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Information Revolution's Impact on Democracy

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A short note from Hong Kong--weather is quite warm and humid. Dramatic views of bay and nearby islands from the gorgeous campus of Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. At the crossroads of China and "the West," this is a great place to discuss issues of language, technology, and social change. By the way, there are 79 mobile phone lines in Hong Kong for every 100 people (including adults and children)!



X-From_: Fri Jun 22 17:19:48 2001
From: Selendy Bela <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2001 14:25:52 +0200
Subject: [GKD] Information Revolution's Impact on Democracy

Announcement: Democracy Forum To Assess
Information Revolution's Impact on Democracy

What are the implications of the information technology revolution for democracy and its core values? Will it, as some fear, heighten existing divisions of power and access within and between countries or will it serve as a powerful tool for reducing those inequalities? And what are the opportunities, values and threats of rapid information flow and access for democratic governance?

These and a range of other key issues raised by the IT revolution will be in focus at the International IDEA Democracy Forum 2001 to be held in Stockholm 27-29 June, under the title of 'Democracy and the Information Revolution: Opportunities, Values and Threats' ( More than 250 IT specialists and business leaders, election managers, policy makers, development experts and politicians from around the world will gather in Stockholm to participate in the discussions.

Outcomes of the Democracy Forum will include a set of policy recommendations on the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to promote democracy. These will be presented to the forthcoming World Economic Forum meeting in Salzburg (1-3 July) and G8 summit in Genoa (15-22 July), in connection with a DOT Force - the G-8 Digital Opportunity Task Force - Report on digital opportunities.

The Forum will consist of plenary sessions and a series of five parallel workshops. The workshop themes are:

Online discussion forums dedicated to each of these themes, and in which all visitors to the site are welcome to take part, are now running at

A complete press release on the Forum is available here:

Relevant sites are encouraged to place links to Democracy Forum 2001. Banners and linking information are available on the International IDEA website:

Please feel free to pass this message on to your colleagues.

Bela P. Selendy
Webmaster, International IDEA
Stromsborg, 10334 Stockholm Sweden
Tel: 46 8 6983700, Fax: 46 8 202422

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