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Cancer, Culture, and Literacy Institutue

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As I conduct research for my upcoming Digital Divide book, I'm learning more about the important role of literacy and technology in influencing how people can access health care information and social support. I know I've already sent out several messages today and yesterday, but I can't resist passing on this announcement about a Cancer, Culture and Literacy Institute. It represents one of the first systematic projects that I'm aware of to collaboratively study issues related to culture and literacy and its relationship to cancer. I hope that at least one of the participants will be specifically looking at issues related to computer-mediated communication and Internet-based information as sources of info and support for cancer patients of diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds (and literacy levels). If anybody is working on that kind of issue--either in this institute or elsewhere--let me know.


From: "Calvo, Arlene" <>
Subject: Cancer, Culture and Literacy Institute
Date: Wed, 12 Sep 2001 16:06:58 -0400

Hello Everyone-I just wanted to call your attention to the upcoming Cancer, Culture and Literacy Institute conducted by the Moffitt Cancer Center. The Institute consists of a series of educational activities (e.g., seminar/workshops, web-based education, mentoring experience with nationally recognized scholars, etc.) geared toward doctorally prepared individuals interested in the field of cancer control/population science that incorporates issues of culture and literacy. This is the first Institute that will take place and it is funded by the National Cancer Institute (Grant Number CA 90654-01). Please refer to the link below, for more information on the Institute and how to apply.
Thank you, Arlene Calvo.

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