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A few links, and a note from Ed Gragert...

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Editorial: Cyberwar with caution


X-From_: Wed Sep 19 04:39:13 2001
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 07:40:12 -0400
Subject: Flags and Other Symbols

Hi Mark,

Thought you might be interested in a short piece I wrote yesterday. If it's appropriate, feel free to share with others.


Flags and other Symbols

My daughter and I watched last week's tragedy unfolding live on television as she was finishing packing for her now delayed student year abroad in Spain. Since then, we have joined in volunteer efforts to give blood, donate clothes and help with their distribution. We have stood in vigil with friends, holding candles in tribute to those whose lives were lost. All this while, I could not help but notice the growing number of American flags adorning shirt lapels, store windows and apartment buildings.

I recognize and share the strong desire to do something, anything, to demonstrate our concern, grief and solidarity at a moment like this. But, I am uneasy and in fact even saddened by this use of such a national symbol, which, while understandable, is an inadequate response to what are clearly international incidents and issues.

What happened last week was nothing less than an attack on humanity. It was directed against the World Trade Center, and it killed or injured hundreds of people from many different countries. If this horrendous act is portrayed as simply a strike against the United States, it obscures its larger dimensions.

It occurred to me that the world has no international symbol of solidarity in the midst of a tragedy like this. Therefore, we are left with no choice but to memorialize such international crimes through nationalist symbols. What we really need now is a symbol of the global humanity that has been so terribly violated here. It would send a powerful statement to perpetrators of terror if millions of people, in hundreds of countries, displayed that same symbol in solidarity with the victims. It would demonstrate that the world's people are united in opposing heinous violence, that acts of terror, whether motivated by racial hatred or religious fervor, cannot be justified.

Perhaps the image of the borderless planet Earth suspended against a field of blue, familiar from space photographs, would find its appropriate use here. Flags or other objects bearing this symbol could be displayed in protest against terrorism and sold to help provide relief for its victims.

If something were to happen in Spain this coming year, I would love to be able to wear a pin of global solidarity and know that my daughter, her host family and thousands of other people in Spain and other countries around the world were wearing the same pin. I would like to send a truly global message of concern.

Ed Gragert, PhD.
International Education and Resource Network - iEARN-USA

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