, a special project of the Bertelsmann Foundation

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