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IT and Education: Anywhere? Anytime?


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From:               "Bessette, Randi"
Subject:            The July 2000 issue of iMP Magazine has been posted.
Date sent:         Fri, 21 Jul 2000 12:23:15 -0400

The July issue of iMP: The Magazine on Information Impacts, which is published on the Web by the Center for Information Strategy and Policy (CISP) of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has been posted.

You can find the magazine at: <> [follow "visit imp"] or <> or <>

In this issue, we are featuring stories and editorials about IT and Education: Anywhere? Anytime?

"But as Y2K showed us, legacy systems -- remember COBOL and Fortran? -- still have life in them. It is not enough to prepare for the day after tomorrow; the day before yesterday will remain with us for some time to come." Editorial. <>

Learning-Centric Virtual Education: An Extended Conversation with William Graves. "When you move into the adult/post baccalaureate market, the 'audience' for educational services changes; it puts a premium on convenience and access." <>

Is Education Really a Priority for the Country? Roger G. Schank. "The solution, I think, must be software. It is nearly impossible to introduce curricular change in any other way." <>

Tradition and Transformation. Linda Terrell. "Ultimately being wired may signify more than just an expectation. Some experts believe it may reflect a new way of thinking, learning and interacting with the world." <>

Done Is Better than Perfect: The Current Crisis in U.S. Higher Education, Its Multiple Consequences, and the Universities' Unwillingness to Fund a Possible Solution. R”ndi Sigmund Smith. "The distance learning support proven to be most successful in getting ABDs to finish their dissertations and obtain their Ph.D.s is external coaching." <>

Technology, Engineering and Education. Ben Erwin. A seventh grade class in robotics gave every student some exposure to all of the basic concepts of the design process. Then, the group worked on a systems engineering project together to design a robotic zoo. Why this experience is the face of educational reform. <>

Moving Past the Information Age: Getting Started with Knowledge Management. Jon Desenberg. "The government depends on what it knows. Or to be more specific -- on what it knows, how it uses what it knows, and how fast it can know something new. For just this reason, the Federal community is turning to the growing field of Knowledge Management." <>

Opening the Door: Jordan Phillips and Medical Books for China International. Mary Zoe Phillips. Hard work, dedication and goodwill may ultimately mean more than bits, bytes and waves. This is the story of how two people changed the world. <>

Weaving a High-Tech Blanket. Daniel Atkins looks at digital libraries and digital divides. <>

Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic and Computers : An Interview with Mignon G. Williams of the Xerox Corporation Why continuing education matters. <>

Of more general interest are our columns, What's Happening and Calendar, in which we identify new reports, journals, funding opportunities, upcoming conferences and developments on the Hill and in the courts.

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