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Computer-Assisted Language Testing

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We are happy to announce that Volume 5, Number 2 of Language Learning & Technology is now available at This is a Special Issue on "Computer-Assisted Language Testing" and was edited by Irene Thompson. The contents are listed below.

We welcome your submissions of articles, reviews, and commentaries for future issues. Check our guidelines for submission at


Mark Warschauer, Irene Thompson, and Dorothy Chun, Editors
Language Learning & Technology (

--------Feature Articles--------
Comparability of Conventional and Computerized Tests of Reading in a
Second Language
Yasuyo Sawaki

Comparing Examinee Attitudes Toward Computer-Assisted and Other Oral
Proficiency Assessments
Dorry Kenyon & Valerie Malabonga

Web-Based Language Testing
Carsten Roever

--------Commentaries --------
Language Testing and Technology: Past and Future
Micheline Chalhoub-Deville

Concerns with Computerized Adaptive Oral Proficiency Assessment (on
Kenyon & Malabonga, this issue)
John Norris

Response to Norris Commentary
Dorry Kenyong, Valerie Malabonga, & Helen Carpenter

-------- Columns --------
From the Editors
Mark Warschauer & Dorothy Chun

From the Special Issue Editor
Irene Thompson

On the Net
Language Testing Resources
Jean LeLoup & Robert Ponterio

Emerging Technologies
Language Testing Tools and Technologies
Robert Godwin-Jones

-------- Reviews --------
Edited by Jennifer Leeman

Issues in Computer-Adaptive Testing of Reading Proficiency (Micheline
Chalhoub-Deville, Ed.)
Reviewed by Marisol Fernandez-Garcia

Computerized Adaptive Testing: A Primer (Howard Wainer, Ed.)
Reviewed by John Norris

Hot Potatoes (Stewart Arneil, Martin Holmes, & Hilary Street)
Reviewed by Paula Winke & David MacGregor

Test Pilot (ClearLearning)
Reviewed by Charlene Polio

-------- Call for Papers --------
Theme: Telecollaboration

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