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CFP: Japanese Subcultures on the Internet

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I'll look forward to this book coming out!...mark


Edited by Nanette Gottlieb and Mark McLelland

We seek proposals for papers to be included in a book provisionally entitled Japanese Subcultures on the Internet. The volume seeks to explore whether and in what ways the emergence of the Internet as an inter- and intracultural communications medium has affected the interaction between members within diverse subculture and minority groups in Japan. It will include both academic analyses and reports from subculture and minority-group members themselves. The book aims to describe the wide variety of different people, communities, lifestyles, practices and ideas that exist throughout Japanese society with a particular focus on how the Internet has facilitated group formation and identity development.

Keywords include:

subcultures/minority groups
new media
identity politics

General questions to be explored in the book include:

What role has the Internet played in the (re)organisation of 'traditional' minority groups in Japan such as the Ainu, burakumin, Korean-Japanese, shogaisha and hibakusha?

How has the Internet facilitated community awareness among recently emergent groups such as feminists, lesbians and gays and transgender people?

How has the Internet affected established subcultural groups such as the amateur manga movement (dojinshi), hippies, New Age followers and new religious movements?

Is the Internet in Japan an instrument of globalisation or is it being used in specifically Japanese ways to suit local concerns and practices?

Core papers already proposed focus on:

Further submissions on the above or other minority groups or subcultures are welcome.

Please send general enquiries or abstracts of up to 250 words to

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