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EUROCALL survey and conference

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From: "Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 08:58:10 +0100

The European Association for Computer Assisted Language Learning (EUROCALL) is an association whose aims are:

* to promote the use of foreign languages within Europe;

* to provide a European focus for the promulgation of innovative research, development and practice in the area of computer-assisted language learning and technology enhanced language learning in education and training;

* to enhance the quality, diffusion and cost-effectiveness of relevant language learning materials.

Whether or not you are a member of EUROCALL, you are invited to give us your views on the benefits and services you would like to see provided by such an association. We would be most grateful if you would please complete and submit the brief form ( on the EUROCALL website at

Also, the call for papers for our EUROCALL 2002 conference, to be held in Jyväskylä, Finland, 14-17 August 2002, has now been published on the EUROCALL 2002 website (

Prof. Dr. Bernd Rüschoff
Universität-GH Essen
Anglistik - FUB III - Technologiegestütztes Fremdsprachenlernen
Universitätsstraße 12
D-45117 Essen
Tel.: +49-201-183-4052 (Sekr.: -3460 / Fax: -4225)
D2 mobile: +49 - (0)172-696-8141
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