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CFP: Research E-ditions 2001

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From: jeremy hunsinger <>
Subject: CFP: Research E-ditions 2001
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 11:37:16 -0400

The Center for Digital Discourse and Culture (CDDC) in the College of Arts and Sciences at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University is accepting new manuscripts for digital modes of publication in its Research E-ditions series. The CDDC ( ) has been in operation for over two years, and it publishes hypertext journals, hosts digital research archives, and cooperates with many international cyberculture organizations. You can find examples of our Research E-ditions at .

As an entirely digital point-of-publication, the CDDC will review and then produce professional academic research works--either single-authored or edited collections--in a digital format. Proposals could take the form of an "e-book" that simply makes available a scholarly monograph in online format, or a collection of academic papers organized around a central theme, or a fully hypertextual experiment with new forms of digital discourse. Proposals could also be made for hosting or mirroring material that you have on your site or for community building or teaching resources like bibliographies or discussion systems for your specific community.

Arrangements can be made for "print on demand" (POD) paper versions of these works, but the main focus of the CDDC is to explore the new communicative potentials of hypertext, hypermedia, and web-centered publication. The review processes will be as extensive and rigorous as those experienced in print academic communication, but it too will be conducted in a fully on-line format.

All topics are potentially of interest in the Research E-ditions series, however, we are particularly interested in manuscripts, digital archives, and hypertexts from the humanities and social sciences relating to the areas of cyberculture, social theory, literary studies, digital art, and cultural studies. In addition, the CDDC is committed to Proposals from applied and natural sciences that relate directly to the fields of bioinformatics, energy and environmental studies, and information technology and communications.

To propose a publication project, or to get more information, contact the Center for Digital Discourse and Culture at .

Jeremy Hunsinger
Instructor of Political Science Center for Digital Discourse and Culture
Webmaster/Manager CDDC
526 Major Williams Hall 0130 --my homepage
Virginia Tech (yes i need to update it)
Blacksburg, VA 24061 (540)-231-7614 icq 5535471

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