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Electronic Literature Directory Goes Live. Nonprofit Organization Launches Comprehensive Directory of Electronic Literature.

Chicago, IL, Sept 5, 2000 The Electronic Literature Directory ( is a unique and valuable new resource for readers and writers of digital texts. Created and maintained by the Electronic Literature Organization, this searchable database provides the most comprehensive reference tool available for electronic literature. Currently the Directory catalogs over 360 authors, 560 works, and 80 publishers. The descriptive entries cover poetry, fiction, drama, and nonfiction that make significant use of electronic techniques or enhancements.

The Directory provides easy access to one of the most exciting and fastest-growing bodies of cutting-edge literature. Among the new forms of writing represented here are hypertexts and other interactive pieces, kinetic or animated poems, multimedia works, generated texts, and works that allow reader collaboration. Directory users can also enjoy the enhancements that the new technology brings to traditional literature, such as streaming audio readings of poetry by masters ranging from e.e. cummings and Dylan Thomas to contemporary Pulitzer Prize winners.

The Directory contains live links to Web works, publishing sites, and author home pages, making it a prime portal for readers. Users can search the Directory for individual authors or works, or they can browse numerous categories such as poetry, fiction, hypertext, or animated text. Additional search and selection capabilities will be added in the future, letting users find works by specifying virtually any attribute, from the language of the text to the distribution medium. Another future enhancement will be the addition of reviews and reader recommendations.

The Electronic Literature Directory is based on an open-submission, community-driven structure: authors and publishers listed in the Directory are able to enter and edit their own listings to ensure accuracy and completeness. The collaboration of authors, publishers, and ELO staff in maintaining content will ensure that the Directory is always comprehensive, accurate, and up to date.


The Electronic Literature Organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the writing, reading, and publishing of literature designed for the electronic media. Based in Chicago, ELO is directed by a national board of leading experts in electronic literature, internet business, and electronic publishing, and is additionally advised by an international board of literary advisors and a board of internet industry advisors. ELO maintains the Electronic Literature Directory and an electronic literature Web resource center, staffed by a network of leading e-lit writers operating independently in different parts of the USA. Forthcoming ELO programs include a Future of Publishing Symposium and Electronic Literature Prizes. ELO is supported by the donations of individual members and by corporate sponsors including Jupiter Communications, NBCi, and ZDNet.

Electronic Literature Directory

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