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CFP: Computers & Writing 2002

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The Conference on Computers and Writing invites proposals for its eighteenth annual conference, May 16-19, 2002. Hosted by Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, the conference theme is "Teaching and Learning in Virtual Spaces."

The conference will explore the ways in which computers are changing how we conceive of and deal with problems of accessibility in writing instruction, especially as these problems hinge on the relationship between the virtual and the physical. What are the differences between reading a virtual and a physical text? Do we assess writing in virtual space and writing embodied in a physical document differently? Do the modes of virtual access (MOOs, web boards, listservs) pose problems for the uninitiated that makes learning in virtual space more intimidating than learning in the physical classroom? When learning in virtual and physical space are combined, what principles inform the combination? How are traditionally disenfranchised students (the physically disabled, the economically disadvantaged) affected by the availability of virtual instruction?

We solicit proposals for individual presentations, panels, round tables, and half day or full day workshops, that extend and explore issues of technology and teaching. Please submit proposals via the online application located at the conference website:

The deadline for submission is October 26, 2001.

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