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Internet Use and Depression?

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From: Joseph Walther <>
Subject: Journal of Online Behavior: New Article
To: JOB Notification Subscribers <>
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 14:25:32 -1000

To: Subscibers to Journal of OnLine Behavior notication list.

Re: A new article in the Journal of Online Behavior

"Reformulating the Internet Paradox: Social Cognitive Explanations of Internet Use and Depression" by Robert LaRose, Matthew Eastin, and Jennifer Gregg.

In 1998 research reported that Internet use causes depression. The new study published in the Journal of Online Behavior finds that this effect is time-limited, and that ongoing Internet use actually tends to reverse depression.

The new article reports research that re-examines the impact of Internet use on social well-being and mental health. It shows that previously-found relationships between online activity and depression appear to be limited to novice users. As users become more experienced with the Internet and their competence improves, the hassles that the Internet itself presents recede and users become more skilled at getting social support from others online. These factors lead to improved, not reduced, mental health. The article appears on as does the Journal's scope and call for papers.

Joseph B. Walther, Associate Professor
Language, Literature, & Communication
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Editor, The Journal of Online Behavior

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