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Desktop & Streaming Video & Multimedia in Language Learning

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From: Gus Leonard <>
Subject: conference announcement
Date: Wed, 10 Jan 2001 06:55:05 -1000

Conference Announcement

Digital Stream 2001 Conference
The Second Desktop Revolution:
Implications of Desktop & Streaming Video and Multimedia in Language Learning
March 15 - 16 -17, 2001
at California State University, Monterey Bay
Institute for World Languages & Cultures
100 Campus Center, Seaside, CA 93955
Telephone: (831) 582-3863
In cooperation with Teleste Educational, IT@CSUMB.EDU, Tandberg Educational & The CSU Strategic Language Initiative

2001 Conference Information

Theme of 2001 Conference:
The Second Desktop Revolution:
Implications of Desktop & Streaming Video and Multimedia in Language Learning

Topic Areas to be Considered:
Technology application and integration in the language classroom.
Strategies and activities for using technology in the language classroom.
The use of technology in language proficiency assessment.
Language learning lab management and issues.
Distance and online language learning.
Digital high school evolution.
Interdisciplinary collaboration.

Going Wireless
Ready to take the Wireless Leap? CSUMB is in the process How's it working? Is it cost effective? Is there a pedagogical value?

What We Can Do with Technology?
The question we all must face sooner or later. After all the hype, what can we do with technology? What can our students do?

DeskTop Movies
Making movies in the language classroom when the class play becomes the class movie, what is the effect on students?

Streaming Media
Face to face with H.325 video conferencing. You have to see this to believe it -- then you'll start thinking what you could do with it!

Look Ma, they took the Lab!
CalPoly Pamona's Experience with the Virtual Lab. The LL's gone, they're streaming it all! How's it working?

Two days of presentations from our peers & colleagues. Learn what going on in the field. Share your experience. Note: the call for proposals is open until January 25, 2001. Submit yours on-line now.

Think iMovie, Think Dreamweaver, Think More

Vendor Show:
Think Apple, Think Macromedia, Think Adobe, Think More

For more information, contact Tom Abbott <>

Gus Leonard · Language Laboratory Coordinator · Institute for World Languages & Cultures · Building 48-119 · California State University, Monterey Bay · 100 Campus Center · Seaside, CA 93955 · Email: · (831) 582-4446 · Fax: (831) 582-3885

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