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(Lulus and others: Papyrus News is not a discussion list, but I do occasionally pass on things from readers, usually related to the social aspects of information and communications technology, but because of the importance of the landmine issue, I'll pass this on as well...mark)

Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 11:07:38 +0100 (BST)
From: Global Somaliland Women <>
Subject: Re: [pn] World's Largest Landmine Beatle Lesson :-)
To: Mark Warschauer <markw@UCI.EDU>


I am new to the list and this is the first time I am responding to the discussion.

Landmines is a horror experience and the more it is discussed and talked about the better. Landmine awareness is very crucial for students to learn about. Though it is an unpleasant experience for a lot of people for example the children of Somaliland it is part of their life now and they have to live with that experience for the rest of their lives.

Our country not internationaly recongised yet exists in its own way. For the last 10 years there was peace in Somaliland. However the legacy of war inflicted on the people of Somaliland will stay for years to come. In Somaliland there are more mines than people. Landmines is a life threatening experience for a lot of people. There are so many children without limbs, hands and so on just because they want to go out and play in the fields.

Landmine awareness is very important to be thought across the internet. We have the technology across the globe to share info. and resources and surely we can all make a difference in our own ways.

I believe to disseminsate and share info. IT can play a crucial role.

I am a volunteer for Somaliland Forum an internet organisation that helps Somaliland with humanitarian projects (it is the only official diaspora organisation represinting the people of Somaliland). It consists of experts, NGOs, individuals and so on who contribute their time and expertise in helping Somaliand with much needed projects.

The website is :

To see how some of the victims of Landmines and how NGOs are helping them visit the following website:

Education is the key route to empowerment and I hope we can all put our mind and energy in helping the victims of landmines to share their stories.

Some other usefule sites:

Official goverment website of Somaliland

Institute of Practical Research and Training

Hargeisa Univesrity

Thank you.

Lulu Todd(UK)

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