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CFP: Evaluation of Learning Technologies in Higher Education

March 20, 2001: This message was distributed by Papyrus News. Feel free to forward this message to others, preferably with this introduction. For info on Papyrus News, including how to (un)subscribe or access archives, see <>.

Call for papers: Special issue of 'Educational Technology & Society' (ISSN 1436-4522) peer-reviewed journal on the theme:

"Evaluation of Learning Technologies in Higher Education"

Evaluation is becoming an increasingly important skill for practitioners in Higher Education. It is integral to judging the suitability of learning resources or materials, assessing web sites, monitoring courses, or researching/evaluating new teaching and learning innovations. This issue will provide a snapshot of current evaluation research in the sector and will include papers on current theoretical thinking as well as evaluation case studies and empirical research.

We invite submissions covering these aspects that fall into the following categories.

- Full length articles describing research results, presented through discussion and comparative analysis methods (about 5000 words);
- Short feature articles presenting case studies and emerging theories (about 2500 words);
- Critiques, reviews, individual experiences (about 1500 words).

Initial proposals (about 1000 words) should be concise and contain the main theses of the proposed paper. They should be forwarded to the guest editor by email at

Please forward the following details with each submission:
- Author(s) full name(s) including title(s)
- job title(s)
- Organization(s)
- full contact details of corresponding author including email address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers

* Special issue guest editor
Grainne Conole
Institute for Learning and Research Technology
University of Bristol
8-10 Berkeley Square
Bristol BS8 1HH
United Kingdom

* Important dates
Friday, August 17, 2001 - Deadlines for initial proposals
Friday, Oct 19, 2001 - Comments on proposals
Friday, Dec 7, 2001 - Deadlines for full papers for review
Friday, Jan 25, 2002 - Review results
Friday, March 1, 2002 - Final version of papers
July 2002 - Publication

* Submission procedure

Upon invitation of the guest editor, all submissions should be forwarded as attached files (preferably in Word or RTF) to

For figures, BMP, GIF and JPEG (JPG) are the preferred formats. Please supply separate figures in one of these formats even if they are embedded in text.

Articles should be subdivided into numbered or unnumbered sections as appropriate, using short, meaningful sub- headings. An informative abstract of 75 to 200 words must be included just after the main title and authors' details. The abstract should present the main points of the paper and the author's conclusions. Four - five descriptive keywords should follow the abstract. The references should be listed in alphabetical order at the end of the article under the heading 'References'. Tables and figures should be included in the text at appropriate places. Captions must be provided for every table and figure and must be referenced in the text.

To get familiarity with the style of the journal, please see a previous issue at:


Dr. Kinshuk
Information Systems Dept., Massey Univ., Private Bag 11-222,
Palmerston North, New Zealand Tel: +64 6 3505799 ext. 2090
Fax: +64 6 3505725

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