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[Book Announcement]
Internet for English Teaching
by Mark Warschauer, Heidi Shetzer, and Christine Meloni

Ordering information:

This 179-page book (ISBN 0-939791-88-9), released August 2000, provides an overview of theory, research, and practice of using the Internet in English teaching. Can be ordered from TESOL Publications ( (mailto: Also available soon from or

Table of Contents:



1. Getting Started
2. Resources for Teachers
3. Student Communication and Collaboration
4. Student Research
5. Student Publishing
6. Distance Education
7. Putting It All Together
8. Researching On-Line Language Learning

Supplement: How to Make Web Pages


Appendix A: Index of Internet Addresses
Appendix B: Books for Further Reading
Appendix C: Journals for Further Reading
Appendix D: Glossary

From the Preface

In 1995, I authored E-Mail for English Teaching, one of the first books about the uses of the Internet for English teachers and learners. I have enjoyed the many e-mail messages I've received from teachers sharing how they have made use of the book.

Five years, however, is a millennium as far as information technology goes. Since 1995, the Internet has grown from a resource accessible to a relatively small numbers of well-to-do users in certain industrialized countries to a mass medium of communication among hundreds of millions of people around the globe. At the same time, the nature of the Internet has changed as a result of the introduction of more sophisticated capabilities for finding information and publishing on the World Wide Web. Meanwhile, the English teaching profession has continued to grow and change, with more emphasis placed than ever before on the development of skills for purposeful communication, critical literacy, and autonomous life-long learning.

Because of all these changes, I have invited Heidi Shetzer and Christine Meloni to join me in writing a new book. Internet for English Teaching incorporates what we have learned in the last five years about on-line education, including up-to-date information about multi-class on-line projects, multimedia authoring, distance education, and networking for professional development.

Who is Internet for English Teaching for? It is for you if

* You have been using the Internet in your teaching for years and want to read about the latest developments in research, theory, and curriculum.

* You have recently begun using the Internet in teaching and want to expand your repertoire of ideas, projects, and activities.

* You haven't used the Internet yet for teaching, but are interested in an introduction to this field.

In short, we've combined pedagogical suggestions, research, and theory in a book that has something to offer educators from a variety of backgrounds.

We invite you to share your responses, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions to us by e-mail. Our communication with teachers around the world has allowed us to provide in this book a comprehensive overview of outstanding ways of use of the Internet for English teaching. By sharing your comments and experiences, you can contribute to the creative collaboration which is at the heart of the best uses of the Internet.

Mark Warschauer
American-Mideast Education and Training Services

Joined by

Heidi Shetzer
University of California, Santa Barbara, International

Christine Meloni
The George Washington University

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