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Is Microsoft trying to take over the Internet? Here's one scary scenario...

Making New Technology Work for Human Development (UNDP's annual Human Development Report)

Symposium on the Digital Divide

Association of Internet Researchers

Edupage News Bulletin (transforming education through information technologies)

The Rapidly Changing Face of Computing

MIT Media Laboratory, Digital Nations

The Internet's New Borders

I have a suggestion for those US politicians who are opposed to the use of blastocytes (pre-embryos) for stem cell research: just sign a pledge that you will never make use of any medical treatments that result from such research. As for the rest of us, please leave us alone to benefit from modern scientific research!

Harrow Technology Report

For the last couple of years I've been reading the Rapidly Changing Face of Computers off and on -- a weekly news bulletin put out by Jeff Harrow of Compaq computers. In fact, just earlier today I sent out a link for that. Right after sending it out, I learned that Compaq is no longer sending out the bulletin. Harrow is now an independent consultant and and has set up The Harrow Group, which will apparently continue with a new report called The Harrow Technology Report.

For those interested in receiving it, here's the URL:

By the way, weather in Irvine has been gorgeous. Hope you all are enjoying a nice August!

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