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Online Conference for Teacher Educators

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"Opening Gates in Teacher Education"
Online Conference for Teacher Educators
Feb. 12-14, 2001

What??? You haven't registered yet for the online conference for teacher educators?

Our conference is an international meeting where "hot" issues in teacher education will be discussed. Once you register, you will have access to full text versions of all the presentations, which include papers, posters, forums, roundtable discussions and virtual tours and will be able to meet the presenters and discuss the issues with them "live".

Our presenters come from all over the world and promise to give a global perspective on issues in teacher education.

Keynotes and guest speakers include Prof. Ken Zeichner, Prof Abe Tannenbaum, Prof. Gaby Salomon, Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, Mauri Collins, Prof. Sid Strauss, Prof. Shezaf Raphaeli and more!

There will be practice sessions in using the technology before the conference, and during the conference there will be workshops and additional social events.

Looking forward to meeting you online!

Jean Vermel and Elaine Hoter
Conference Co-Conveners

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