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Bridging the Digital Divide


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[Before I start this post, please note a correction: it appears that the book Network-Based Language Teaching will be off the press in early December, not this week]

The BBC Website has a lengthy spread on the Digital Divide:

The report is more journalistic than academic, but does bring together a number of short reports and links to several other international studies.

Some of the claims in the report seems questionable to me though, particularly the statement that "More than 80% of people in the world have never even heard a dial tone, let alone surfed the Web." For a number of years now, I've seen claims (and have occasionally repeated them myself) that half of the people in the world have never used a telephone. This assertion was repeated recently by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan at Telecom 99 in Geneva in October 1999. I've wondered on what basis this evaluation was made -- I've never seen any data from which the 50% figure was produced. But it does seem like it might be approximately true. But now a new claim that 80% of the world's people have never heard a dial tone? Sounds highly questionable to me.

If anybody has any reliable information on the percentage of people in the world who have likely used a telephone, I would be interested in hearing it. Or, short of reliable information, if someone would like to offer their own "guesstimate," based on a review of other telecommunications data, please let me know.

Mark Warschauer

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