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Using Corpora in Language Teaching

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We are happy to announce that Volume 5, Number 3 of Language Learning & Technology is now available at This is a Special Issue on "Using Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning" and was guest edited by Chris Tribble and Michael Barlow. The contents are listed below.

Please visit the LLT Web site and be sure to enter your free subscription if you have not already done so. Also, we welcome your submissions of articles, reviews, and commentaries for future issues. Check our guidelines for submission at


Mark Warschauer and Dorothy Chun, Editors
Language Learning & Technology (

***Feature Articles***

1 Genres, Registers, Text Types, Domain, and Style: Clarifying the Concepts and Navigating a Path Through the BNC Jungle (David Lee)

2 Text Categories and Corpus Users: A Response to David Lee (Commentary) (Guy Aston)

3 An Evaluation of Intermediate Students' Approaches to Corpus Investigation (Claire Kennedy and Tiziana Miceli)

4 Looking at Citations: Using Corpora in English for Academic Purposes (Paul Thompson and Chris Tribble)

5 Lexical Behavior in Academic and Technical Corpora: Implications for ESP Development (Alejandro Curado Fuentes)

6 Teaching German Modal Particles: A Corpus-Based Approach (Martina Mollering)

7 The Emergence of Texture: An Analysis of the Functions of the Nominal Demonstratives in an English Interlanguage Corpus (Terry Murphy)

8 Exploring Parallel Concordancing in English and Chinese (Wang Lixun)

9 A Case for Using a Parallel Corpus and Concordancer for Beginners of a Foreign Language (Elke St. John)


From the Editors (Mark Warshauer, Dorothy Chun, and Pamela DaGrossa)

From the Guest Editor (Christopher Tribble and Michael Barlow)

On the Net "Finding Song Lyrics Online" (Jean LeLoup and Robert Ponterio)

Emerging Technologies "Tools and Trends in Corpora Use for Teaching and Learning" (Robert Godwin-Jones)

***Reviews*** Edited by Jennifer Leeman

1 Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and Research by Botley, McEnery, & Wilson (Eds.) (reviewed by John Lawler)

2 Patterns and Meanings: Using Corpora for English Language Research and Teaching by Partington (reviewed by Jozsef Horvath)

3 Exploring Academic English: A Workbook for Student Essay Writing by Thurstun & Candlin (reviewed by Paul Thompson)

4 MonoConc Pro and WordSmith Tools (reviewed by Randi Reppen)

***Call for Papers***

Theme: Distance Learning

***Corpora Research Bibliography***

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