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iMP, Feb 2001

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Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:14:04 -0500
From: "Bessette, Randi" <>

The February 2001 issue of iMP: The Magazine on Information Impacts, which is published on the Web by the Center for Information Strategy and Policy (CISP) of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has been posted. You can find the magazine at:

In this issue, we are featuring stories and essays about the long-term challenges for IT: Visions and Challenges: IT in the Year 2020 and Tomorrow.

What might the world be like in the year 2020? What steps should we take tomorrow in order to reach that world? And what is the role of the information technologies as cause, catalyst or consequence? Editorial.

The World in the Year 2020. Charles M. Herzfeld. "Most important issues boil down to improving the lot of the growing world population while preserving world peace."

Being in Equilibrium with Knowledge. Stephen J. Lukasik. "The observation is that the processes of intellectual change are operating at a rate greater than the ability of human minds to cope with them. . . Must people be marginalized before reaching a time when they are able to live and contribute without having to deal with the march of technology, the workings of markets and the unyielding pressure of the value-added society?"

Bottom-Up, Digitally-Enabled Development: A Vision. Allen Hammond and Elizabeth Jenkins. "What is needed is a new paradigm, a bottom-up approach that empowers individuals and communities to manage their own development by giving them access to the information, tools, and services they need."

Can We Talk about the Future? An Imagined Dialog. Caroline S. Wagner. "Most people who spend any time thinking about technology and the future think that electronics, biotechnology and nanotechnology are going to transform society."

E-Government: Developing State Communications in a Free Media Environment. Douglas Galbi. "The future may benefit from a much broader and more significant role for government communications. . .Cheaper, more capable communications channels provide governments with an important new tool for providing government services, enhancing democratic political discourse, and promoting private economic development."

Libraries for 2020: Ensuring Public Participation in the 21st Century Information Society. Nancy Kranich. "By 2020, technology will foster the creation of 'just-in-time' virtual libraries with such benefits as equitable access, reduced barriers of distance, timeliness, shared resources and content delivery."

Looking to the Future of the IT Workforce. Herbert Lin. "Policymakers are caught in the middle. While they recognize the important role that information technology has played in driving economic growth, they hear the concerns of both employers asserting critical shortages of labor and IT workers who are not sharing fully in the benefits of the strong economy."

Taking Us From Here to There: The Role Of Leadership in the Transition to a Networked Society of 2020. Ernest J. Wilson, III. "If the gaps between the information haves and information have-nots are to be bridged, the new Information Champions must have a sharp vision for equity and efficiency, and have the capacity to build conditions for both."

Your Fondest Dreams and Worst Nightmares. Erik Pages reflects on entrepreneurship for the future.

Protecting E-commerce from the Middleman. Rob Atkinson considers policies to promote e-commerce.

We're All Satisficing Now. "Everyman" Ron Marks ponders the work of Herbert Simon, the Internet and making do.

Of more general interest are our columns, "What's Happening" and "Calendar", in which we identify new reports, journals, funding opportunities, upcoming conferences and developments on the Hill and in the courts.

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As I write this message, it is clear and sunny outside my window but we're told that a snowstorm is coming. I'd hate to think this is an omen for the next 20 years.

Amy Friedlander
Editor, iMP Magazine

February 22, 2001

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